All year blanket hemp

135 × 200 cm
All year blanket hemp
135 × 200 cm
    135 × 200 cm
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    General Information

    Cool in summer, warm in winter. A hemp quilt for the whole year

    Using hemp as a filling for bedding is still rare, but obvious, because the hemp fibers have outstanding moisture and temperature regulation capabilities. Comforters filled with hemp can therefore be used in both winter and summer. This is due to the fiber structure: unlike linen, hemp fibers are hollow on the inside. Inside the fiber, hemp can store heat-insulating air and therefore keep warm. At the same time, hemp fibers (like linen) are able to absorb a great deal of moisture - up to a third of their own weight - without feeling damp. And they can also quickly wick away the moisture, which means that hemp is not only perceived as cooling, but also ensures a dry sleeping climate.
    Another plus, especially for those who prefer lightweight blankets: hemp fibers have a low dead weight. For our all-season comforter, the pure hemp fibers are processed into a breathable fleece that is quilted with a ticking made of fine, skin-friendly cotton sateen, the cotton for which comes from controlled organic cultivation. The filling weight is between that of the summer and duo winter blanket hemp. The all-season blanket made of hemp is therefore also suitable for all those who like it a little warmer in the summer or who do not need quite such a thick blanket in the winter.
    Our blankets made of hemp can not be washed, but that does not matter at all, because the hemp fibers are due to their smooth surface and the fact that they do not contain proteins (such as keratin and lanolin), naturally antimicrobial, antistatic, stain-resistant and, incidentally, very well tolerated by allergy sufferers. We recommend that you regularly air the blanket well.

    Old yet modern. Hemp

    Hemp, along with flax and nettle, is one of our oldest useful and cultivated plants. Until the 19th century, they were important raw materials for the clothing industry, for ropes, ropes, sailcloth and much more. With the industrial revolution and the triumph of cotton, the robust fiber plants lost importance, but as rapidly renewable, natural raw materials they already score points during cultivation and harvesting and are therefore among the most sustainable materials today.
    For example, hemp requires significantly less water than cotton. Hemp is frugal and pest-resistant, so there is no need to use herbicides, insecticides or synthetic fertilizers either during cultivation or during harvesting and processing. With its large root system, the deep-rooted plant ensures good soil loosening, which has a positive effect on soil rigidity. And hemp suppresses wild weed growth, which benefits crops grown later in the rotation. But even as a monoculture, hemp can be grown on the same land for several years without any problems thanks to its self-tolerance.
    Finally, hemp as a textile is also superior to cotton in many properties: Resistance and wear resistance of the long, tear-resistant fibers are significantly better, which is why even sailcloth used to be made from hemp. Even today, extraction and processing are very costly, but thanks to new processes it is now possible to spin very fine, uniform yarns from the rather rough hemp fiber bundles, as required for clothing and bedding. The use as filling for bedding, on the other hand, is relatively new.
    Until 1996, the cultivation of commercial hemp was prohibited in Germany; since then, the share of local and also European hemp production has been increasing, but it is far from being able to meet the strongly increased demand. The majority of processed hemp fiber therefore comes from China.

    Product Information

    Article Number 207528

      Filling 100% hemp. Origin Germany and China. Ticking 100% cotton. Origin Pakistan. The blanket is not washable and should therefore be aired regularly. Made in Germany.
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