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    Add a New Shine. Ceiling Lights

    Why not put your rooms in a new light? Our wide range of ceiling lights provides excellent opportunities. The much admired Art Nouveau Berlin Brass lights will add an elegant shimmer to your hall, living room, or bedroom. Or, if you prefer a more tangible style, why not try one of the classic Bolich pendant lights? They come with black or white powder-coated steel shades in all kinds of different shapes or size, a braided cable – and they are manufactured in Germany. The Bolich Company, situated in the southern German region of Baden, near Karlsruhe, has a long tradition in the business. Our bathroom lights come from the Limburg Glassworks in Hesse, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of glass for lighting. Interior Lighting

    Small but Powerful. Kaweco Liliput

    Kaweco Liliput Fountain PenKaweco Liliput Fountain Pen

    The Koch, Weber & Co. pen factory, founded in Heidelberg in 1883, was at one time one of the most important German manufacturers of fountain pens and accessories, and also one of the most ingenious. Their ‘Liliput’ model has now been reproduced with an aluminium body - the original was of ebonite. When closed, it’s only a little bigger than an ordinary filter cigarette. The cap is equipped with a two-way thread that can be used either to screw it tight or elongate it to a full-length pen. This way it’s small enough to fit into a shirt pocket or be used for hours of writing if need be. Kaweco have also made a leather case big enough for two Liliput pens. Kaweco Lilliput

    Fit for Winter. Warming Accessories

    Extra warm socks and stockings, gloves, mittens and also scarves make winter bearable – and they add colour to a grey and rainy winter day, like our bright and colourful Fair Isle accessories. Knitted from two-ply Scottish lambswool yarns these are really fit to keep you warm. Thick and soft and warming are our socks and stockings knitted from camel hair or pure new wool.
    From the Masters of Their Craft. Gloves, Mittens, Scarves, Socks

    Cutting Wood. Hardware

    Whether you need to chop firewood or cut a tree – maybe ‘shape’ the trunk of your Christmas tree to fit it into the tree stand – we have all the necessary tools. Our axes and hand choppers with hickory wood handles are hand forged with great care in Sweden and made from a special alloyed axe steel. Along with the hardware we have a rather complete range of ‘accessories’ on offer: a large firewood basked hand-woven from willow branches for example or a canvas firewood bag to keep beside the fireplace. Cutting Wood. Hardware

    More Than Just a Collector’s Item. Kösen Stuffed Animals

    They make a perfect gift (and not just for children). Genuine stuffed animals made in Bad Kösen, a small town in Saxony-Anhalt, East Germany, are among the finest you can find – not only in workmanship but also in design. Each one is handcrafted from up to 100 parts, and for every model, thorough studies of anatomy and movement are conducted in the animals’ natural environment or at the zoo. View our Kösen Collection here.
    More Than Just a Collector’s Item. Kösen Stuffed Animals

    Comfortable at Home or in a Hotel Room. Slippers

    Who said slippers were boring? We offer slippers carefully made of elk leather, wool from Tyrolean stone sheep, Coburg fox sheep, or one-piece wool-felt (with elegant velvet borders). Our slippers come from renowned Austrian makers, and it is our opinion that each has a certain ‘character’ that you don’t find elsewhere – they are true indoor shoes rather that simple footwear for the house.

    Rain or Shine. Coats and Jackets

    Different materials for different weather conditions – in our range of coats and jackets we present pieces of clothing old and new. For example, for the ladies an overcoat of Italian carded yarn loden cloth or – for the coldest days of winter – an Icelandic lambskin Coat. Our camel hair short coat for gentlemen is quite suitable for special occasions. And British designer Nigel Cabourn has revived for us a model of an original Navy surface jacket from the 1930s.


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