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Good-fitting Footwear. Heschung High Cut Gentleman's Shoe

28312 Heschung High Cut Gentleman's Shoe

A good fit and a great deal of toughness characterize this shoe. It is made by the French company of Eugène Heschung, which with its workshops still in Alsace goes back to the year 1934. The high cut shoe is double-stitched with a doublestrong cowhide midsole. The Vibram® rubber outsole is very well off-road-capable, and despite its enormous thickness of 2.2 mm, the mixed-tanned calfskin with high fat content is supple and weather-resistant. What immediately catches the eye is the continuous, all-encompassing ankle strap guided through leather straps with a metal buckle, which allows for adjustment of the shaft end at the ankle, crucial to a good fit.
Heschung High Cut Gentleman’s Shoe

We’re making room for the new season. Women's clothing at reduced prices

Special offers

Spring is not around the corner, but we’re doing some spring cleaning anyway for the new clothes. So we put a whole array of our current women’s clothes on sale. Good things you are accustomed to, at a very good price. Your chances to get one or two of them are also good. But don’t wait too long to decide.
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Inis Meáin. The Aran island where the clothing is knit

The knitting mill of the same name was founded in the 1960’s by the Irish entrepreneur, Tarlach de Blacam. They furnish knits for Barneys and Bergdorf Goodman. With the rise in popularity of fishermen knits, their down to earth but progressive designs have taken their place on a stage dominated by heavy weights - Inis Meáin has a population of 200.

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A sport shoe from Bertl, a smart shoe from the specialists in Munich

With anatomical footbed is made of leather and latex, the asymmetric form is well adapted to the natural form of the foot and position of the big toe. Uppers made of pliable cowhide suede and soft bordered heel.For jogging through the forest or running laps. Or taking a constitutional on the boulevard. Made by Bertl, the specialists for frame based double stitched shoes.
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Setting the TON. A swivel armchair for the office

You may as well make the most of style and comfort, if a considerable part of your day is spent sitting behind a desk. To raise and lower the seat, simply swivel it (i.e. unscrew it) upwards. You don’t need rocket science to do it. Originally founded by the bentwood pioneer Michael Thonet in 1861, the furniture factory that makes this chair has been producing the TON brand since 1953.
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A miniature greenhouse for potted herbs

A bell jar on a ceramic base. You can watch your chives or basil growing week after week, a cheerful sentinel from its perch on the window sill. (You’ll never want to see a plastic pot again). A low maintenance environment for nurturing herbs or other plants. Aesthetic and practical.
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Anti-fatigue carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis. Erconomic pruning shears

Bahco in Sweden designs cutting tools to protect users from wear-and-tear and fatigue. These shears have the input of French and German ergonomic experts. They spare the wrist some of that twisting and turning. More power with less exertion and a reduction of torsion injury. The gentle undulating shape of the handles helps to equalize distribution of pressure on the palm of the hand. Cuts smaller branches up to 2 cm.
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Alpaca Knitting Wool. In five undyed natural shades

At a fiber fineness of under 19 Nm, any garment you knit with this 100% alpaca knitting wool will feel soft, supple and very pleasant to the skin. Resembling sheep’s wool, it is warmer and not prickly. It’s naturally water-repellent and difficult to ignite. Once you start knitting with alpaca the way back to plain wool or acrylic will be difficult, if not impossible.
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With a distinctive stand-collar. The Schladming men’s Loden

The Schladming Loden is wool that is fulled, or tumbled on an old hammer fulling machine built in 1888 which makes it denser and approximately 40% more compact. It’s windproof, abrasion resistant and only slightly susceptible to dirt. Schlamding is a town at the foot of the Dachstein Massif, where the Steiner family buys their Tyrolean mountain sheep wool directly from local farmers. This handsome double-breasted coat is center vented on back, with a distinctive stand collar and buttoned flap.
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No need for advertisement. Devold Nansen Troyer-Style Pullover

The Nansen is an all-around sweater that provides extraordinary protection against the cold, made from the wool of Norwegian sheep spun into a sturdy, loose-knit yet voluminous yarn. The color is blue, with smooth stockinette stitching it’s one of the oldest models made by the traditional Norwegian knitting mill, Devold, a knit goods manufacturer with 150 years of experience.
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No stitching at all. Haunold Gentlemen’s Felt Slippers

Haunold is a family firm in South Tyrol going back to 1560. Their slippers are really comfortable to wear, either indoors where it’s cozy and warm or for that brief foray to the front door to retrieve the mail in the winter cold. They’re made of a single piece of wool felt, which is why they have no stitching. Which means no irritating protrusions inside.
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A new handbag and more colours. The Sonnenleder women’s handbag

Handbags harbor an apparent paradox: Either they are not big enough, or if they have the right size, it’s difficult to find anything in them. Enter the Sonnenleder women’s handbag. Lots of space, without the acreage of a parking lot, and thanks to the zipper running all the way down the side it affords a good overview of the inventory inside. Its warm, supple leather hugs the body and is very comfortable to wear. The shoulder strap is length-adjustable using the carabiner.
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Grind the beans and brew them right away. With a Zassenhaus Coffee Mill

What you taste depends on the bean, but don’t let too much time elapse between grinding and brewing. Because the oils responsible for the coffee taste and aroma are not particularly stable. This grinder is manual, so you have to work a little before you can enjoy your coffee. It has a solid beech wood chassis tapered in the middle to easily hold it between the legs while grinding.
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The best-looking of its type. Our beechwood ironing board

It has a broad three layer working surface. The foundation is a coated steel mesh to ensure good ventilation and evaporation; then, in the middle comes a polyurethane heat-retention layer; and finally, a traditional cotton cover with a rubber attachment band. The beechwood frame can be folded up in one single movement, with no risk to your fingers!
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A Two Ply Terry Bath Towel made of Miner’s Cloth

They were so good in a hand towel format that the Framsohn weaving mill in Lower Austria decided to produce them as bath towels, too. Their exceptional moisture absorbing capacity comes from a special weaving technique. They’re hand-made, with all production steps taking place under watchful eyes under one roof, which guarantees them an incomparable quality.
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Fairly produced, from certified raw materials. The Lanius Ladies’-Knit Jacket

The virgin woolen yarn for this jacket comes from Italy. Claudia Lanius designs her clothing in her studio in Cologne, with fine rib knit edges, narrow at the neck and broader in the sleeves and hem. It’s produced by one of her selected manufacturers from different countries under fair work conditions.
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Hadarit. A lemon juice extractor that even squeezes pomegranates

It’s the lemon juice extractor used all over Israel by street-vendors. At just under 10 kilos and made almost entirely of steel, we consider it to be unbeatable. The heavy hand-lever provides maximum pressing power with minimum effort. You can even squeeze the juice out of pomegranates! Made by hand in a kibbutz in the western Negev.
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