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A weather-proofed casual jacket. With a hood

Travel Bag

EtaProof® is the name of a functional fabric made in Switzerland. The extra-long staple fibers are high-density spun but very soft. Which is why the jacket is so comfortable and all-weather capable. Of course it has a hood.Men’s EtaProof® Casual Jacket

Suitcase made of low-tech cardboard, with lots of detail. And wooden slats

No, it’s made of cardboard, not carbon fiber and the fittings are steel sheet, not molybdenum, but it’s a suitcase, the way they used to be made and still are, in the Czech Republic. They are very solid, with the extraordinary detail that can be won from bent cardboard, old-fashioned rivets and steel sheet reinforcements. You can see it a mile away on the luggage carousel!
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Percale Shirtwaister Dress. Cut for comfort

It’s got those flat-quilted pleats in the front and back so that it flares like a shirtwaister should. The percale is woven in Switzerland, where this kind of cloth has a long tradition. That makes for a dress that’s fine and smooth in appearance. It has a long front shirt opening closed with six mother-of-pearl buttons.
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Forged Steel Hedge Shears. The traditional tool for hedge and tree branches

The forged carbon steel blades are hollow-ground, with a wavy cutting edge, to hold on to the branch while you’re cutting it. The hollow grind gives a cleaner cut and is self-sharpening. At 1.3 kg with the beechwood handles it’s not light.
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Stainless Steel Flat Cutter. Unbelievably diverse. From Russia

The unusually shaped blade makes the flat cutter suitable to be used in different ways. Hold it with the tip to the ground, and you can loosen and chop the soil early in the year before spring planting. Turn it 180°and it works like a hoe for uprooting shallow growing weeds. In the side position the instrument can be used to ridge up vegetables.
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Classic Bolich Light. Back again in interior decoration and design

The original Bolich ceiling light design. The reflector is made of black powder-coated sheet steel. With the lamp socket high up in the shade, the light does not dazzle. Maybe in this case classic means, you can hang it just about anywhere and it will look good.
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Cushion Cover Wind

Belongs to the textile line Anna Badur calls "Drawn by Nature" . Which in this case is literal because the cover design is wind driven. Covers and curtains are made with the same fabric quality, both in Poland.
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Drake’s Feintwill men’s shirt. Made in Britain, fabric from Italy or Switzerland

The perfect attire for the well-considered, elegant appearance entrance: The English Feintwill shirt is tailored with a narrow cut and features a cut away collar. Once you put it on you can relax and concentrate on the occasion.
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Manufactum Stainless Steel Garden Rake. Forged in Holland

There’s something about good tools – they work ‘with’ you, and somehow ‘repay’ in ‘feel’ the skill and hard work you, the user, invest in them. We’ve assembled our range of garden tools with just this in mind, and had them made for us by the old-established Dutch smithy of Sneeboer. We’ve used two different types of steel: a more highly alloyed type, tougher, for the tongues and necks to the handles, and a lower alloyed type, easier to forge, for the working surfaces. We’ve given the tongues and necks extra length for greater stability and to reduce the risk of breaking.
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Folding Linen Travel Bag. Fits in any suitcase

The 67 cm wide and 48 cm high bag folds down to only 7 cm. It’s made from strong linen and is very robust, opening and shoulder straps are reinforced with vegetable tanned leather. When expanded it’s big enough for grocery shopping or all the souvenirs you can collect on holiday foray.
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Stainless Steel Outdoor Weather Station. Made by Fischer Precision Instruments

Fischer instruments are well-known for their sturdiness and excellent finish. This Outdoor Weather Station is equipped with thermometer, barometer and hygrometer. The instrument faces are dimensioned so that you can easily read them at a distance.
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Three India Paper Notebooks. The analogue answer to a USB stick

With more than six square meters of space for jotting down thoughts and observations over the years. The slender format fits inconspicuously in the inside pocket of a coat. With two ribbon markers in the same color of the cutting edge for fast orientation and a cover made of washable Lefa.
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Ann Sheppard Five-Pocket Denim. Based on a model from the 1940s

These straight cut, 100% cotton denim women’s jeans in the classic five-pocket style from the working world are manufactured by the Pike Brothers in Italy. Sturdy, 10-ounce denim, front pocket openings reinforced with rivets, the back pockets and stressed parts like belt loops are sewn with strong, interlocking stitches.
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Perrot Oscillating Sprinkler. Precisely dosed means water-saving

The range of adjustment is such that you can water rectangular or circular areas, or zoom down on longer, narrower strips. With the control you can deploy the sprinkler on all 15 nozzles or shut it down to run on 9. Made of die-cast aluminum with jets made of brass.
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