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In Your Study. Organising and Writing

At your service! Our big desk organizer provides enough room for just about anything the busy desk worker needs. It is put together on the unit construction principle – and how else, considering it has been designed by an architect. And as far as the writing goes – if you are among the few who are still sending out actual letters (on paper and handwritten with a pen, not just typed on a computer and forwarded via electronic mail!), check out our writing utensils and the ‘Original Crown Mill’ writing paper from Belgium. In Your Study. Organising and Writing

Small but Powerful. Kaweco Liliput

The Koch, Weber & Co. pen factory, founded in Heidelberg in 1883, was at one time one of the most important German manufacturers of fountain pens and accessories, and also one of the most ingenious. Their ‘Liliput’ model has now been reproduced with an aluminium body - the original was of ebonite. When closed, it’s only a little bigger than an ordinary filter cigarette. The cap is equipped with a two-way thread that can be used either to screw it tight or elongate it to a full-length pen. This way it’s small enough to fit into a shirt pocket or be used for hours of writing if need be. Kaweco have also made a leather case big enough for two Liliput pens. Kaweco Lilliput

Self-Help. Organising Your Office

Following the invention of sliced bread in the 1950s, there still remained one major problem that exercised Western Man's imagination for the next half-century, namely what to do with rolls of gift-wrapping paper, drawing paper etc. To put it simply: this kind of paper comes in long rolls, too long for the average cupboard, kitchen drawer or cubby-hole. You can't stash them away on top of one another. And, worst of all, if you just leave them somewhere, they unroll. – But not in our cardboard paper-roll case! Moreover, our notebooks with replaceable writing-blocks and desk accessories make self-organisation easier.
Organising your Office

Stylish and Reliable. Not just a Notebook

The notebook offers more than six square metres of writing surface – hard to envisage, perhaps, but we’re talking about enough room for recollections and observations over many years. The India paper we’ve chosen weighs a mere 50 grams per square metre, meaning that the notebook remains a notebook and doesn’t mutate into a monster – indeed, it’ll fit pretty easily into the inside breast pocket of your overcoat. The notebook is fitted with two tape bookmarkers, and the cover is of tough, deep black leatherette; good-looking, in other words, and washable. Notebook or notepad

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