In Your Study. Organising and Writing

    The Big Organizer – and its Small Relations.

    The former used to be produced in Berlin only. As a result of increased demand (we’re happy to say), and following consultations with the designer, we’ve started a new series in a Bavarian workshop, where both the big version and its smaller relations are now produced. These are made of sturdy birch ply-wood, have felt pads underneath and are double-varnished. They’re not cheap, we admit, but, as a long-term investment, well worth the outlay.

    Solutions, solutions: good work organization.

    Architecture for example. The man in the street looks at the façade of the building, or, if he’s more interested, perhaps at the degree to which it harmonizes with the townscape as a whole. So far so good: but every architect, at any rate every commercial architect, knows that the important part happens inside the building, where he has to bring architectural principles into line with practical considerations – what sort of work is going to be done on a day-to-day basis in what section(s) of the building? An excellent example of this kind of adaptation process is the conversion of our Waltrop head office from the original mining buildings. In this way an architect is part aesthete, part practical person with a head for order and tidy organization.

    Architecture in miniature.

    ‘Desk architecture’ for example. Take our table set. The original idea came from a design for the personal, private use of an architect otherwise well-known for much larger projects! The usual architectural principles were applied in miniature: each piece of office equipment, however disparate, can be quickly set in its proper place and just as quickly located. There’s no interruption of the creative working process – an invaluable plus.

    At your service – everything to hand.

    Many of the components of our big Desk Organizer are necessarily humble and unspectacular – a card index box, a visiting card box, a letter tray for example. The heart of our Organizer is however quite impressive – 27 x 55.5 cm in size, it’s a container put together on the unit construction principle for just about anything the busy desk worker needs. The exact needs vary of course from office to office – but our well-thought-out Organizer is up to all the demands that may be made of it with its great variety of boxes and compartments. Opinions may differ, but we at Manufactum must say, in all modesty, that we find that simple, understated functionality of this kind has its own kind of beauty.

    For writing paper and implements.

    This fold-out notepaper container is made in Annaberg, East Germany, by Sacher, a firm that has its premises in the same building as the well-known, traditional paper and packaging firm of Johann Georg Adler used to have. Sacher actually specialize in the making of jewellery boxes and cases. The delicate cardboard of this notepaper case is black on the outside and red (with a linen texture) on the inside.

    It comes with a special drawer for larger DIN-A4 writing paper, and with two compartments for long envelopes. Underneath there's a drawer with separate sideways-on compartments for pens, stamps, scissors etc. and another removable tray
    for postcard-size cards. Made specially for, and obtainable only through us.


    “Le vrai moleskine n’est plus …”

    … this was the disappointing news that Bruce Chatwin heard from his stationer in Tours. The notebooks had always had a cloth moleskin-like cover and were used not only by Bruce Chatwin, but also by many other great names, notably Ernest Hemingway. We feel this one to be the best of all the various modern imitations.

    It is made with 192 bound pages of cream, ink-fast paper (80 g/sq m), bookmark, special rubber band to keep it closed, pocket for extra notes in the back cover, a black, slightly knobbly, water-resistant cover made of Balacron (a vinyl-coated type of paper) and – a long-awaited improvement – a loop to hold the writer’s pen or pencil. (Pen not included.)


    A Successful Conversion – the Kaweco ‘Liliput’.

    The ‘Liliput’ has now been reproduced with an aluminium body – the original was of ebonite. When closed, it’s only a little bigger than an ordinary filter cigarette. The cap is equipped with a two-way thread that can be used either to screw it tight or elongate it to a full-length pen. This way it’s small enough to fit into a shirt pocket or be used for hours of writing if need be. Kaweco have also made a leather case big enough for two Liliput pens.



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