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Remarkably Classic. Oak Lattice Bench

It appears to be straight out of a book. With its cast iron frame and slats made of wood in the familiar curved form this bench is so comfortable – one doesn’t even need a pad or cushion to sit on it. The frame comes from a foundry in Lorraine which has been manufacturing garden furniture for more than 150 years. A joiner’s shop in northern Germany supplies us with the solid oak slats – the wood coming from a nearby forest.
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For Your Summer Aperitifs. Steel Garden Drinks Bar

Steel Garden Drinks Bar

Made by the French firm of Fermob this functional yet stylish 'side-table' is designed to hold (wine) bottles in the lower section and cutlery, glasses etc. in the upper section. Both sections have surrounding guard railings. And another feature that improves on the usual 'drinks tray' – this one has a carrier handle at the top, so you can always have one hand free on the way from house to garden. The steel frame has been given a special cataphoretic dip treatment to give added rust-protection – particularly at the welded joints.
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Outdoors Or Indoors. Solid Aluminum

Small Aluminium Wall Lamp

It is heavy enough and quite robust – with its protective cage this lamp is modeled on similar types which were originally designed to brighten up ships’ quarters and other damp rooms, let’s say around a harbour. Nowadays we recommend you mount it near your doorstep or as a basement or cellar light. The aluminum light may be used as wall or ceiling light, just as it suits you.

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For a Natural Garden. Elevated Gabion Flower Bed

Elevated Gabion Flowerbed

It is as uncomplicated to set up and as durable as any other elevated flower bed. Once assembled, this raised garden bed will grow beautifully into the garden landscape, when, for example, grass and blossoming wild flowers climb up on the steel grilles. Each grille is made of the same zinc-aluminum covered steel. The segments can be easily put together without the help of tools; with combining hooks of the same material, they are brought into shape and placed on the soil – an anchor is not required. With regard to the choice of filling materials there are no limitations.
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Joint Production. Armor lux Women’s Knitted Shirt

Nigel Cabourn - Armor Lux Men’s Knitted Shirt

For this sailor shirt two of our suppliers have joined forces: the English designer Nigel Cabourn, who has long been famous for his collections of clothing with a vintage twist, and Armor lux from Quimper. No wonder the result of this co-operation between Great Britain and Brittany is a sailor shirt in Breton style. Armor lux manufactures the top in Quimper from a smooth middleweight cotton jersey with a dry and grainy feel. The men’s shirt has a raised collar and a button placket with ivory nut buttons.
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Dries the Wash in No Time. Folding Clothes Drying Rack

Aluminum Folding Clothes Drying Rack

With the aluminum scissors construction and the plastic encased steel rods this rack can also be used outdoors. Nicknamed the “In No Time“ in 1923 by the family founded firm, Artweger, in the Austrian town of Bad Ischl, it rapidly became the classic folding clothes drying rack. By simply pulling it out, up to 6.7 meters of laundry can be stretched out to dry on the nine stable rods; and when pushed back together, the rack protrudes only 11 centimeters.
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Soft Leather, Strong Bottom. Our Cowhide Travel Bag

Manufactum Cowhide Travel Bag

The vegetable tanned cowhide of this bag was tumbled particularly long to give it its remarkable softness. The seams of the bag are welted, thus keeping its shape. It is lined with a durable plaid cotton fabric and has an extra inside pocket with a brass zipper. The leather handles are lined with a continuous cotton wick cord cleanly sewn to the sides of the pocket crosswise and additionally secured with a brass rivet. An inlay of reinforced leather fiber characterizes the bottom, and thanks to the large opening - the zipper can be pulled down along the sides - our travel bag can be easily packed.
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Casual Chic. Men's Irish Linen Shirt

Men’s Irish Linen Shirt normal cut

This shirt is an Irish-South Italian co-production. Mazzarelli, famous shirtmaker in Castellana Grotte, designs the garment out of pure Irish linen from Spence Bryson – and exclusively for Manufactum. The shirt features a Kent collar, stitch folded button line and a patch breast pocket. Collar, band and cuffs are not, like it is the norm nowadays, stuck with interfacing, but are sewn loosely. The buttons are made out of mother of pearl. The shirt is loose, but not overly wide in cut and a double back yoke ensures a very comfortable fit.
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For Summer Travels. Panama Hat

Panama Hat

‘Panama’ is of course a misnomer – both the raw materials (Toquilla palm fibers in a very fine weave), the work processes, and the hat-makers themselves come from Southern Ecuador. The hats first attracted world-wide attention when they were worn by the construction workers on the Panama Canal. There’s only one firm left that really knows how to make Panama hats of this quality – the whole process, ending in the shaping, is by hand and takes many days.
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Organizing Your Notes. ATOMA

Blank Atoma A4 Notebook

The famous Belgian ATOMA notebook system consists entirely of runaway rings and flightly pages, whereby the rings prevent the pages from flying off and the pages prevent the rings from running away – at any rate, thanks to a patented special perforation the pages can always be easily separated from each other. So you can add, rearrange or combine the various forms and your notes any time you want (or need) to – even from your own notebooks. The ATOMA system also includes a special hole puncher and a variety of clear plastic folders.
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Gardener’s Delight. Saxon Oak Wood Planting Bucket

Saxonian oak wood planting bucket

The temperature-balancing quality of oak wood protects plants more efficiently against the cold than any ceramic pot ever could. The buckets are made of single oak staves, pegged, glued, and additionally held together by hoops of zinc-coated steel strip. They are fire-treated on the inside, which accounts for their great longevity. They already have drainage holes. Made in Saxony, where planting buckets like these have long been used in palace gardens and botanical gardens.
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For a Precise Forecast. Stainless Steel Outdoor Weather Station

Stainless Steel Outdoor Weather Station

Apart from their stated precision, Fischer instruments – made in Germany – are well-known for their sturdiness combined with an excellent finish; the instruments also finely adjusted and tested. This Outdoor Weather Station is equipped with thermometer, barometer and hygrometer. The frame is of 0.9-mm-thick stainless steel, and the instrument faces themselves with their mineral glass protective covers are so generously presented that you can easily read them at some distance.
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Tradition Revived. Gentlemen’s Jersey Shirt

Gentlemen’s 1/2 Arm Jersey Shirt

Well-known as 'Henleys' these shirts are made without side-seams in the same circular knitting process as was used in the 1850s. The model was originally used for oarsmen (hence 'Henley') and was then adapted in the 1920s for heavy laboring work. The front button-up part is of cotton and the buttons are made from mother of pearl. The shirts carry the original Merz b. Schwanen sewn-in label. Originally established in 1911 in Swabia
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Useful While Traveling. Sonnenleder Hanging Toiletries Bag

Sonnenleder Hanging Toiletries Bag

Sonnenleder on Lake Constance manufactures the toilet and cosmetic bag we offer here. As a firm it is dedicated to traditional leather production, in a design that is functional and simple. Red-tanned leather is tanned in the pit where it receives its characteristic reddish light brown color from pure vegetable tanning agents. Each batch will look different and change with time – forming a patina. The bag's lining is of pure linen. When rolled up the bag measures only 27 x 24 x 11 centimeters, and when rolled out it provides enough room for shower gel, shampoo and other necessities.
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For a Quick Cooling. Stainless Steel Garden Shower

Stainless Steel Garden Shower

Made in France, this garden shower, with its simple, elegant lines, hardly betrays at first glance how much care and attention has been lavished on choice of materials and finish. ‘Simple’ in the cast-and-carry sense it certainly is not. The pipe is of 1.5-mm. thick solid stainless steel – and, needless to say, rust-proof, as are the joints (made of polished brass) and the chromed brass shower-head with its direction-adjustable ball joint. The water is turned on and off by a brass tap at hip height and supplied via a garden hose.
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Ready-sharpened. Scythe with Tubular Steel Handle

Scythe with Tubular Steel Handle

Demeter’s garden tool is coming back into its own now that so many people prefer a naturally mown meadow to the more artificial close-shorn garden lawn. The shape and mode of production of quality scythes have hardly changed at all in the last two centuries. A scythe has to be made of special steel requiring 20 ‘cold’ and 12 ‘hot’ (over 1000 °C) processes. The handle – this being a concession to modernity – is made of tubular steel rather than wood for longer life – and, above all, because it’s much lighter.
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Breton Essential. Armor lux Ladies‘ Summer Shirt

Armor lux Ladies’ Summer Shirt

It is similar to the classic ‘Sailor Shirt’, but with a different cut: slightly waisted, and with short sleeves reaching to just below the elbows. Armor lux in Quimper manufactures this classic ladies’ shirt from their well-known mid-weight Interlock quality cotton – made from exquisite ring-spun Egyptian cotton yarns and really pleasant to wear. Armor lux has long been famous for simple, unfussy, comfortable cut an design, and for classic shades and patterns, as for example this traditional striped pattern.
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Portable Grill. Swing Barbecue Stainless Steel

Swing Barbecue Stainless Steel

A tall and sturdy barbecue grill – from a German stainless steel processing plant. It can be dismantled to a portable size and easily carried in the bag provided. Even if it has an established position in your garden, it can be left outside the whole summer: all parts are made of fully weather-proof stainless steel. What is more, this barbecue is an all-rounder thanks to the parts included. The pan provides enough space to supply the whole family and visitors, and the same applies to the barbecue grid. The height of both pan and grid can be adjusted.
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Comfortable and Light. Berkemann Nubuck Clogs

Berkemann Nappa Clogs

Their wooden soles are made of light, yet sturdy poplar, while the leather uppers – unlike ordinary clogs – are first nailed, then screwed on to the wood by hand, not just machine-tacked on. A special feature is the Berkemann patent 'foot bed', the modeled inner sole that makes walking in these clogs so comfortable. Uppers and lining are both low chromium barrel tanned. Both leather and wood come from Italy and the clogs have been hand-made in Hungary.
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