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Extra Broad Fountain Pen with Highlighter Ink


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Brief product information – Extra Broad Fountain Pen with Highlighter Ink

Plunger refill fountain pen of transparent methacrylate. Stainless steel nib, German silver clip. With 30-ml bottle of fluorescent yellow ink.

Breadth BB (0.82 mm). Length 12.5 cm. Weight 15 g.

Our Highlighter Pen – with a View of the Inside Workings!

In contrast to roadmaps – which are subject to strict guidelines and regulations – students, office workers, designers or executives who need to give distinctive emphasis to key passages in books or articles have – or so it seems! – a free hand. Well, yes. But in the shops there’s very little alternative to the usual ‘markers’ or ‘highlighters’ that originated in 1962 in Japan and were marketed in extra-broad, felt-tip form as ‘Hi-Liters’ in the USA. No doubt these will continue to dominate the market, which doesn’t prevent us from offering you this very special, exclusive implement for ’finding your way’ through your files: it’s made by the well-known firm of Pelikan in their Hanover factory.

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