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The ‘Davos’ Toboggan The ‘Davos’ Toboggan

The ‘Davos’ Toboggan – a luxury original.

Graf are a Swiss firm that specialize in shaping and bending wood in all kinds of areas ranging from furniture manufacture to chassis construction – they’re also well-known as trouble-shooters when other firms run into difficulties or need special technical solutions in this field. So it’s not surprising that the classic Davos toboggan stands out from the crowd – in both performance, looks and finish. This shows itself in details like the thickness of the ash-wood used in construction, the amazing sturdiness of the seat slats and, last but not least, the all-important runners that have been given an extra-long sliding surface at both ends (see illustration) to ensure greater stability and which truly deserve the title ‘luxurious’.
A Graf ‘Davos’ toboggan is indeed, to quote the old proverb, something that you never really own, but simply pass down to the next generation.

The ‘Davos’ Toboggan.

Steam-shaped ashwood. Runners with steel surface. Length 1.01 m, width 33 cm, height 29.5 cm. Seating surface length 74 cm x width 26.5 cm, height 23.5 cm. Weight 6.1 kg. Maximum load 200 kg.



The Classic Horn Toboggan.
Safety and Quick Acceleration combined.

A traditional steam process is usd to shape the runners of this classic model made out of 2.5 metre lengths of ash-wood. A great part of this work is done by hand. The lengths, following several days’ drying, acquire a curve at each end, and are then cut in two to give a pair of (almost) ready-to-slide runners. The central body of the toboggan (‘box’ is the nearest translation from the German ‘Bock’) is then attached to the runners, which in turn are equipped with stainless steel outer slides. These ensure good, quick acceleration even on short slopes. The seat is made of damp-proof polypropylene.

A new Design, a traditional Model.

Tobogganing – as a competitive sport – was born in the 19th century on the Davos – Klosters run: on the 12th of March 1883, to be precise. The sledge is perhaps the oldest form of transportation known to man, but in the course of time came to be used more and more for fun, on downhill rides. Fun? Look at what it’s turned into today! Amateur world championships, professional world championships, ice channels on TV, a total of 26 official ‘types’ of toboggan (check it out with wikipedia!), not to mention a newcomer on the market, the nude tobogganing championships! You can well imagine what we at Manufactum make of this. Back to the good old days, when people knew how to enjoy themselves! Hence the one classic model – a horn toboggan, from the Allgau, a mountainous region in Bavaria where they understand what ‘downhill’ means! The new designs were made for us by Sirch & Co, a traditional family firm that have been making quality wood products for over three centuries. The actual constructors – one an architect, the other a sculptor – have been able to free themselves of modern marketing obsessions. Their passions: clean lines and the classic values of ‘form and function’. Both toboggans are made in the old craftsmanship tradition, using local, waxed ash, considered to be the wood for tobogganing by virtue of its high elasticity.


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