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Hazelwood Plant ‘Trough’


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Brief product information – Hazelwood Plant ‘Trough’

Hazelwood, steel screws. Height 40 cm, width 39.5 cm, depth 39.5 cm. Weight 5.6 kg.

Ancient – almost pre-historic!

Hazelwood twigs, dampened for extra flexibility, then woven round thicker, upright bits of branch to form a sturdy square basket or garden container. We seem to remember that the old Teutonic tribes and Ancient Britons used things like this – at any rate, they appear often enough in school-book illustrations. Be that as it may, they’re absolutely ideal for today’s garden with its more ‘natural’ feel (a long-standing tradition in England, of course!). The suggested uses: one, it’s an ideal holder for unprotected plastic pots or bottles; two, you can line it with synthetic gauze or foil and use it as a straight container for plants, like a pot.
Please note: if you leave the hazelwood container too long indoors, the wood may dry out, shrink and get partially detached. Not a disaster, as the loose twigs can be re-fitted: but we do nevertheless recommend you to leave it out of doors!

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