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The Myth-Become-Model. Schuco’s Silver Arrow

Schuco Mercedes

At the time, the Silver Arrow was not just a legendary racing car. It as well became a true classic as a Schuco model, with a working steering wheel, a differential and a rugged suspension. The car is driven by a wind-up spring with a key and an additional wind-up axel wound up by a friction wheel. The Silver Arrow comes as a kit with 22 parts and all necessary assembly tools (the spring mechanism is already installed) just like it was in the 1930s. But please remember that as a collector’s model, it is not suitable for children under the age of fourteen.

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At Home or Out of Doors. Men’s Merino Fleece Jacket

Men’s Merino Fleece EtaProof Leisure Jacket

Our leisure jacket is manufactured out of repeatedly tumbled New Zealand merino sheep new wool with a fibre fineness of 21 microns. It is breathable and especially functional because of the reinforcements at the EtaProof® shoulders and elbows. The fineness of the highly compressed ground fabric makes the Merino fleece elastic and simultaneously shape-retaining; similarly, it prevents unsightly bulging. It keeps the body dry, is relatively windproof and anti-static. Also, after extensive use, there is hardly any knotting.
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Thick and Warm. Eribé Fair Isle Lamb’s Wool Cap

Eribé fair isle ladies’ lambswool cap

‘Fair Isle’ patterns have a long tradition. Originally they were only used for the thick pullovers worn by the local fishermen who lived on the small island named Fair Isle off the northern coast of Scotland. Today everybody may wear them. In this thick cap you’ll find at least two different colors in one row. Two-ply lamb’s wool from the first shearing is used to knit it. The spinning technique involves a double-spinning and twisting process that gives the material and unrivalled brilliance – one, we find, especially good for the color red.
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Works Well, Writes Well. Copper Pocket Fountain Pen

Copper Pocket Fountain Pen

This miniature pen sits solidly in the hand – it is nice to hold, even with nothing to write. Screwed on with the double thread, the cap extends the length of the fountain pen shaft in the writing mode. Text, doodles and etc. flow from a gently gliding nib which is astonishingly large for a writing implement of this format. The ink-feed system will not run or leak in your pocket or in the pressurized cabin of an airplane. Thanks to its practical size, the fountain pen can be tucked into the pants pocket, where the copper will take on a good polish, and depending on habits of use, storage and transportation, can develop a patina.

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Practical Chic. Women’s Sonnenleder Handbag

Women’s Sonnenleder Handbag

The most common opinion about women’s handbags is probably that they are never big enough – but when they do have the right size, it’s too difficult to find anything in them. This bag offers lots of space, yet does not appear bulky. And it can open very wide, thanks to the zipper that extends the entire width. Inside, the bag has a zipper compartment for wallet and papers as well as a pocket for a mobile phone. A sewn-in leather band with carabiner secures the keys. The supple leather warmly hugs the body and is very comfortable to wear. The shoulder strap is length-adjustable.
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Short and Stout. Enamel Tea Kettle

Tea Kettle Made of Enamel

It works like a real kettle – first you boil water in it directly on the stove, then you slip in the strainer with the tea leaves, like a tea pot. The kettle is cast in one piece, with the spout attached afterwards. When we first offered it with a black enameled surface the kettle was manufactured by the Geithainer Emaillierwerk in Saxony. The manufacturing facility and brand name have long since changed hands, but the kettle is still produced in Germany.
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For the Festive Season. Christmas Accessories

Plywood Stable

We’ve heard of an old English tradition – involving a mince pie baked in the shape of a manger to hold the Christ child, but only until dinner time on Christmas Day (when the pie would be eaten). Whether you find this appealing or not (we couldn’t say), our collectible figurines are made from lindenwood – the crib, too – and hand carved and painted in traditional ways. Our glass decorations follow the old German tradition of trimming the Christmas tree with globes and miniatures reflecting and refracting candle light. You’ll also find in our range candle holders for tree and table, a modern day advent wreath and other accessories.

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From Wales. Black Sheep Knitted Pullover

Black Sheep Knitted Pullover

Welsh Mountain Blacks are a hardy race of small, unpretentious animals that inhabit the bare Welsh uplands – and which provide the wool for this warm pullover. The natural colors of the wool are particularly well brought out in this pullover, which is close-knit to enhance the warming qualities of the wool without impairing its breathability. No dyes or chemical processes have been used – meaning that the original high lanolin content of the wool has been preserved: you’ll notice the extra ‘give’ when you wear it.
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Unique Garment. Women’s Jacob Sheep Wool Tweed Coat

Ladies’ Jacob Sheepswool Tweed Coat

The fabric of this peaked lapel, slim tailored coat is light, yet warm. The color comes from the untreated and purely natural wool, which is characteristic of the very rare Jacob sheep. Woven exclusively for us by Marling & Evans in the Cotswolds, the coat has broad seams throughout the garment, giving it an extremely elegant look, as well as a split back for comfort of movement and a stylish breast pocket. The genuine horn buttons on the front and sleeves, the flap horizontal pockets and the sewn in welt pockets on the outside, as well as the two inside piped pockets complete this unique women’s coat.
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With a Precious Shimmer. Murano Glass Bracelet

Murano Glass Bracelet

The island of Murano in the Venetian lagoon is still a center of production for precious items of glass. The shimmering colored glass beads created there in the best tradition of Venetian craftsmanship are fastened with high quality clasps from a Pforzheim jewellery workshop. The beads garner their form, color and beauty by hand beneath the flame in a time consuming process. A raw bead separated from a glass rod is covered with a pure gold foil (for the colored beads) or, in an extremely elaborate process, a powder mixture containing copper is added for the so-called pastel colored beads.


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For the Festive Season. Beeswax Advent Candles

4 Red Beeswax Advent Candles

For your Advent wreath and other festive table decorations. These candles are handmade by dipping the wicks in uniform movements in liquid wax until the candles achieve their conical form. The matt red patina is testimony to the high quality of the candles. They are made in a Bavarian candle workshop by handicapped.
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Home Bakery. Tin-plate Shape Cutters

10 Tin-plate Shape Cutters

These Christmas biscuit cutters have been made for us by Krifka & Co. in Austria. The soldering is done by hand, and the joins are invisible, which means that your biscuits or small cakes have completely smooth edges – more hygienic, less risk of cuts to the hands, and also something for your family and guests to admire, as cheap cutters always produce ragged edges. They’re durable too, and will serve you well for many, many Christmases to come.
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Classic from Germany. Bolich’s Metal Light

Bolich Metal Light

This light is not just for cellars. White inside and black outside, it may also illuminate living rooms or a dinette for example. The aluminum reflector with enamel finish is 26 cm in diameter, and the hanger comes with a porcelain pulley and black cast-metal head – as it was custom years ago. The screw-in cylindrical lens is of clear glass. Bolich lights have been produced in southern Germany since the beginning of the twentieth century. Today they are as popular as ever, particularly with set designers and interior decorators.
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Pure New Wool. Men’s Schladming Loden Jacket

Men‘s Schladming Loden Jacket

Near Schladming at the foot of the Dachstein Massif, where the Steiner family founded a “Lodenwalke” (mill) in the 1880s – that is where the Schladming Loden is produced. The wool used comes from Tyrolean mountain sheep, which Steiner purchases directly from local farmers. It is spun on ring spinning machines into tear-resistant wool yarn. The yarn is then woven into a sturdy fabric. “Walken” is the fulling process – the heart of the Loden manufacture, in which the woolen cloth is made denser and more compact – and takes place on a historic hammer fulling machine.
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Comfortable Shoes. Haflinger Felt Slipper

Haflinger Felt Slipper

The art of making felt from wool is at least 7,000 years old, yet real felt is rarely found today. Cheap imitations are everywhere, however – mostly by-products of polyacryl and other plastics. Real milled felt is made of cow’s and sheep’s wool, and nothing else; wool felt is made of pure wool. Real felt footwear acts like air conditioning – your foot stays cool when it’s hot outside, and warm when it’s cold. In short, the ideal slipper – particularly if the slipper is so well made as the one we offer here.
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