Luisenhall Kitchen Salt

Luisenhall Kitchen Salt
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    General Information

    Fine evaporated salt. From the Saline Luisenhall

    At Pfannensaline Luisenhall in Göttingen, founded in 1854, the salt is brought to the surface as concentrated brine from a depth of 450 meters, where it was probably trapped for millions of years away from all environmental influences. There, the brine first comes to rest in large oak basins, and suspended matter sinks before it is allowed to flow into boiling pans made of two-finger-thick boiler plate. Steady charcoal fires burn beneath the room-sized pans, heating the brine until steam rises and crystallizes the salt, which can now be skimmed off. It is a mildly spicy kitchen salt for every day, completely without chemical additives. Over the course of a year, Luisenhall produces just as much in this way as the big players in the industry do before breakfast.

    The white gold: salt

    Salt, essential for our diet, has been a sought-after seasoning since ancient times. Several cities based their prosperity on this rare commodity, the "white gold," such as Halle (from the Old High German hall = salt), Schwäbisch Hall or Bad Reichenhall.

    Differences. Small, but fine

    Today, salt is available everywhere and in almost any quantity. Much of it comes from industrial production and is sodium chloride in its pure form. However, cooks and connoisseurs prefer salt from guaranteed regions of origin, and with traditional extraction methods, a feeling for the taste nuances of salts from different provenances is developing again. For with salt it is apparently like with mineral water, whose mineral content measured by volume is also very low and yet significantly influences the taste.

    Drawn from the sea or mined from the mountain

    The oldest form of salt extraction is the evaporation of seawater. On both the Atlantic and North Sea coasts, the sea tide is domesticated in salt marshes to this day, and the salt is moved from basin to basin under the sun until crystals are formed at a salt content of 280 g/l. The highest form of salt is the fleur de sel. The fleur de sel, the highest quality, is then skimmed off as a wafer-thin layer by hand with a wooden shovel.
    Later, salt began to be extracted from underground veins in the form of brine. This is also the case in Luisenhall, where the brine is first extracted from great depths into saline basins. The view into the Luisenhall salt works hall shows the turquoise-green brine resting in oak basins so that suspended matter can settle before it is fed into the boiling pans. There the salt boils until the salt crystals can be harvested.

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    Saline Luisenhall GmbH
    Greitweg 48
    37081 Göttingen

    Product Information

    Article Number 55341

      A unique, mildly spicy salt with no chemical additives. Unlike traditional refined kitchen salts, which usually consist of 100% sodium chloride, it contains many natural secondary salts and trace elements, like iron, cobalt, manganese or molybdenum. A process used here since 1854 and now unique in Europe enables production of a particularly dry, fine salt. Drawn from a depth of 460 metres, the natural brine is collected in oak basins, boiled in coal-heated brickwork pans, then dried and strained.
      Like sea salt, Luisenhall Kitchen Salt should be sprinkled by hand, as it is too fine for a salt mill but too coarse for customary salt cellars.
      1 kg pack.
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