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Christmas Traditions. Hand-made Candles

Small Beeswax Advent CandleSmall Beeswax Candle

Light and Scent.

A very special emanation comes from these candles when their interiors are lit up by the flame at the top. This produces an exquisite ‘alternating’ effect between the reflections from those parts of the body of the candle that are transparent and those that are not. The candles are made by hand in a workshop near Münster from pure unadulterated beeswax. This in turn gives off a fine scent. All in all, a feast for the senses!


Hand-made Candles.

The wicks are repeatedly dipped in liquid wax until the candles take on their characteristic conical shape. They have a matt red patina, a particular hallmark of quality. Made in a handicapped persons’ workshop in Bavaria, they are of 100% beeswax and are deep-dyed red.

    20 French Holed Candles

    Candlelight without dripping.
    “Bougies trouées” from Brittany.

    These candles have been made for almost 100
    years by a manufacturer in Brittany using a special technique whereby deep holes in the wax are made around the wick which the hot liquid wax can then run into instead of dripping over the candlestick. This way, the candle burns more steadily and flickers less. These candles were originally designed to be used in churches, where the continuous draughts aggravated the natural dripping of ordinary candles. Today they can also frequently be found in French restaurants, where eating is in any case a near-religious experience!

    20 French Holed Candles 31,00 Euro

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