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Marseilles Herbal Soap

Marseilles Herbal Soap

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Brief Product Information

Wooden case with 4 150-gr. bars of soap; 2 bars with lavender and olive oil, 2 with clay and lemon verbena.

Manufacturer:  Rampal Latour

Additional Information

Marseiller Seifen. From Rampal.

Soaps from Marseilles owe their legendary reputation to the rich local olive culture, the palm and coconut oil arriving in the harbor of Marseilles and the lush herbal flora of the Provence. The family run firm of Rampal began producing soap in 1828 with an oil content of 72% from a recipe that has not changed since then: boiled in copper kettles, the soap mass is ground six times into the finest flakes and compressed into extremely compact bars. Without preservatives, artificial dyes or fragrances.

Herbal soaps.

These herbal soaps owe their fragrances to essential oils, while the finest clay and high olive oil component contribute its cleansing and skin care attributes. The soap bars are pressed in old brass molds with historical soap stamps. The fanciful stamps (crocodile, boat, horseman and one that just says “Extra“) are the evidence of 19th century self-confidence in the power of the image to make the soap more visible. And although they are in a sense relicts from a by-gone era, because of their ingredients they hold their own with the best.


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