Our Product Review Guidelines

Thank you very much for reviewing our products!
Your product review helps other customers with choosing the right products.

In order to have your product review published on manufactum.com, please keep the following in mind.

What information should be included in a product review?

  • Your product review can contain up to 700 characters.
  • Please review only those products, which you have used und with which you have made your own experiences.
  • In the review focus on the product`s features and functionality.
  • Your review will be especially helpful to other customers and us, if you address the specific characteristics of the product, which have caused you to rate the product positively or negatively.
  • Please send your general questions, suggestions and critique regarding our service directly to info@manufactum.com
  • Please contact our customer service directly via phone (+49 2309 - 939 095) or email (info@manufactum.com), if you need make a reclamation or arrange an exchange.

Will any personal data be displayed with the product review?

You can submit your review with your name in an abbreviated form or anonymously. Your Information will be formatted as followed:

  • Review with your name: 01.08.2018, Max M.
  • Anonymous review: 08.08.2018, Anonymous

What should not be included in a review?

  • Avoid reference to other reviews, because the context can change
  • Inappropriate language or attitudes
  • Expression of political views or any form of intolerance and discrimination based on ethnicity, religion, nationality or sexual orientation
  • Personal information, such as telephone numbers, email addresses or URLs
  • You are not permitted to include in your comments and posts any information that directly or indirectly refers to identifiable third natural persons
  • Commercial solicitations – references to other sources of supply, advertisement of third-party products (commercial solicitations) or price comparisons
  • Reviews, that have been written with a commercial intend (such as a product review by the manufacturer of the product, an employee or an competitor)
  • Reviews, that have been written for financial compensation

How long does it take until a product review becomes visible on manufactum.com?

  • Once your product review has been reviewed, it will be published. Your review will be visible on manufactum.com within a few business days.

Terms of submission

  • The following applies to all submitted reviews: All transferable rights of use pass to Manufactum GmbH. By submitting your review, you grant us an exclusive license for the further use, unlimited in time and place, of the review and guarantee that the review is free of third-party rights. We reserve the right to shorten or edit submitted reviews as long as this does not distort the meaning. We also reserve the right not to publish or to remove a review without giving reasons. There is no legal entitlement to remuneration of any kind.

Privacy note

  • All personal data will be treated confidentially. In other respects, we refer to our data protection information (privacy policy).