Shipping costs

Christmas Delivery

Dear Customers,

For your Christmas order please note the follwing order dates. If we receive your parcel order no later than the specified day, we will have your oder delivered by Christmas Eve – assuming all ordered items are in stock. Unfortunately we are unable to deliver carrier items, like furniture, on short notice.

• Belgium: December 17th
• Germany: December 19th
• Denmark: December 17th
• France: December 16th
• Italy: December 16th
• Luxembourg: December 17th
• Netherlands: December 17th
• Norway: December 13th
• Austria: December 19th
• Poland: December 17th
• Portugal: December 13th
• Sweden: December 13th
• Switzerland: December 17th
• Spain: December 13th
• Czech Republic: December 17th

All other European Countries: December 13th
Countries outside of Europe: December 6th

Shipments will have to be charged according to the current and valid postal charges.
For large and heavy items (bulky goods) we have to charge you a bulky goods surcharge of 14,00 €. This surcharge is due if there is at least one bulky item in the shopping cart. If all bulky items are returned, you will be reimbursed the surcharges.