Essential Oil by Manufactum

Essential Oil by Manufactum
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    General Information

    We have developed the body care products in our own exclusive series with two pharmacists who manufacture them especially for Manufactum - according to proven formulas as well as new in-house developments. They are based on natural ingredients of the best, purest quality, and contain only what serves the purpose in question. We do not use any petrochemical-based raw materials or synthetic fragrances, colorants or preservatives.

    In Europe, there are numerous wild growing mints. However, this essential oil comes from only one species, peppermint, which is characterized by a higher menthol content than other mints.

    The genie in the bottle. Essential oils.

    The use of essential oils dates back to the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Babylon. There, the sensory, physiological and physical complexity of the concentrated, often extremely fragrant plant ingredients was first discovered and harnessed. The wide applicability and the natural origin of the essences should not, however, lead to careless handling.
    When it comes to the purity of essential oils, the respective manufacturer plays a key role, because the quality of the ingredients and the care taken in production can hardly be determined without elaborate analytics. Our essential oils are pharmacy bottled, we bring them in an (unusually) large container of 30 ml. In combination with a base oil, for example our body oil with macadamia nut, apricot kernel or jojoba oil, they are ideal for making your own body, bath and massage oils; they should be mixed in a ratio of 1:50, i.e. one part essential oil to 50 parts base oil. To dilute with shampoo or neutral shower gel, add 10-30 drops to the base of 250 ml.

    The Manufactum body care. Pharmacy fillings in pharmacopoeia quality.

    We developed our body care line with two pharmacists from North Rhine-Westphalia, who also manufacture it for us. The well thought-out formulas contain only what serves the purpose in question; we do not use petrochemically based raw materials or synthetic fragrances, colorants and preservatives at all. And although they are not medicinal preparations, most of the ingredients have pharmacopoeia quality, which is unusual for personal care products.
    The range of products is small, but well-considered, and only a few items are added each year. Some of the formulations are taken from old formularies and pharmacopoeias (official pharmacopoeias), while others are new in-house developments based on proven active ingredients. We attach great importance to natural ingredients and therefore completely dispense with petrochemically based raw materials as well as synthetic fragrances, colorants and preservatives.


    Our essential oils are unblended, undiluted oils, so they must be dosed very carefully. Especially pregnant women, weakened persons and children should be cautious with their use - infants should not use them at all.

    Product Information

    Article Number 63448

      100% pure essential oil. For perfuming, use only diluted.
      30 ml glass bottle
      The fresh, camphor-like scent of eucalyptus oil has a clarifying, air-purifying and uplifting effect - as a bath additive as in the fragrance lamp. It should be used with caution on children.
      Spruce needle:
      The essential oil of spruce needle has long been a popular ingredient in bath additives and oils. It is relaxing and clarifying and also performs well in the fragrance lamp.
      Japanese mint:
      The strength of the mint essential oil depends on the menthol content, its actual active ingredient. Menthol is also pleasantly refreshing because it stimulates the cold receptors, leaving a cool sensation on the skin. Our mint oil is extracted from the plant known as Japanese or Chinese mint. It has a much higher menthol content than peppermint, which is more common in Europe, so the effect of Japanese mint oil is even more clarifying and cooling. Mix in a ratio of 1:50 to perfume a base oil.
      Mountain pine:
      The spicy oil of mountain pine is highly valued for its balsamic scent. It is popular as an additive to relaxing full baths and sauna infusions.
      Lavender oil is known for its strong fragrance and is found in many perfumes and soaps. It is one of the few essential oils that can be applied undiluted to the skin.
      Soaps, body lotions and perfumes with clove oil have always enjoyed great popularity. The reason is the spicy, exotic scent of the oil of the "little nails". The oil is said to be physically warming and slightly euphoric.
      Orange oil is extracted directly from the peels of the fruit. Accordingly, it develops a refreshing and invigorating scent, like that released when peeling a fresh, fully ripe orange.
      In Europe, there are numerous wild-growing mints. However, this essential oil comes from only one species, peppermint, which is characterised by a higher menthol content than other mints.
      The spicy rosemary oil is refreshing, stimulating and uplifting. Not for young children, not to be used during pregnancy and not to be used if you have high blood pressure.
      Lemon oil is extracted directly from the fruit peel and should only be used in organic quality. It has a refreshing effect and also has a strong psychologically stimulating effect.
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