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Challenges Body and Mind. Sensoboard Trainer

When you stand on the Sensoboard and alter your position (as you must) even the tiniest amount, you are obliged to make compensatory movements in order to return to normal. In this way, both body and mind are obliged to react flexibly. The board itself is equipped with a non-slip covering. It stands on a football which in principle should force the foot-board to tip over as soon as pressure is applied. However, this is prevented by rubber bands that do their best to return the board to its original position. Shop the Product

Tradition – Revived. 3 Piece Terry Cloth ‘Mining‘ Hand Towels

3 Piece Terry Cloth ‘Mining’ Hand Towels

Nowadays, one would find these robust, durable towels only in a kitchen – rarely in the washhouse of a coal mine. As was the case in the past, today weaving mills manufacture these indestructible terry towels in order to process and manipulate the remains of yarn that exist in the most varied color forms. It is there, in such mills, that these remains frequently accumulate in large quantities – and, in this way, fantastic, colorful designs are generated, with the color composition always varied. The terry cloths are woven in a threaded quality.
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Comfortable to Wear. Armor lux Terry Cloth Shirt

Armor Lux Terry Cloth Shirt

Armor lux in Brittany uses bright blue terry cloth to make this simple, comfortably cut shirt. The shirt’s crew neckline is adorned with a knitted, tri-color band, and it is made of the finest Egyptian cotton, which is ring spun and of the highest yarn quality. Terry cloth especially is made from elaborate yarns multiply twisted, which already possess the loops typical for this fabric – hence the lively, smooth surface of the material. Fabric of this kind is not only voluminous and soft, it also has loops on the underside and is permeable to air.
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Working Shoes. Red Wing's Chelsea Rancher

Red Wing Chelsea Rancher

These are boots to last a lifetime – the longer you wear them, the more you'll like them and the better they'll look. American ranchers always appreciated their hardwearing qualities and used them for work and also for riding. Like all Red Wing footwear, the Chelsea Rancher is made of full-grain leather, oil-tanned and later treated with a special mixture of various waxes and oils. The shoe needs to be given two or three outings before it begins to adapt to your personal foot-shape and to acquire 'give'. But – once broken in, you'll find it unbeatable for support and comfort.

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An American Classic. Folding Aluminum Paper Sorter

Folding Aluminium Paper Sorter

For brain workers. Known as a ‘collator’, this is an American classic. It’s a flexible and space-saving file for work in progress, ideal for sorting and prioritizing your paper work. The paper sorter is suitable for any desk – even the largest version, with 24 compartments and a maximum folded-out size of 2.5 meters. Folded out, it has a depth of 80 cm and each compartment will take a batch of papers up to 2.4 mm thick. And by the way – the paper sorter also serves well as a newspaper and magazine holder.
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Practical Chic. Women’s Sonnenleder Handbag

Women’s Sonnenleder Handbag

The most common opinion about women’s handbags is probably that they are never big enough – but when they do have the right size, it’s too difficult to find anything in them. This bag offers lots of space, yet does not appear bulky. And it can open very wide, thanks to the zipper that extends the entire width. Inside, the bag has a zipper compartment for wallet and papers as well as a pocket for a mobile phone. A sewn-in leather band with carabiner secures the keys. The supple leather warmly hugs the body and is very comfortable to wear. The shoulder strap is length-adjustable.
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Gardener’s Favorite. Pruning Shears with Beechwood Handles

Pruning Shears with Beechwood Handles

The handles of these pruning shears are made of beechwood, a hardwood that sits comfortably in the hand, which is advantageous especially when it’s cold outside. These shears are very solidly built, with an adjustment scew for the blades held by a guide plate and a smooth spring action. A rugged metal loop is attached to close the tool safely when not in use. The blades cut branches up to 2.5 cm in diameter.
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Grow Your Own. Steel Frame Poly Greenhouse

19391 Steel Frame Poly Greenhouse

An affordable and functionally convincing alternative to the stationary greenhouse. This model, with more than six square meters of surface area, offers an enormous amount of space for plant propagation in your own garden. A solid curtain, also made of greenhouse foil, replaces the door on the front side – it runs effortlessly on large rings made of steel pipe along an external traverse spar. The open gable arches continually enable good ventilation. And: this greenhouse can be easily transferred to another place in the garden.
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Storage Space. Sewing Box with Three Drawers

Sewing Box with 3 Drawers

Chests and boxes and wood packaging have been manufactured for decades in the Franconia forest, in south-eastern Germany. Like this solidly built sewing box, designed for keeping all the little things you need: thread spools, sewing needles, buttons, fixing pins and safety pins, a pair of embroidery scissors… Three drawers provide enough space for all that. The box is made from beechwood and specially equipped with wood handles for us.
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Crude Steel. Magnetic Board

Magnetic Board

This magnetic sheet is made from the magnetic material par excellence: crude steel directly from the rolling mill – two millimeters thick. Once you appreciate the charm of the material you will have an artistic object hanging in your office or apartment. At first sight it is impressive, but always worth a second look as the surface reacts to changes in humidity, temperature and light, shimmering from gray and green to blue. The board is fixed to the wall by means of adjustable screws and hexagonal nuts, which are provided.
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Firmness and Comfort. Brütting Road-Running Shoe

Brütting Road-Running Shoe

It enjoys cult status among connoisseurs and competitive athletes. The “Roadrunner” was developed for running on paved paths and roads´, created in 1970 in close co-operation with New Zealand’s runner and long-distance running coach Arthur Lydiard. The shoe is today still handmade in Germany by Brütting in Franconia in a normal width and with suede uppers and a built-in joint support with padding for heels and balls of the feet. The edge of the sole is reinforced with rubber, and the front with leather.
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Light and Shadow. ‘Revolver’ Wall and Ceiling Light

86283 'Revolver' Wall and Ceiling Light

This light is made in Germany with a coated steel baldachin with metal holder and eight bright chrome screw-in holders for bulbs – new or spent. The only bulb actually attached to the electricity supply is the upright one in the middle. The other eight are just arranged in a circle and screwed in as usual. When the middle bulb lights up, these then project shadow pictures on to wall or ceiling. Matt bulbs even pick up the light and look as if they’re illuminated.
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Too Good-looking to Store Away. Beechwood Ironing Board

Beechwood Ironing Board

Our ironing board may not be all that big, but it’s one of the best-looking of its type. It stands on a frame of solid beechwood, and the iron rests on a firmly fixed chrome steel mesh. The wide working surface consists of three layers. At the bottom is a coated steel mesh to ensure good ventilation and evaporation; in the middle, a polyurethane heat-retention layer; and on top a traditional cotton cover and rubber-band attachment. The height of the ironing board is adjustable, and it can be folded up in one single movement.
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Use It As a Grill. Crude Steel Fire-Bowl

Crude Steel Fire-Bowl

This fire bowl is made from a 4-mm thick steel sheet with three welded ‘feet’ and two grids. The flattened bottom bowl, capable of holding charcoal or wood, typically serves as the final element in industrial pressure tanks. The grill, made of welded square sections, improves air circulation and burning. The stainless steel cooking grid will enable you to use this fire bowl for a simple, quick barbecue. The fire bowl comes with a drainage hole.
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For Collecting. Gabion Rainwater Barrel

Gabion Rainwater Barrel

This barrel holds the impressive amount of 800 liters of water and should – if the rainwater is supposed to be directly fed into it – be placed in immediate proximity to the downspout. To set it up two mats, made of a zinc-aluminum layered steel wire, are simply joined into circular elements. Combining hooks, made of the same material, provide stability to the structure. The inner ring – for protecting the foil from sharp stones – is lined initially with a thick liner and finally with a stable pond liner, which reliably seals the whole structure. Finally, the middle space, between the inner and outer ring, is filled with stones.
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Day Pack. Hiking Rucksack

Hiking Rucksack

Collects everything you need for a day’s hiking. This classic rucksack is made of a sturdy cotton and linen mix cloth as used originally by foresters and hunters in Germany – and with the kind of specifications you would expect. Shoulder and carrying loop as well as all trimmings are made of leather, including fastener belts. Leather patches reinforce the corners. Plus – extra padding in the shoulder straps ensures more comfort on longer walking tours. The rucksack is made in Germany.
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From Brittany. Armor lux Terry Cloth Hooded Jacket for Men

Armor lux Terry Cloth Hooded Jacket for Men

This jacket, with a double processed hood, is extremely comfortable to wear and is especially suited for the summer holidays – with warm weather there is nothing encumbering about it. The neck ring consists of a knitted, tricolored band and the wide cuffs are doubled and made of terry cloth. Terry cloth is voluminous and soft and also, as is the case with this particular fabric, air-permeable and comfortably climatizing, because the material – thanks to its surface increased by looped yarn – absorbs a lot of moisture. As we said: it’s perfect for a warm summer day.
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The Banker’s Chair. TON Swivel Armchair for the Office

TON Swivel Armchair for the Office

The furniture factory that makes this chair – in Bystrice, Czech Republic – was originally founded by the bentwood pioneer Michael Thonet in 1861, and has been producing the TON marque since the 1950s. We recommend this seating furniture to anyone who has to spend time sitting behind a desk, and who values style, comfort and a construction that allows simple adjustment of seat height without the modern confusion of levers and handles. With this model, based on a historic design of course, the height can be adjusted by simple swiveling by means of a spindle on which the seat is mounted.
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Sturdy, with Thin Sides. Pillivuyt Porcelain Brioche Mold

Pillivuyt Porcelain Brioche Mold

At Pillivuyt, in central France, they have mastered the art of manufacturing a piece of porcelain in such a way that it is unbreakable and extremely stable, with its thin, though very durable sides. This brioche mold is proof – it is used in France to bake the typically round shaped sweet bread which has been known for a long time. In fact, the word Brioche has been in circulation in the French language since the 15th century. Many presume the origin of the sweet bread in Normandy, a region known even then for its high quality of butter – a crucial ingredient.
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