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Sturdy and Indestructable. Red Wing Iron Ranger

Red Wing in Minnesota have been making shoes for workers in agriculture, industry and mining since 1905. It was mining that provided the impetus for the present model – the Iron Ranger. It is an archetypal solid working boot just as good for long walks. Nothing has been changed in material, shape, process or finish for over 90 years.

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Organizing your Notes. ATOMA

Blank Atoma A5 Notebook

The 60 years old Belgian ATOMA notebook system consists entirely of runaway rings and flighty pages, whereby the rings prevent the pages from flying off and the pages prevent the rings from running away – at any rate, thanks to a patented special perforation the pages can always be easily separated from each other. So you can add, rearrange or combine the various forms from your own notebooks any time you want to, with forms, calendar or addresses you can generate with your PC on the blank forms and then perforate them with the ATOMA hole puncher.
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Motor Sports Watch. Sinn's Tachymeter

Sinn Chronograph Tachymeter

Wrist watches with tachymeter scales have been around for some time. They were the classic equipment for the early rally motorists – known in those days as ‘gentlemen drivers’ – who used them to determine their average driving speed. Sinn have designed this chronograph specially for us, with a three-way tachymeter scale built directly on to the dial in spiral form.
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From Germany since 1911. Bolich Lights

Bolich Small Copper Outdoor Lamp

The Bolich outdoor lamps of black-coated aluminium are among the most popular of our range, and we’ve been asked again and again if we can’t do them in copper. So we took the request on board and asked Bolich to make this one for us. In shape they resemble their aluminium brethren, but are made of strong copper plate instead – and the metal hasn’t been coated, so the copper will over time build up a characteristically delightful patina. They are – needless to say – made to be used out of doors.

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Natural Look and Feel. Gentlemen's Leather Jacket

Gentlemen’s leather jacket

For this leather jacket we use exclusively European cow-hide from ‘happy cows’ – that is, animals that led normal lives and were not specially reared to produce leather. The leather-making process consists, firstly, of mineral tanning, then aniline drum dyeing, followed by natural greasing. This careful process means that the leather is deep dyed, and not e.g. brush-dyed or treated with any other surface process that conceals the natural look and feel of the material.
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Swiss Perfection. Felco No. 12 Rolling Handle Secateurs

Felco NO 12 Rolling Handle Sec

For a good 40 years now, Felco secateurs have been used in professional gardening circles and are renowned for their cutting qualities and sound workmanship. Rotating-handle secateurs make gardening a lot easier. The lower handle which lies on the fingers during cutting-rolls with the hand as it opens and closes.
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Sensoboard Trainer

Sensoboard Trainer

The Sensoboard has been shown to be an ideal training method. Standing upright on it requires active compensatory muscle effort encouraged by the board, which gives the impression of a shifting base. The board is equipped with a non-slip covering, and stands on a football which in principle should force the foot-board to tip over as soon as pressure is applied: however, this is prevented by rubber bands that do their best to return the board to its original position.
Sensoboard Trainer

Landscaping. Garden Décor and Fences

Steel Rod Garden Gate

For home-owners who appreciate good workmanship and design a natural screen can be the perfect alternative to the conventional screening mat available in any chain store. Learn more about our other suggestions for decorating your garden or fencing in plants and ponds: for example our movable metal fence, flexible, multi-purpose and even suitable as shrub support; or the traditional hazel fences. Also in our range: large planting buckets made of oak wood and, for your rambler roses, a durable stainless steel climber trellis.
Garden Décor and Fences

Transport and Storage of Tools

Cotton Garden Tool Bag

A useful bag of sturdy cotton weave (used otherwise for deck-chairs) with eight side pockets that give you enough room for the transport and storage of small garden tools. The Manufactum Ash Tool Stand is a piece of furniture and as such will find room for long and short tools alike using the absolute minimum of space. The three bigger compartments take forks and spades with T- or D-shaped handle ends; the six smaller ones are for ordinary long-handled garden tools.
Transport and storage of tools

Winter Feeding. Bird Food Dispensers and Nesting Boxes

Larch nesting box

Different options available: our classic nesting box comes in parts of pinewood for easy assembly. Othe nesting boxes, ready-built and suitable for direct use in your own garden, include models of larch wood, plaited fern, sea grass and coconut, or even breathable timer concrete. Squirrels and birds will always have something to nibble with our food dispensers – choose from a range of feeders made of wood, frost-proof terracotta or ceramics.

Winter Feeding. Bird Food Dispensers and Nesting Boxes

Mühle Sport Gentlemen’s Watch

Mühle Sport Gentlemen’s Watch

You can still get the Sport Automatic Watch from us in its original finish – with the date window at a quarter past. The raised sapphire crystal fits closely on to the bezel. The lozenge-shaped hands are of polished steel and – like the digits – have been coated with a green luminous point. The second hand has been given a luminous dot. The movement is the renowned ETA automatic calibre, and has been slightly modified and regulated in five positions by Mühle to give noticeably improved accuracy.
Mühle Sport Gentlemen’s Watch

Cuboro Basic Building Block Set

Cuboro Basic Building Block Set

The ball rolls and rolls, rolls into long channels, disappears in a tunnel, continues, concealed, on its way and finally appears from its hideout in a completely different place. The route taken by the ball depends entirely on the designer of the marble track - which may include children over the age of 4, who continue to discover new labyrinths even with simple constructions.
This building block system from Cuboro encourages children’s mathematical and geometrical imagination through play; for ingenious tinkerers, this becomes a mental challenge when the additional building block sets are brought into play.
Cuboro Basic Building Block Set

Pelikan Fountain Pen M150

Pelikan Fountain Pen M150, M

Everyday writing instruments are often subject to fashion. Manufacturers tend to take advantage of this and produce new designs with alarming regularity. This speaks volumes for pens which can rise above this and still be on the market after decades – as for example the Pelikan fountain pen M150. It has been on the market since 1975 and comes with the tried and tested Pelikan pump and a hand-made nip. The German company of Pelikan was founded in the city of Hanover in 1838 and has been a reliable source of pens and ink and water-colours for generations of pupils, teachers, and others.
Pelikan Fountain Pen M150



Classic Model. Leather Briefcase to Defy Wear and Tear

Manufactum Leather Briefcase

The leather we use is of hide cut from the neck – the sturdiest part that the animal needs in order to cope with continual movement and daily strain, and which in turn ensures that the neck hide has a particularly robust texture. Our specialist Westphalian manufacturer uses vegetable-tanned leather from French cows to make these briefcases based on classic models from the 1930s to 1960s. They have two outside front pockets and an adjustable all-round belt. The leather’s deep brown colour comes from the cask-dye process using special fats to keep the surface grain ‘open’ and clearly visible. Manufactum Leather Briefcase


Modernised Coffee Maker. Giannina

Giannina Induction Espresso Maker

We’ve had in in our range for years – the “Giannina” espresso maker, which the company, founded by Carlo Giannini in Cellatica on the southern edge of the Alps, has been producing for more than 40 years. Now, the model is equipped with a base suitable for an induction stove. Beyond that, the caffettiera has hardly changed its external shape; form and material have remained the same (polished stainless steel instead of aluminum). The handle, cast with stainless steel and functioning simultaneously as a locking brace, is larger and therefore easier to grip than before. Giannina Induction Espresso Maker


Ceremonial. Japanese Arare Teapot

Japanese Arare Tea Kettle

The town of Morioka is closely associated with the traditional production of cast-iron kettles and is also home to Iwachu, a family business of some 90 years now. The kettles are made using an ancient sand casting process. The finished products are sand-blasted and polished by hand.
This teapot is an unusual addition to any table - but that is not all. As it is made from cast iron, this teapot can also be used directly for boiling water and, by leaving it on the stove, it can also be used to keep tea warm. Initially, this takes a little bit of getting used to: fill the teapot only two thirds full of water.
Japanese Arare Tea Kettle

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