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Manufactum black special edition Mechanica M1 clock

Manufactum black special edition Mechanica M1 clock
Manufactum ProductManufactum Product
Manufactum black special edition Mechanica M1 clock
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General Information

Manufactum ProductManufactum Product

In our quest to guarantee you the best possible reliability and functionality in products, at times there is the need to be inventive: our team develops tailor-made solutions in-house or recommends product upgrades corresponding to our guiding principles to associated manufacturers.

High-precision Horology: Riefler, Strasser and Sattler.

The history of mechanical clock-making reached its zenith around 1900, particularly where precise-to-the-second pendulum clocks and regulators were concerned. Two German firms, Riefler in Nesselwang and Strasser & Rohde in Glashütte, were world leaders. It’s incredible what they managed to achieve, using technical intelligence of the highest order and a full array of precision engineering skills and equipment. An example: the best of the Riefler standing clocks show a deviation of less than one second per month.

Erwin Sattler. Precision pendulum clocks.

Today there’s only one firm that makes clocks up to this standard – Sattler, whose precision clocks can be found in working order in (for example) the German Museum in Munich, and are the bench-mark world-wide for high-precision mantelpiece, wall and grandfather clocks.

The Sattler Mechanica M1.

The Mechanica M1 construction kit (see below) is a pedigree high-precision pendulum clock with all the quality features of its illustrious forbears. To list a few: hardened steel driving components, ground gold-plated cog-wheels, Graham escapement, blued (by an open-flame process) hands and indicators. The massive tungsten weight gives a full 33 days of operation before rewinding. Time deviation is a mere 3 seconds per month, and this figure remains unaffected by the winding-up process, thanks to a complex internal ‘anti-blocking’ mechanism that maintains power.

This M1 has been specially made for Manufactum.

The accurate time-keeping of a clock of this quality stands and falls with the accuracy of the pendulum oscillating period. ‘Temperature compensation’, as it’s called, plays a vital role here. The length of the pendulum rod varies slightly with the outside temperature, and the ‘Invar’ pendulum, invented by Professor Ludwig Strasser, and exclusive to Manufactum, ensures optimal compensation for this. The clock is also equipped with a barometer component (made according to the well-known system of Dr. Sigmund Riefler) which is fixed to the pendulum rod and serves to compensate for the effect of atmospheric pressure changes on oscillation.

"Construct it, then own it" – the philosophy of the assembly kit.

The Mechanica M1 is only available in assembly kit form, which of course makes it much more affordable than one of Sattler’s ready-to-use clocks. But, to our mind, it’s even more important, from the personal point of view, that you should take the time (and pleasure) to assemble it yourself. If you do, you’ve understood, indeed ‘grasped’, a piece of the history of ‘time’ and have, in the best sense, acquired the right to ‘own’ it. You will know the clock from the inside and will understand its amazingly clear and simple construction and the laws of nature that govern this.

A detailed booklet shows you (no technical watch- or clock-making experience necessary!) how to assemble the clock. No tools are necessary other than those provided in the assembly kit (although the makers will be happy to advise and help you in case of difficulty). The Mechanica M1 case is actually really easy to put together – it is made up of 13 solid wood components which are simply screwed together without drilling or gluing. There are two models to choose from, one in a plain, untreated cherry-wood case, the other in a black varnish. It measures 102 x 27 x 14.5 cm (depth) and will look great in the hall – or give a stylish touch to the office. The clock is dust sealed, and comes without chiming mechanism.

Product Information

Article Number 75643

Black varnished case. Specifications as above, but with three improvements: calibrated regulator with eccentric second and hour hand, barometric compensator and cable pulley with ball-bearings.

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