Abtei Königsmünster

Meteorite bangle narrow

Abtei Königsmünster
Meteorite bangle narrow
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    Extraterrestrial Iron.

    Iron – Middle High German isen; comparable to the Celtic isara "strong, Gothic eisarn and aiz, and Latin aes "Ore" – is a chemical element with the symbol Fe (Latin ferrum). The first traceable use of iron comes from around 4000 before Christ in Mesopotamia and Egypt. At that point, it probably had to do with genuine "other worldly" iron from meteorite crashes. Under the larger definition of "steel" one should understand a mixture of iron and carbon. This alloyed material was already being produced in the Middle East 1000 years before Christ. Knowledge about the smelting of iron ore spread throughout all of Europe until the 6th century BCE. In this process the harder steel replaced the bronze, and instruments made from this material improved food production for the growing population. The original meteorite iron was nevertheless, as long as one could obtain it, further processed because this true material, which was essentially easier to process, remained readily available. Today, this meteorite material has great value above all for collectors. Therefore, it is frequently used in processing, for example, pieces of fine jewelry. Especially suitable for this type of processing is the Damascene method, by which the material is incorporated as iron layers into the workpiece.

    Extraterrestrial iron

    Iron - mhd. isen; comparable with celt. isara "strong", got. eisarn and aiz, lat. aes "ore" - is a chemical element with the element symbol Fe (lat. ferrum). The first verifiable use of iron is found around 4000 BC in Mesopotamia and Egypt. It was probably solid "other-worldly" iron from meteorite impacts. By "steel" of the further one understands a mixture of iron with carbon. This alloyed material was already produced since 1000 before Christ in the Near East. By the 6th century B.C., knowledge of smelting iron ore had spread throughout Europe. Thus, harder steel replaced bronze, and tools made from this material improved food production for the growing population. The original meteorite iron, however, was still processed, if it could be found, since solid iron was already available, which was much easier to process. Today meteorite material has above all collector's value. Beyond that it can be processed for example in pieces of jewelry. This is particularly suitable for the damascene technique, in which it can be incorporated as a layer iron in the workpiece.

    Product Information

    Article Number 27182

      Father Abraham, the blacksmith at the abbey, "Königsmünster" (Meschede), processes layers of meteorite material to form these specially manufactured, thinly layered bracelets. One can hardly identify this layering in the finished product, even though the material heterogeneity emerges prominently in the cauterized layers. The inner values, which the wearer constantly enjoys, must also be taken into consideration; this includes knowledge about the primordial matter of our solar system.

      Diameter ca. 6.5 cm., Opening ca. 3.5 cm., Width ca. 1 cm., Weight ca. 40 g.
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