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Ash Wood Bow

order number:  17241

price:  48,00 €

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Brief product information

Clearly varnished ash wood, multiply glued grip and adjustable string, arrow rail on one side of the bow, length 140 cm, draw weight 14 lbs approx. 6,3 kg) Suitable for arrows of 24" (61 cm) to 26" (66 cm). Comes without arrows.

Additional Information

Wooden Bow.

A small bow of 140 cm that should not be underestimated: if fully drawn, a simple arrow can, accelerated by a draw weight of 14 lbs, go further than 100 m. Children should only be given the bow if an adult is watching, and they should only be permitted toy arrows – quite harmless because of their rubber protection and bad flying performance. Also, they are only suited for short distances. The bow is made of wood and can break if overdrawn.

Elastic Power. Bow and Arrow.

The joy that comes from the interplay of power, tension, the elasticity of the bow and the speed of an arrow is not easy to dampen even by pacifistic outcries and guilty attempts of self-discipline. The thrill of handling a bow and arrow is probably an archaic feeling of pride in a technology that cunningly lengthens man’s arm.