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No Electricity Needed. Graef Hand Slicer

21216 Graef Hand Slicer

The all-metal body of this hand slicer stands on a tubular steel frame equipped with strong rubber suction pads. The knife, made in Solingen, Germany, with its big serrated blade cuts bread, cold cuts and cheese or suitable fruit and vegetables to any width from wafer-thin to thumb-size; the exact width can be set by a regulator knob on the side of the machine, and its rather elevated construction means that there's room to put a dish or tray underneath to catch the slices as they fall. Learn more about this hand slicer's history.
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Knitted in Italy. Cable Knit Women's Yak Wool Sweater

'Bella figura' the natural way – this sweater, made in Italy of unbleached and very soft baby-yak wool, is fully fashioned and tailored to fit your figure to perfection. The narrow shawl collar hugs the neck comfortably. A reference to quality: Using specially set hand-knitting machines to ceate a very original and unique mixture of cable and rib stitching, the patterns change slightly with size.
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Berlin Brass. Ceiling Light

Ceiling Light

It illuminates your living room, bedroom or hall. This ceiling light comes from a historic range of brass lights first manufactured by the famous Berlin Workshops. The Workshops had their heyday at the beginning of the 20th century, and therefore it is no surprise that they were considerably influenced by Art Nouveau. The light's metal parts are made of solid brass and the shade is of glass – hand-blown, using wooden moulds. The ceiling rose is also made of brass accordingly.
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Legendary Norwegian. Devold Nansen Troyer-Style Pullover

85443 Devold Nansen Troyer Style Pullover

Devold in Langevåg, Norway, have a continuous 150-year tradition of quality that need no further advertisement. The 'Nansen', a troyer-style woolen pullover with a zip fastener at the collar, is one of their oldest knitted models. This all-round pullover – great in the cold – is made from the wool of Norwegian sheep spun into a sturdy, loose-knit yet voluminous yarn. We have the pullover in two colors.
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From the Workshop. Beechwood Triple Letter Tray

Beechwood Triple Letter Tray

This set of stable beech trays with three movable letter trays maintains order on your desk. Thanks to the lateral arms the trays can be opened or folded together like stairs: precisely and without wobble. The tray is assembled in a workshop in the Franconia Forest, in Bavaria, which has been supplying us with such items for years. The frame is dovetailed together, with felt feet to protect the desk surface.
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Against Specialisation. Oak Shelf Frame

40813 Oak Shelf Frame

We find it quite ingenious. This shelf system, with base frames made of faintly varnished oak, is designed to hold various inserts that can be hung in a freely combining manner. Available inserts include shelves (for books, obviously), boxes (for bottles, containers, or for toys), and tubs (for everything else you wouldn't want to get lost, especially the small things), all made of solid sheet metal. The base frames are available in three different heights also – but before you order, please note that the frames come without the inserts (and vice versa).
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Decorative Simplicity. Ceramic Latte Bowl

Ceramic Latte Bowl

These bowls, available in two sizes and in different colors, display the "pied douche" form of the foot typical for bowls in 19th century France. An earthenware manufaturer from Lothringen going back 250 years still produces them. It is a testimony to their tenacity that the company have been able to hold on, with not more than a dozen employees left from 120. The expert porcelain painters mix the glaze and spray it on the bowls by hand, relying entirely on their sense of proportion. They lay on templates loosely in order to generate a discrete indistinctness in the application of the glaze.
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All the year round. Women’s EtaProof® Coat

Women’s EtaProof® Coat

This EtaProof® coat is sporty and elegant – and fits perfectly between seasons. Without a slit on the back, the coat is partially lined and comes with angled welt pockets on the front. The side panel seams give the garment a tailored fit. Sleeves and back lining are sewn into the hems, which are piped throughout the garment. The shaped facing, out of the same fabric as the outside layer, provides the perfect fit of this coat. The facing goes up to the top of the sleeves, thus preventing it from sliding down. Real horn buttons are part of the concealed button line. The pouch pockets double as inside pockets.
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Gleaming. Bolich Small Copper Outdoor Lamp

Bolich Small Copper Outdoor Lamp

The Bolich outdoor lamps of black-coated aluminum are among the most popular of our range and we’ve been asked again and again by customers if we can’t do them in copper. So we took the request on board and asked the manufacturer, Bolich in southern Germany, to make this one for us. In shape they of course resemble the aluminum model, but are made of strong copper plate instead – and the metal hasn’t been coated, so the copper will over time build up a characteristically delightful patina. The lamps are – needless to say – made to be used out of doors.
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Made in Germany. Sewing Box with 5 Drawers

Sewing Box with 5 Drawers

Chests and boxes and wood packaging have been manufactured for 75 years and longer in the Franconia Forest in south-eastern Germany, like this solidly built sewing box. It is specially equipped with solid wood carrying handles for us and made of beechwood, painted on the outside. One of the two upper drawers is subdivided into nine compartments of equal size – enough room to store all the little things you may want to keep in your sewing box.
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Comes without a Plug. Amish Hand Mixer

Amish Hand Mixer

The rotating hand mixer comes from the Pennsylvania Amish who produce devices like these which do not use electricity mainly for their own use. The large size kitchen utensil is truly well made. The cog rapidly twirls the two whisks in opposing direction with a gear reduction of 1 to 5. The hand mixer is especially useful for making chocolate mousse or cake batter and for beating egg whites. It is made of stainless steel and zinc die-cast, only the handles are made of plastic unfortunately. All parts can be replaced – we have them in stock.
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Mountaineers’ Footwear. Men’s Trabert Felt Boot

Men’s Trabert Felt Boot

This double-stitched calf-length boot of the best nubuk comes in a deep brown shade. The special tanning, dyeing and manufacturing process gives the leather its nice, warm, rather ‘fatty’ feel and superlative suppleness. The inside sole is of vegetable-tanned leather; mid-sole and outer sole are of rubber. The boot is fully lined inside with wool felt, plus wool felt removable insole. The upper shaft is made of the same material – a good four millimeters thick – with rear calf buckle. You can buy these boots only from us.
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Prepare Now, Enjoy Later. Elevated Gabion Flowerbed

It is as uncomplicated to set up and as durable as any other elevated flower bed. Once assembled, this raised garden bed will grow beautifully into the garden landscape, when, for example, grass and blossoming wild flowers climb up on the steel grilles. Each grille is made of the same zinc-aluminum covered steel. The segments can be easily put together without the help of tools; with combining hooks of the same material, they are brought into shape and placed on the soil – an anchor is not required. With regard to the choice of filling materials there are no limitations.
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In Perfect Balance. Stoelker Chair

Stoelker Chair

This chair presents a good example of the kind of work produced by the ‘Vienna Avant-Garde’ (centered around Hoffmann, Loos and Wagner) at the beginning of the 20th century. The idea was to achieve a ‘floating balance’ between the old and the new, between traditional and modern design. Not only the chair but also the makers are famous – the firm of Stoelker, operating from the small town of Ettenheim in Baden, south-western Germany, and producing in Slovenia. The back of the chair is made of solid beech-wood, and the ribs are steam-bent. The front rib section is even dove-tailed by hand.
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Simply File Under: Great Product. Expanding Accordion File

Expanding Accordion File

It is almost a mobile filing cabinet. This expanding accordion file is covered entirely in black linen and has tough, chrome-plated steel corner protectors. The red compartments have reinforced gussets for durability and strength and the file expands – much like an accordion – from about 6 cm when empty to a remarkable total width of 75 cm. The 20 file compartments have metal index tabs intended for alphabetical dividers – but other dividers may be inserted. The clasp can be fixed at two different heights, to enable documents which are larger than the standard A4 size to be filed.
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Practical, Protective, Strong. Fristads’ Long Cow Split Leather Apron

Fristads’ Long Cow Split Leather Apron

Designed by Fristads, a Swedish manufacturer of professional work clothes since 1925, this long apron protects the chest, stomach and thighs. The apron is made of an almost 2 mm thick cow split leather and best used in the workshop. It is equipped with an adjustable polyamide strip at the neck and two polyamide strips for secure fastening around the waist.
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Light, yet Warm. Men’s Eribé Peerie Wool Knitted Jacket

Men’s Eribé Peerie Wool Knitted Jacket

A classic men’s cardigan, knitted in Scotland from non-dyed and unbleached pure new wool and with an extremely soft – but certainly wind resistant – surface. Peerie sheep can only be found on the Shetland Islands. The untreated wool is locally sorted according to color and then spun into rather coarse yarns. The cardigan is fully-fashioned and comes with genuine horn buttons and integrated side pockets. Available in two different colors.
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