Manufactum cleansing milk without fragrance

Manufactum cleansing milk without fragrance
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    General Information

    We have developed the body care products of our in-house exclusive series with two pharmacists who manufacture them especially for Manufactum - according to proven recipes as well as new in-house developments. They are based on natural ingredients of the best, purest quality, and contain only what serves the purpose in question. On petrochemical-based raw materials and synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives, we do completely without.

    Milk for washing. Cleans gently and thoroughly

    A cleansing milk is - like cow's milk - an oil-in-water emulsion, in which the fat droplets are in a water phase. With such an emulsion it is possible, supported by washing active substances, to remove dirt particles from the skin without getting oily. At the same time, the cleansing emulsion does not dry out the skin, as would happen if surfactants were used. It is best to apply and spread with a cotton pad. Remove residues thoroughly with a cloth or plenty of lukewarm water. For final cleansing and toning, it is recommended to use a toner.

    Facial cleansing. Gentle and thorough

    Decorative cosmetics, fine dust and air-conditioning air put the facial skin during the day. Evening cleansing is therefore particularly important, because the skin regenerates at night and then absorbs nutrients and care substances particularly well. Sebum and makeup residues can also clog the pores, to which the skin can quickly react with irritation, redness and pimples.
    The gentlest form of thorough cleansing is the combined use of a lipophilic cleansing milk, which frees the skin from fatty dirt particles, and a hydrophilen facial toner, which cleanses the skin from water-soluble dirt particles. Good facial toners also have a mild toning and astringent effect to shrink pores. In ours, this is achieved through extracts of witch hazel (witch hazel), menthol and camphor.

    Body Care Products by Manufactum. With Ingredients in Pharmacopoeia Quality.

    We have developed a body care series according to our specifications and are cooperating for this project with two pharmacists from North Rhine-Westphalia. Based on well-thought-out recipes, all products of the series comply with our maxim: reduced to the essentials. Our partners see to it that the products of our series solely contain what serves the particular purpose. Moreover, although they are no pharmaceutical preparations, most of their ingredients – somewhat unusual for body care products – are of pharmacopoeia quality according to the current German and European Pharmacopoeia; both officinal collections set high standards in terms of purity, enrichment and freshness. Our range of products is small but well-considered, and we add only a few articles each year. Partly, the formulations derive from old officinal formulae and antiquarian pharmacopoeias; partly, we present new in-house developments based on proven elements and compounds. We attach great importance to natural ingredients and therefore completely dispense with petrochemical-based raw materials as well as synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives.

    Product Information

    Article Number 63450

      Gently cleanses the skin with an oil-in-water emulsion but without oiling or drying out the skin. Without surfactants, without added fragrances. Suitable for all skin types.
      250 ml glass bottle
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