Manufactum aloe vera oil

Manufactum aloe vera oil
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    General Information

    We have developed the body care products of our in-house exclusive series with two pharmacists who manufacture them especially for Manufactum - according to proven recipes as well as new in-house developments. They are based on natural ingredients of the best, purest quality, and contain only what serves the purpose in question. On petrochemical-based raw materials and synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives, we do completely without.

    Moisturizing and nourishing. With aloe vera oil

    Aloe vera is an ideal moisturizer, in its thick, fleshy leaves, the desert plant stores water and can thus go for months without rain. The gel it contains is rich in minerals, enzymes, vitamins C, E and provitamin A and not only moisturizes the skin but also cares for it particularly well, which is why it is now also used in Europe for skin and face care. Aloe vera oil is used much less frequently than gel. It additionally keeps the skin soft and supple and is particularly effective when massaged into the still moist skin. This allows the oil to trap the existing water on the skin.
    Our aloe vera oil is a maceration of fresh leaves of aloe vera (barbadensis) and soybean oil. For maceration, we mix the gel obtained from fresh, peeled leaves and the leaves themselves with a base oil and store the oil until the valuable ingredients in the oil have dissolved, about two weeks. Tocopherol increases the stability and protects the delicate oil. More is not included, which is why the aloe vera oil is also well suited as a base for self-mixes.

    Body Care Products by Manufactum. With Ingredients in Pharmacopoeia Quality.

    We have developed a body care series according to our specifications and are cooperating for this project with two pharmacists from North Rhine-Westphalia. Based on well-thought-out recipes, all products of the series comply with our maxim: reduced to the essentials. Our partners see to it that the products of our series solely contain what serves the particular purpose. Moreover, although they are no pharmaceutical preparations, most of their ingredients – somewhat unusual for body care products – are of pharmacopoeia quality according to the current German and European Pharmacopoeia; both officinal collections set high standards in terms of purity, enrichment and freshness. Our range of products is small but well-considered, and we add only a few articles each year. Partly, the formulations derive from old officinal formulae and antiquarian pharmacopoeias; partly, we present new in-house developments based on proven elements and compounds. We attach great importance to natural ingredients and therefore completely dispense with petrochemical-based raw materials as well as synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives.

    Product Information

    Article Number 17105

      Moisturizing face oil. For every skin type; even the most sensitive skin benefits from the macerate of fresh leaves of aloe vera (barbadensis) and soybean oil.
      50 ml in a glass bottle


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