Kitchen Sofa

Three-seater - White
Kitchen Sofa Three-seater White
Kitchen Sofa
Three-seater - White
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General Information

In our quest to guarantee you the best possible reliability and functionality in products, at times there is the need to be inventive: our team develops tailor-made solutions in-house or recommends product upgrades corresponding to our guiding principles to associated manufacturers.

From inside to outside.

Upholstery is a craft whose real achievement is hidden beneath the covers. The true quality of its craftsmanship becomes apparent when one examines the interior of an armchair or sofa. Our kitchen sofa is a case in point. The frame is made by a cartwright out of beechwood with the corners fastened with dowels, rounded off to protect the padding and cover. The feet are made of solid, oiled oak, with plastic sliders to protect the floor. (felt sliders are included for parquet and other more sensitive flooring). Statically this is a piece of furniture that will make it to antique status. But the effort expended for the upholstery is even greater. The undulating springs in the lower suspension are made of hardened steel, covered with felt to cut down on noise. The actual cylindrical spring core made of copper coated spring steel wire rests on top of that. The thickness of the springs increases from inside to outside. These springs are painstakingly linked by hand, with far more of them than in the usual spring core furniture. A total of 286 springs go into our 150 cm wide kitchen sofa. Each spring is heated, quenched and tempered and then sound-proofed in a wax jacket. The wood frame and springs are covered first with upholstery linen, then comes the padding made of rubberized coconut fibers (latex coated and vulcanized). Two layers of cold foam and a layer of wadding constitute the upper layer of the cushion. The cover must observe the following criterion: it must withstand intense use, be especially durable and easy to clean at the same time. That’s why Sinn uses fabric for their kitchen sofa with exactly these qualities, which is also used in ship and airplane seating. It’s a cover fabric manufactured in southern Germany from multiply Merino-virgin wool.

Enthroned or banished.

Furniture in general and chairs in particular go through trends and have generated their own history of style over the centuries. But in addition to the appearance, the technology of seating has gone through trends. Arm chairs and sofas intended for use in the fashionable "salon" were built so that guests could be received and straight-backed and solemnly as befitted their social. The arm chairs and sofas of the "living room landscapes" from a later epoch, when the concept of the living room was more a television viewing room for private use after work have a tendency to absorb those who sit in them, enveloping them in a fluffily upholstered cloud. From that standpoint the Sinn kitchen sofa hearkens back unabashedly more to the social furniture from the past than the living room landscapes. Which is not to say that this is a piece of furniture that expresses social rank or some exaggerated dignity. One sits in it like a throne just because it‘s a traditional kitchen sofa.

As north German as tea with rock sugar.

This kind of sofa is frequently found in north Germany, so it’s not surprising that the design of this classic kitchen sofa is a bit reserved. We are not talking about brand name chairs, tables or toothbrush jars, but a style more typical for Scandinavian furniture. Here in Germany it is more popular in the north, for instance in East Friesland it crops up so frequently that it has become known by furniture makers and upholsterers as the " East Friesland sofa". The reason is that since time immemorial the kitchen was the place where one drank tea with rock sugar and cake, preferably on a piece of upholstered furniture that matched the kitchen table and cup of tea in seat height and posture. It has since then advanced from the kitchen to the living room and conference rooms, simply because of its undeniable aesthetic appeal, but also because its adjustable armrests can be folded all the way down to a horizontal position. Which means that in that configuration the "East Friesland sofa" is an ideal location for a nap, where even a tall individual can stretch out, because in addition to the two-seater we offer the kitchen sofa in a 180 cm width. Both versions are available in four color covers made of robust virgin wool.

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Product Information

Article Number 68272

Frame made of beechwood. Armrests adjustable in four postions from vertical to horizontal. Feet made of oak. Plastic sliders on the feet (4 felt sliders are included). Hand crafted suspension: undulating springs, felt and a cylindrical spring core made of copper-coated steel wire. 2 layers of cold foam on upholstery linen and latex coated coconut fiber. Cover made of virgin wool with 4% polyamide.

Two-seater couch. Height 94 cm, width 150 cm, depth 82 cm. Seat height ca. 49 cm, seat depth ca. 55 cm. Weight 45 kg.

Three-seater couch. Height 94 cm, width 180 cm, depth 82 cm. Seat height ca. 49 cm, seat depth ca. 55 cm. Weight 50 kg.
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