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All for a Festive Dinner. Pots, Pans and Roasting Trays

Red Copper Pots and Pans.
With stainless steel cooking surfaces.

Our copper kitchenware comes from one of the old smithies in Villedieu-les-Poêles, a small town in Normandy with a centuries-old tradition of household copperware production. Needless to say, their products are ‘classics’ – made, for example, with proper 2.5 mm-thick copper: no nonsense with the modern trend for steel or aluminium covered with a wafer-thin copper coating! Their pots and pans are hand-shaped and, true to tradition, finished with solid cast-iron handles.


Copper Bain-Marie

A bain-marie for preparing delicate sauces. The
water is heated in the base section; the upper pan
is porcelain coated. Most hobby chefs can only ever dream of owning a copper bain-marie.

Due to its small size and capacity, the copper here is only 1.5 mm thick. Height with lid 15.5 cm, 12 cm dia., volume of base 1 l, volume of pan 0.85 l.
Weight 1,6 kg.

Copper Bain-Marie 233,00 Euro


Enamelled cast iron from Invicta.

Invicta pots from the French cast iron manufacturer are protected with enamel: The casseroles (Mijoteuses) are translucently enamelled and they are so attractive that they make perfect oven-to-tableware. All Invicta bases are 4 mm thick, the walls are 2-3 mm thick.

Invicta Oval Casserole

Condensation lids for quality and flavour.

The bases of the casseroles are cast with a slight concavity of 0.5 mm, which leads to overall contact of the base with the heat source, once the pots have heated up. The dishes have condensation lids: steam rising in the dishes is cooled with cold water or ice cubes in the lid, the steam condenses and drips back into the food - the meat remains moister, the vegetables tender. The food retains more of its flavour, the best seal of approval for fine cuisine.

With lid. Cast iron, translucent enamel.
Height 13 cm, length 35 cm, Volume 7 l, weight 8.2 kg.
Not suitable for dishwashers.

Invicta Oval Casserole 141,00 Euro

  • With lid. Cast iron, translucent enamel. Height 13 cm, 26 cm dia., Volume 5 l, weight 5.8 kg.
    115,00 Euro
  • With lid. Enamelled cast iron. Bottom 21 cm Ø, height 12.5 cm. Volume 2.3 l. Weight 3.8 kg.
    Not suitable for dishwashers.
    73,00 Euro
  • 3.5-mm-thick metal.

    Bottom 15.5 cm Ø, top 22 cm Ø, height 3.5 cm, total length 44.5 cm. Weight 1.2 kg.

    Bottom 18 cm Ø, top 25.5 cm Ø, height 4 cm, total length 49 cm. Weight 1.5 kg.

    Bottom 21 cm Ø, top 29 cm Ø, height 4.3 cm, total length 55 cm. Weight 1.8 kg.
    from 77,00 Euro

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