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You won’t give away this one. A copper fountain pen

Available in machined aluminum, stainless steel, copper or brass, it writes fluently and works all the time. Except for the feather light aluminum model, it sits solidly in your hand – where it’s nice to hold, even with nothing to write. With the cap screwed on the length of the fountain pen shaft is extended to the writing mode. The ink-feed system will not run or leak in your pocket or in the pressurized cabin of an airplane.
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Large presents and smaller ones. Manufactum in the service of Christmas

Moravian Star

No time in the year is more fleeting than Advent. The weeks before Christmas seem to gallop away, with plans for the celebration, diverse preparations and appointments. All the better to use the time in November to devote some thoughts to gift giving. You’ll find gifts to remember, large and small, the practical and the decorative, in all product ranges.
Gifts that make sense

A miniature from the past. A walnut rolltop letter and document depot

Walnut Rolltop Letter and Document Storage

It’s a miniaturized descendant of the mid-18th century fashionable French cylindrical and moveable office containers, with its beautifully crafted compartments and a roller shutter in a milled groove. “Desktop organizer” is too homely a term for a splendid piece like this one, with a body and slats executed in solid, oiled walnut. Available only from us.
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Dependable virgin wool and very British. A Pinstripe Flannel Men’s Jacket

Nigel Cabourn Pinstripe Raw Flannel Men’s Jacket

It’s rustic. You’ll look prepared but not formidable in it. Nigel Cabourn commissioned it based on the historical model of a business suit. The outer fabric, a strong flannel with a rough texture, is not brushed, as is often the case with flannel, so the weave is visible. The jacket has a short lapel and the collar closes chin-high with metal hooks and eyelets. A breast pocket and two large flap pockets on the front.
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The bright, snow-white luster of Akoya pearls. A necklace from Pforzheim

Freshwater Pearls Necklace and Bracelet

With their delicate look, spherical form, and lustrous surface pearls are something very special for most people. As jewelry their value is an intangible. Nowadays natural pearls develop in so-called pearl mussels in fresh water as well as salt water Due to circumstances which high-tech still cannot explain how nacre develops in concentrated form in the mussel. Today such pearls can be cultured.
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Three bags in one. The Sonnenleder Ladies‘ Bag in Red

Ladies’ Red-tan Leather Bag

Delightfully flexible to use: by folding down the sides the roomy bag for all occasions is transformed into a compact elegant handbag. With its over the shoulder leather strap it becomes hands-free and easy to carry. Give it something to do, as a handbag, a small travel bag, a shopping bag or take it to the office (a binder will fit inside) The bag of many faces.
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Comfortable, weather-proof and durable. Men’s Heschung Ankle Boots

Men’s Heschung High Cut Calf Leather and Cotton Shoe

The demobilized version of the traditional French hunting boot. With its olive-brown sides the boot is easier to pull on, and it’s constructed to prevent constriction at the ankles, guaranteeing support for the feet and keeping them dry up to the ankle. It’s a typical Heschung: double-stitched mixed-tanned calfskin, with a sizeable thickness of 2.2 mm. The leather is supple, robust and water resistant thanks to the high fat content of 17%.
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On the hunt, for another kind of game. Cowhide Hunter’s Bag

Cowhide Hunter’s Bag

We left out typical details such as the shell holder or the ”chicken gallows,“ where the kill is hung. But all in all it’s a classic game bag, with a focus on functionality. This model for everyday use was handcrafted from robust cowhide by a Westphalian saddler. From the back to the front flap, the body of the bag is cut from one continuous piece of leather One particularly striking detail is the adjustable strap attached to the leather tabs. For hanging your jacket or raincoat, like hunters do.
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Real felt is rare, and makes a difference. Haflinger Wool Felt Slipper

Haflinger Wool Felt Slipper

Real felt is rare. The imitation is a by-product of polyacrylic non-wovens and other cheap synthetic materials. Real felt house shoes air-condition the feet, so that they don’t sweat or burn. And real felt house shoes won’t cool down on a cold floor. A square meter of real sheep’s wool felt costs about 48 Euro, or 20 times the cheap imitation. Which means a higher price for the house shoe, especially when it is crafted as carefully as the Haflinger.
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A socket’s shining secondary role. From the background

Manufactum lamp socket

These discretely functional sockets recede in the background to facilitate the brilliant appearance of the light bulb placed inside them. Through their directed light projection the ring or crown mirror globe bulbs incorporate the gleaming, copper-plated, chrome-plated or brass-plated surface. Which means the socket in fact steps out a bit from its background role. The surface of the copper-plated and brass-plated version is finished with clear lacquer.
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Back to the future. The Manufactum Cuckoo Clock

Manufactum Cuckoo Clock

We turned back the clock with this cuckoo clock. In addition to a gong spring, the hammer mechanism actuates two whistles on time delayed bellows, producing the familiar „cuckoo cry “, heard since the 19th century in most cuckoo clocks. The interval is a major third like a music box. A bellows also cause a hand-carved bird to bob up and down during the sounding of the hours and half hours. The manufacturer guarantees a running time of 15 to 20 years before the first overhaul.
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What’s in a bead? A magic mountain!

Murano Glass Silver Necklace and Bracelet

Only the secretive Venetian goldsmiths on the island of Murano know exactly how these glass beads are made. The only information they’ll divulge is that the high proportion of aluminum oxide in the glass makes it nearly unbreakable. The shape, color and beauty of these beads emerges under the flames, and the silver foil in the bead recalls the rocky, cool charm of the Grimm magic mountain. A small German jewelry workshop in Pforzheim, which is specialized in high-quality clasps, makes this exceptional jewelry from the Murano beads.
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Well-made and dutiful. Kaweco Liliput

Kaweco Liliput Copper Fountain Pen

It waits in the purse, shirt or pants pocket, to inscribe a birthday or Christmas card, or to embark on a more extended stint of letter writing. Or for occasionally jotting down notes. The pen body and construction are simple. The cap is threaded inside to tightly close the pen, or extend the Liliput to a full-sized writing implement. We offer the Kaweco Liliput fountain pen in light-weight aluminum or stainless steel, with an untreated brass or a copper housing.
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Chamois Tanned Deer Leather and Boiled Wool. A Jacket For Men

Men’s Chamois Tanned Deer Leather and Boiled Wool Jacket

Kolesch in Biberach, the last tannery in Germany using hammer-fulling machines, processes our chamois-tanned deerskin leather. The front, yoke and collar of the jacket are made of it while the back and sleeves are made of soft, warm fulled yarn made from 100% virgin wool from Gottstein & Co. in the Tyrol. The jacket has five genuine horn front buttons, piped button-holes and a loop and button on the collar to wear it turned up. And two roomy side pockets and an inside metal zip pocket.
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Chefs Swear By Them. A High-Tech Copper and Cast Iron Roasting Pan

Heavy Copper Roasting Pan

These are classic copper utensils - pots, pans and a roasting pan, not the usual stainless steel or aluminum models with a thin layer of copper. The only thin layer of metal in our pots is the cooking surface: a layer of .2-mm-thick stainless steel on top of a good 2.3 mm of copper. Professionals are great fans of Falk products - not only for their superb heat-conducting properties (due to the copper) but for the combination of stainless steel inside cooking surface (completely neutral towards food) and matt-polished easy-care, easy-clean copper outside.
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From Film Prop Managers To Interior Decorators. The Bolich Pendant Light

Bolich Ceiling Pendant Light

Bolich in Odenheim is especially known, not to say famous, for their ceiling and outdoor lamps. They’ve been producing them for almost 100 years, the last 17 for us, too. In addition to film prop managers, interior decorators and specialist furnishers are using them and not just for historicized settings. By the way, all Bolich lights can be ordered with a white powder-coated surface.
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A Real-Time Organizing System. Manufactum‘s ATOMA Notebook

Blank Atoma A5 Notebook

For 60 years the Belgian ATOMA notebook system has consisted entirely of runaway rings and flighty pages, whereby the rings prevent the pages from flying off and the pages prevent the rings from running away – at any rate, you can add, rearrange or combine the various forms from your own notebooks any time you want to, – and you can generate forms, calendar or addresses with your PC on the blank forms and then perforate them with the ATOMA hole puncher.Comes with two rulings: the Cornell Notes system, and 3-D drawing paper, for doodlers.
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Weighty, But Not A “Designer Object”. A Tape Dispenser Made of Steel

Steel Tape Dispenser

It can be irritating when you try with one hand to pull out a strip of scotch tape and the dispenser shies away. At 1.1 kg our dispenser stands its ground, on rubber feet, so it will not slip. The notebook owes its considerable weight to the solid steel base. Comes with two rollers for adhesive tape up to 25 mm wide with the standard inner diameters of 25 and 75 mm (with a max. outer diameter of 11.4 cm).
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A Basket made of Wire-Mesh. The Galfan Leaf Composter

Galfan Wire Leaf Composter

In 20 years you can compost a lot of autumn foliage: that’s how long the no-rust guarantee lasts for the wire mesh. The basket is made of 3-mm-thick galfan wire (also used for gabions). The open wire mesh allows the air to circulate through the mass of leaves as it gets hotter, quickly reducing it to a mulch that you can use as it is, or - mixed with cut grass, bone meal and chopped twigs - to make leaf compost. Easy to put up and take apart; the front can be lowered to get out the compost. And the wire mesh cube with the leaves inside looks tidy, too.
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A Loop and Toggle Classic. Men’s Elysian Duffle Coat

Men’s Elysian Duffle Coat

There really is an Elysium, or at least a fabric, called Elysian. It’s woven by Mallalieus and Chrysalis in Corby has produced a men’s duffle coat from this very special fabric for us. It has a water and snow resistant shield and a surface tension reducing herringbone structure, rendering the yarn soft, warm and cozy. All told, qualities that make this coat easy to wear, very attractive and ideal for wintery weather.
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Seamless. Men’s Eribé Shetland Sweater

Men’s Eribé Shetland Sweater

Material made from a fine two-ply yarn of pure Shetland wool, which despite its light weight does service as a fall sweater. Only a close inspection reveals an essential detail of a sweater which only a few specialists who are left can produce. The high-necked sweater with distinctive stripes is entirely without seams, the body knitted as a tube with openings for the sleeves, the sleeves and cuffs seamlessly knit onto the body. A technique only a few knitters have mastered, each of whom is responsible for one sweater part only. Rosy Eribé makes this sweater in Scotland exclusively for us.
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Well-Tempered. The Saxonian Oak Planting Bucket

Saxonian oak wood planting bucket

The temperature moderating quality of oak wood protects plants against the cold more efficiently than any ceramic pot. The buckets are made of oak staves, pegged and glued and bound by hoops of zinc-coated steel. The buckets are also fire-treated on the inside, for extra longevity. And, since they’re planting buckets, they come with drainage holes. Made by a cooperage in Dresden which supplies castle gardens.
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A Low Profile, But a Lot of Light. Brass Outdoor Lamp

Shallow Light

For illuminating that turn in the walkway, or the hallway from the garage into the house, or that dark corner in the cellar. At a depth of 5 cm and a diameter of 14 cm it’s small but illuminates admirably. The body of the lamp is made of weatherproof brass and cast aluminum, with a convex calendered glass insert 10 cm in diameter.
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Compact and Handsome. A Beechwood Ironing Board

Beechwood Ironing Board

Not all that big, but one of the most handsome ironing boards of its type. It stands on a frame of solid beechwood with 26-mm square sides for extra stability. The iron has a solid chromed steel mesh to rest on. The bottom of the ironing surface is coated steel mesh for good ventilation and evaporation, then comes a polyurethane heat-retention layer, with a rubber-band attached cotton cover on top. It folds up in one single movement, with no risk to your fingers!
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Gutenberg. On A Rubber Stamp

Rubber Characters, 240 Symbols

The typography of the this „mini printing press“ is given, but the movable Gutenberg letters leave the design and message up to you. The letters and symbols lock into the ribbed base plate with a tongue-and-groove system. Comes with 2 @ and € symbols, useful for creating business cards. The well-proportioned sans serif type mixes well for a heading together with another smaller text. Comes in a cardboard box with a ribbed grid to keep an overview of the letters and a pair of tweezers for placing the type.
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Monument of a Shoe. Russia Leather Work Boots

Durability beyond the normal life of the shoe is paramount at Schuh-Bertl in Munich. Our Russia leather boots are proof – this monument of a shoe, virtually indestructible and time-tested over the course of decades as a reliable work boot, is something of a glacial erratic and looks completely out of place among its peers. Derived from a work shoe worn since the 1920s, it is manufactured using half-shoe lasts and double-stitched, straight at the front and quite high, with space for the toes. Bertl uses asymmetric lasts, which corresponds to the natural position of the toes and ensures support without pressure.
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Traditional Woodwork. Sewing Box with 3 drawers

Sewing Box with 3 Drawers

Chests and boxes and wood packaging have been manufactured for 75 years and longer in the Franconia Forest in south-eastern Germany, like this solidly built sewing box. It is specially equipped with solid wood carrying handles for us and made of beechwood, painted on the outside. The upper drawer is subdivided into six compartments of different sizes – enough room to store all the little things you may want to keep in your sewing box.
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