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South American Lifestyle – made in Austria

All the products in this section have been made for us by a remarkable Austrian firm specializing since the mid-1980s in high-quality hammocks, hammock frames and accessories.

Apart from the raw materials used – the cloth, wood and metal screws and hooks – everything is done on the same premises: the weaving, the carpentry, the metal work – everything!

'Luxurious' in two senses – not only is the cloth of a superlative quality that you can feel at the first touch, but the manufacturers have really taken the time to produce a first-class article.

In the double hammock, for example, a total of 1,400 (!) continuous threads have been used, every single one of which is attached to the suspension lines, meaning that there are no irritating knots or loose thread ends. Our hammock is completely tear-proof and ensures optimal body-weight distribution. It has adjustable wooden struts at each end to prevent excessive sagging, and there is a manual tension adjusting system so you can easily adjust the length. The only synthetic components are the suspension lines made of a durable weather and sun-resistant polyester mix.





Folding Ash-wood
Hammock Stand.

This extremely sturdy ash-wood frame will support any size of hammock and is designed to provide maximum comfort – so long as you erect it on a reasonably flat surface! A special feature is that it folds up really small and can be stowed away in any odd corner – even in the hall - during the winter, unlike most stands that take up half the garage.

Easy to put up and take down by hand; 46 x 202 x 21 cm packed up. Ash-wood, steel connecting elements. Height 120 cm, length 375 cm, width 115 cm. Weight 17.5 kg. To carry max. 250 kg weight. The Hammock Stand – stands tall, folds up small.



Wall Holder.

If you have a convenient wall to fix it in, this holder can replace the stand.
Suitable therefore for use indoors. 20 x 8 cm, projection 17 cm.
Total weight 1.5 kg. To carry max. 250 kg weight.

Two holders, without hammock.


Tree Attachment.

The classic – a hammock strung up between two trees. Our attachment system also works if you've only got one tree available: the other end can be attached to the wall of your house. Rope length 400 cm. Total eight 570 g.
To carry max. 250 kg weight.


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