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The OM8. Its reputation discretely precedes it

One of its exclusive outlets is the MOMA shop in New York. We offer the OM8 with a hand winding mechanism instead of the usual Mathiesen quartz. With a stainless steel casing 35 mm in diameter, silver-plated brass line markings on the dial, a sapphire glass and a black calfskin watch strap. Mathiesen OM8

Broad Galvanized Steel Hand Harrow. With professional gardeners in mind

The handle and neck have been set at such an angle to the two rows of prongs to keep them at right angles to the ground when the harrow is held normally.This enables the tool to go to work like a harrow. And it really does a thorough job loosening up the soil or rooting up weeds.
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Nigel Cabourn Men’s Cold Weather Parka. Down from Mountain Patrol

The parka offers its wearer protection from the elements without restricting movement. The Y-shaped ”beaver flap“allows the parka to be worn in three positions. With a spacious sideways pocket on the chest for card storage and two large welt pockets to warm your hands or carry items. Manufactured where it has always been made from cotton fabric coated with beeswax and paraffin.
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Rotating Soap. From French public buildings and state-run railways

This chromium-plated brass rod and wall attachment hangs securely, turning freely on an angled axis, which offers a few advantages: first, it is much quicker and easier to wash dirty hands, and, second, the soap dries off quickly over the entire surface. The manufacturer claims 1,000 washes with a 300 g bar of this soap.
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Leather Glasses Case. Made from saddle leather

The cases owe their stability to the thickness of leather which is manually formed on a hot metal reamer while the leather is still wet. In addition to its relative hardness, the leather remains supple, can withstand enormous pressure and is shock resistant. Comes in two widths.
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Women’s Camel Hair Cardigan. Fully fashioned, with mother of pearl buttons

„Camel hair improves with age“ which means this hip-length cardigan finely knit from two-ply camel hair yarn is incredibly warm, silky smooth, and durable and gets softer with every wash . It’s fashioned with a crew collar and 9 cm wide, elastic cuffs. The collar and placket are edged with a narrow hem. Made in Scotland.
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Library Ladder With Handle. A cabinet maker’s speciality

It employs an unusual design, with off-set steps with exposed dowels. The rear side rails are executed above the uppermost step as grips, providing extra stability on the upper steps. When not in use the ladder can simply be folded and hung on the hook made for it on the wall. For book cases up to 3 meters in height.
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A Hooded Sweater in two colors and three fabrics. Convertible and reversible, too

In addition to the two colors and three fabrics, it’s also convertible and reversible. It’s knit with a plating technique which combines two thread systems, one of which partially covers the other, which makes the sweater reversible. The fabrics are different , too. The grey is made of pure Merino wool and the blue fabric is cotton and linen. This model with the narrow knitted cuffs is only available from Manufactum.
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Steel Plant Pot. It’s got a thick layer of galvanized sheet steel

This is a serviceable and correspondingly handsome steel plant pot with sturdy handles. It’s made of hot-dipped galvanized sheet steel, that’s then powder-coated. If the outer layer of paint becomes chipped or scratched, the pot still won’t rust because of the thick galvanized layer beneath the paint.
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It looks like an enameled sign. The real-time Manufactum Weekly Schedule

The enameling technique involves a separate stage for each color. The result is optically convincing, with the matt black of the writing surface set off by the brilliant white, red and black. Dates can be chalked in and wiped out without a trace with a wet cloth. Or stick bills or tickets to it with magnets, or even heavier items, like keys, with a heavier magnet.
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Pure Linen Curtain. With rich and heavy folds

This linen curtain falls richly and heavily because of the interaction between the natural, uncolored long flax yarn in the warp and the colored linen yarn in the weft. Comes with eight brass eyelets.
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Folding Aluminum Paper Sorter. It expands with your ideas

Known in America as a ‘collator’, it’s become a classic there. It’s an accordion like space-saving file for sorting and prioritizing your paper work. It will adapt to any desk – even the jumbo size, with 24 compartments and a maximum folded-out size of 2.5 metres. By the way, in a pinch it’ll also serve as a newspaper and magazine holder.
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Moveable Clothes-Horse. Made of beech wood and tubular steel

The contrast in the frame between the beech wood frame and the tubular steel gives it a distinctive look. It’s light, 7 kg, and with 13 clothes lines it has 19 meters of usable length for one good sized load. It folds up by detaching the central wooden support from its steel ring. Spare line obtainable from us.
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Cooking can be grueling. Manufactum has the apron for it

Not only are you protected by the medium weight cotton fabric, your wine opener, kitchen scissors or whatever you care to carry is tucked away in the spacious side pocket, out of harm’s way when dealing with pots and pans. Comes with an adjustable neck strap and waistbands long enough to be tied in front of the body.
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Manufactum Newspaper Rack: Read all about it!

Last seen doing duty on the railway platform, the paper stand has now been deployed for domestic service. Take the magnetic board at the top of the stand: instead of the tabloid headline it can now announce ‘Imminent Egg Shortage – Shop Today!’ Also a good opportunity to practice hash tags and twitter formulations. Is equipped with 9 shelves for traditional reading matter.
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Manufactum Stainless Steel Digging Fork. The better tool for hard, stony soil

The handle is made of (what else) ash. We check to make sure the age-rings run in a straight line, to reduce the danger of breaking, and give a proper feeling of stability you need in a handle. We use two different types of steel: a higher, tougher, alloy for the tongues and necks to the handles, and a lighter, easier to forge alloy for the working surfaces.
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Manufactum Briefcase. Optically and haptically right

This fashionably flat unlined briefcase has room for A4 documents and/or a notebook. The raw edge seams are hot needle creased, which makes them more durable. You can tell the technique by the fine dark line left by the temperature. The handles are full grain which gives them a noticeably better grip.. Fittings and clasps are from England.
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Manufactum Stoneware Bread Bin. And a baking form and serving plate

The densely sintered Westerwald clay Material is non-porous and waterproof so it’s easy to clean, shock-proof and ovenproof. In order to guard against moisture loss, place the bread with the cut edge on a board and cover it with a linen or cotton kitchen towel. A good sour dough bread will keep in it for a week.
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Manufactum Enamelled Thermometer. At 86 cm, legible at a good distance

The total length of the calibration scale is almost half a meter and on one of those cold winter mornings, it’s faster and more localized than the reading on your smart phone. Just look at it from the comfort of your kitchen, hanging from your tool shed or mounted in the ground with a solid hot-dip galvanized steel stand we also offer.
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