The Acme of Comfort – Elk Leather.

    Elk is one of the toughest, most durable of all leathers – and also, after tanning, wonderfully soft and comfortable. Strangely, it’s seldom been used for slippers or indoor shoes.

    With Removable Insole.

    This Haflinger indoor shoe combines supple elk leather uppers with a calfskin lining, especially comfortable if you wear these slippers without socks. The cork-and-latex insole is shaped to the foot and slightly raised at the heel. It can be removed and replaced by a personal insole if this is required e.g. for medical reasons. The outer sole is of good quality rubber, firmly stitched on and with a slight tread.

    Haflinger Elk Leather SlipperHaflinger Elk Leather Slipper

    Haflinger Elk Leather Slipper.

    Elk leather uppers. Calfskin lining. Cork-and-latex insole. Inside sole of vegetable tanned calfskin. Outer sole of 1-2 mm thick rubber with a discreet tread. Dark brown, black sole. Weight per slipper 150 g (size 36). Sizes 36-46.


    Things to know about Real Felt.
    The art of making felt from wool is at least 7,000 years old, yet real felt is rarely found today. Cheap imitations are everywhere, however – mostly by-products of polyacryl and other plastics. Real milled felt is made of cow's and sheep's wool, and nothing else; wool felt is made of pure wool. On the surface it's hard to tell the difference between real and artificial felt. You have to try the 'test of fire' first (real felt frizzles slightly, but doesn't ignite) and then wear it: real felt footwear acts like air conditioning – your foot stays cool when it's hot outside, and warm when it's cold. In short, the ideal slipper – particularly if the slipper is so well-made as the one we offer here. The Haflinger slipper is made of pure wool felt with foot-shaped cork latex insole that ensures a good grip.

    Haflinger – Felt Slipper.

    Sole and body of slipper consist of 5 mm thick pure wool felt sewn together. The slipper is then taken off the last, steeped in water, and fitted once more (under pressure) on to the last. This gives it its great fit. Cork latex insole with shaped toe and rounded heel ensures good grip. The outside sole is of EVA synthetic. Made in Germany. Wool felt. Foot-shaped cork latex insole. Outer sole EVA. Colours: Anthracite and Red.



    Slippers from the Tirol.

    Our slippers come from a small town in Austria where they've been making top-quality fulled felt products since 1926 – of pure wool fleece, naturally softened in mountain spring water. The wool is then squeezed and beaten in an original 'hammer' fulling machine until it's thick enough to be used for house-slippers of this kind of quality. The slippers are then rounded (from a single section of the wool felt), great care being taken to avoid irritating inside projections that are unfortunately quite common when they're made by hand. They are then put on a last, dampened, pressed and dried, which gives them their final shape. The slight bulge at the toe makes walking very pleasant, and the pure wool felt ensures a pleasant, even foot temperature all the year round.

    The Stone Sheep of the Tyrol.

    Tyrolean stone sheep are said to be one of the oldest breeds in the world – and one of the toughest. They’re a real ‘highland’ race, and are happy to live in raw, barren climates – for which they’re well adapted thanks to the extra density of their wool – which is left as it is, that is, neither dyed nor bleached, but naturally processed. The end result is a comfortable slipper with real character – but which will have a somewhat abrasive feel if worn on the bare foot.

    The ‘Gottstein’ Tyrolean Stone Sheep Felt Slipper.

    100% pure new wool. Insole shaped at toe. Outer sole of chrome-tanned 2.2 mm-thick leather with a slight nap. Sizes 36-42.


    The Coburg Fox Sheep.

    This uncommon breed is at home in the central mountain regions of Germany. There are only a
    few thousand of these tough little animals left:
    their extra-thick wool is mostly put to use in the manufacture of carpets. Its colour changes in the course of the animal's life from golden or reddish brown to a lighter shade, with the reddish shimmer remaining. It's sometimes described as 'golden fleece'! We take care not to spoil the beautiful natural colouring by dyeing or bleaching.

    The ‘Gottstein’ Coburg Fox Sheep Felt Slipper.

    100% pure new wool. Shaped toe section. Sole of chrome-tanned leather (2.2 mm thick).



    One-piece, seamless –
    the Haunold Slipper from South Tyrol.

    Haunold is a family firm in South Tyrol, and, with credentials going back to 1560, the oldest in the country.

    The slippers we offer here are a real work of art: they’re made of a single piece of wool felt and have no stitching whatsoever. There’s no risk of the fibres unravelling – they’re extra dense, especially at the sole, and 100% pure new wool – and the slippers are really comfortable to wear, either in the warm or the cold.

    Haunold Ladies’ Felt Slippers.

    100% wool felt. Light grey mix. Red velvet border. Sizes 36-42.


    Haunold Gentlemen’s Felt Slippers.

    100% wool felt. Blue velvet border. Size 41-47.



    Wool felt is an easy-care material – wool simply ‘cleans itself’ in the air. Should however the felt become very dirty it can be simply brushed off with a soapy sponge.


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