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Quintessentially British. Nigel Cabourn Pinstripe Men’s Sport Coat

Mens Sport Coat

Nigel Cabourn in England uses historical work clothing as a model for this rustic sport coat (and vest on the next page). The outer fabric, a durable flannel with a pithy texture, is woven by Fox Brothers in south-west Somerset, for almost 250 years the specialists in worsted and woven fabrics. The fabric web is distinct, because, Fox Brothers do not roughen the flannel, as is usual. The coat has a short lapel and closes relatively high with metal hooks and eyes on the collar all the way to the chin. Outside, a breast pocket, two flap pockets and button down sleeve vents, inside, two trimmed pockets in the cotton lining and a slender pocket on the left for a pen, cigar tube or a comb.Nigel Cabourn Pinstripe Raw Flannel Men’s Jacket

Capacious Companion. The Sonnenleder purse

Women‘s Red-Tanned Sonnenleder Purse

Sonnenleder manufacturers this purse exclusively for Manufactum. The simple design and wide, spacious format – with the clever compartments for all those indispensables – make it a trusty companion. The large zippered pocket is divided in two, one side for bank notes, the other for coins in the leather lined side. Thanks to the main perimeter zipper the purse opens wide, for a quick glimpse inside. There are 14 integrated slots for credit and other cards. An additional compartment inside and two tuck-in pockets on the front and back side of the purse will accommodate receipts and other important pieces of paper.
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Thoroughly English footwear. The Chelsea boot for women

Ladies’ Chelsea Boot

There are many variations of the Chelsea boot, an over the ankle with boot with rubber inserts in the sides which gives the boots their comfortable flexibility, even after walking or standing in them for hours. That and the smart termination at the ankle have long established this type of shoe as a classic. The Chelsea, this thoroughly English footwear, was invented in the 1830’s by J. S. Hall, bootmaker to the queen. It received fab status in the 1960s when the Beatles wore them, with a pointed toe and curved heels.
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Felco Nr. 12. Revolving Handle Garden Shears

Felco NO 12 Rolling Handle Sec

The shears are held firmly by the ball of the thumb, while the rest of the hand takes care of cutting by opening and closing. Which reduces friction with the skin, and represents a gain of strength of approximately 30 percent. Made in Switzerland. Cuts branches up to 2 cm Ø. With a wire cutter and sap groove and precision cutting adjustment (with a wrench). All parts are replaceable and available from us.
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Less is more. Italian ceramic lamps

Rectangular Wall Lamp

The linear form of this ceramic lamp from Italy is utterly unpretentious. It can be mounted in living rooms, hallways and stairwells, where it will give off a glare-free indirect illumination. Depending on the model, the opening is on the side, the bottom or the top, guaranteeing the right solution for different situations.
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A self-basting broiler. From Riess in Lower Austria

Riess Roasting Pan Iron Enamel

This enamel roasting pan is equipped with the dimensions that enable you to roast a small goose or even a small turkey inside it. The corrugated cover functions so that condensed water collects inside during the roasting process and drips over the roasted food, meaning that you do not have to refill water or other liquids like broth or the like.
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Organizing your notes. ATOMA

Blank Atoma A5 Notebook

The famous Belgian ATOMA notebook system consists entirely of runaway rings and flightly pages, whereby the rings prevent the pages from flying off and the pages prevent the rings from running away – at any rate, thanks to a patented special perforation the pages can always be easily separated from each other. So you can add, rearrange or combine the various forms and your notes any time you want (or need) to – even from your own notebooks. The ATOMA system also includes a special hole puncher and a variety of clear plastic folders.
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Casual Elegance. Hiltl Men's Moleskin Chino

Hiltl Men’s Chino Moleskin

Unbelievably soft – almost with a velvety feel – and still extremely robust and durable, this strong material is made of pure cotton: Moleskin, the “English Leather,” woven with strong warp yarns and high weft density. In numerous work stages the finished fabric is sanded and coarsened, so that it obtains the typical, inimitable softness and resistance unique to it. Our Moleskin is woven in Italy, at Bonomi in Gallerate – cotton weaver since 1860. From it come classic men's trousers, with straight legs and lateral welt pockets. A watch pocket is positioned under the collar, and the back pockets can be closed with real horn buttons.
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Made for Walking. Red Wing Chelsea Rancher

Red Wing Chelsea Rancher

These are boots to last a lifetime – the longer you wear them, the more you'll like them and the better they'll look. American ranchers always appreciated their hardwearing qualities and used them for work and also for riding. Like all Red Wing footwear, the Chelsea Rancher is made of full-grain leather, oil-tanned and later treated with a special mixture of various waxes and oils. The shoe needs to be given two or three outings before it begins to adapt to your personal foot-shape and to acquire 'give'. But – once broken in, you'll find it unbeatable for support and comfort.
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A Chef's Utensil. Heavy Copper Pot

Heavy Copper Pot

We offer here a series of classic copper utensils which contrast sharply with the common practice nowadays of using stainless steel or aluminium with a thin coating of copper. On the contrary: the only thin layer of metal used in our pots is the lining – the cooking surface – which is of 0.2-mm-thick stainless steel on top of a good 2.3 mm of copper. The secret is a new, patented process that replaces traditional forging. It has been introduced by Falk in Belgium. In this process the two layers of metal are anchored under pressure to form what is known as a ‘bimetal’ – the final result being stainless steel ‘plated’ copper pots. Professionals are great fans of Falk products – and not only for their superb heat-conducting properties.
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Paper Doesn't Blush. Aluminium And Brass Memo Pad

Aluminum and Brass Memo Pad

It comes from France. This memo pad – complete with 200 sheets of pure white paper (a tear-off perforation provides for easy use) – is stretched over two brass threaded rods on an aluminium plate and clamped with an aluminium strip screwed down with two knurled brass nuts. Sponge rubber feet provide a sure grip on the top of your desk and protect it from scratches. We offer this memo pad in three formats.
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Makes Gardening Comfortable. Woollen Kneeling Pad

Woollen Kneeling Pad

This pad is useful for working in the garden as it provides a soft and warm alternative to the 'knee-benches' often used by gardeners. Our pad is like a cushion, with top cover and filling both of wool. The lower cover is of nylon – strong and water-proof so you can kneel or sit on damp ground. The kneeling bad is washable (cold wash please: it’s wool!) and made with two generous carrier loops.
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Hand-sewn Welts. Dinkelacker One Cut

Dinkelacker One Cut

This shoe is immediately recognizable by virtue of its unusual welt stitching – one single row of hand-stitching at the heel. Hence its name ‘One Cut’! The upper is made out of one single piece of calfskin leather, smoothed by brushing in wax. The shaft has been given all-round padding of the same quality leather with an inside layer of natural rubber: this ensures a great fit and means that you’ll never get blisters. The sturdy gentlemen’s shoe is rather reminiscent of the traditional style of Alpine work shoe. The calfskin leather looks best if it’s kept regularly polished to preserve its shiny, smooth appearance and texture.
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Precision Instruments. Stainless Steel Outdoor Weather Station

Stainless Steel Outdoor Weather Station

Apart from their stated precision, Fischer instruments – made in Germany – are well-known for their sturdiness combined with an excellent finish; the instruments are also finely adjusted and tested. This Outdoor Weather Station is equipped with thermometer, barometer and hygrometer. The frame is of 0.9-mm-thick stainless steel, and the instrument faces themselves with their mineral glass protective covers are so generously presented that you can easily read them at some distance.
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Simply File Under: Great Product. Expanding Accordion File

Flat Lying Accordion File Holder Made of Pasteboard

This folder can conveniently be fanned out. The accordion file holder, which when open lies flat on the desk, is an able storage space for the book shelf or work table. It is made of thick recycling pasteboard and comes with a fastening strap. The 20 files are made of strong soda kraft paper with register labeling. This accordion file we offer in two sizes and three different colors – so that document files can be better kept apart and filed in the folders.
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A Sharp Tool. Gränsfors Light Wood Chopper

Gränsfors Light Wood Chopper

The wood chopper is a smaller, lighter version of an axe. Its design and extra steel handle protector at the head make it ideal for cutting smaller wood pieces for fire-place or stove – or you can bring it with you on your next camping trip. The hickory-wood handle is just long enough to be used with two hands if necessary. The wood chopper comes with a leather blade protector and is manufactured – that is: hand-forged with the greatest of care – in Sweden.
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Regional Leather. Men's Hack Cowhide Jacket

Men’s Hack Cowhide Jacket

Made of regional cowhide, this jacket is influenced by the motorcycle clothing of the 1960s and made by the company of Christoph Hack with headquaters in Cologne. The 1 mm thick leather comes from the Taunus Region in Hesse, where it is traditionally tanned using only vegetable tanning agents. Traces of the animal's life (rips from thorns, punctures)are intentionally not sprayed with dye and covered during the drum dyeing. The jacket extends over the buttocks, and inverted pleats on the side below the back yoke provide extra mobility of the shoulders when leaning forward – an advantage, even if you don't ride a motorcycle.
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West Coast Style. Tellason Denim Jeans

Tellason Denim Jeans

This true heavyweight of a pant is made in the USA – from fabric to garment. Tellason have their headquaters in California, and they follow three ironclad principles: one, textiles must be produced in the U.S.A.; two, garments must be produced in the country; and third, this must be done with the greatest of care. The famous White Oak Mill in Greensboro, North Carolina, manufactures the 14.7 oz denim for this particular pair of hard-wearing pants.
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Lasts Longer Than One Winter. Pine Wood Potato Rack

Pine Wood Potato Rack

There are cheaper (and correspondingly built) and more expensive (and not necessarily functionally better) potato racks than this simply, but precisely and durably built model. The pine wood slats are not left coarse, but instead are smoothly planed. The reputable stainless steel screws ensure that the structure stays together. The base, including the potato holder, is diagonally mounted so that the potatoes are easily withdrawn. It is designed for approximately 50 kg. of potatoes, and it is produced in the East German region of Upper Lusatia.
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From Wine to Vinegar. Stoneware Vinegar Barrel

Vinegar Barrel Stoneware

You need three things to begin the vinegar fermentation process: first, a vinegar barrel, and if possible a stoneware pot like this one with a wooden spigot and a loosely overlying lid. Second,  vinegar bacteria from the stock of ‘Acetobacter,’ which serves as “Vinegar Mother”: You have to make sure that alcohol is withdrawn from the third ingredient, your favorite wine, and transformed into acids. From our small brochure included you will be able to discover how this process functions optimally under specific ideal temperatures, how long it lasts before you can draw your first homemade vinegar, and how you can recognize whether it has been successful.
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Serves Protection. Self-Stretching Tarpaulin

Self-Stretching Tarpaulin

Long rows of cord-wood awaiting splitting can be protected from wind and weather under this sturdy cover – made of untearable polyethylene. The wood will dry out nicely as the air blows through. A special feature: the tarpaulin cover is attached not to the ground, but to the wood itself by means of the sprung claws. When the wood-pile begins to settle as part of the drying process, the cover responds and stays firm and flat on top of it.
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Casual Chic. Armor lux Interlocked Sailor's Shirt

Armor Lux Interlocked Sailor’s Shirt

The superlatives for this comfortable interlock jersey are widely known, since the traditional, loose and straight cut, shirt has belonged to our standard product range for years now. Due to popular demand – and not only from sailors – we have produced a tighter fitting, (6 cm around the chest) slightly longer (2 cm) version of this perennial classic. For its shirts Armor lux always uses the finest Egyptian cotton, which is ring spun and of the highest yarn quality. Using circular knitting machines, these yarns produce a Jersey knit in different weights. The fabric is perfectly set up before it is sewn, thus preventing stretching after washing.
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Homemade Is Best. Italian Noodle Machine

Italian Noodle Machine

Nothing is better than fresh, homemade pasta. Though, it is true that dough, made out of semolina, water and a little salt, fast becomes a sticky mess, when it isn’t kneaded quickly. This machine makes the necessary quick processing immensely easier. With the machine’s help you can effortlessly roll out smooth strips of dough that become the foundation for the creation of the most varied kinds of pasta. We have based the design for this machine on work done by an Italian manufacturer, who has had more than 70 years of experience in producing professional noodle machines for use in Gastronomy and Delicatessen.
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Two in One. Cherrywood Stool-and-Ladder

Cherry-Wood Stool-and-Ladder

An opulent model of a stepstool – manufactured from solid oiled cherrywood and a seat lined with a red linoleum cover. The stool section is of simple square design, strong, 73.5 cm high and suitable for sitting on in kitchen, office or library. The ladder can be slotted into vertical groves on the inside of the stool legs, and can then be pulled out at the bottom as required. Legs and frames are dowelled and the top board is embedded into the upper frame. The three solid wood steps have been cut to fit into the sides of the ladder.
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For Smaller Gardens. Insulating Plastic Thermo-Composter

Insulating Plastic Thermo-Composter

In properly closed, insulated and ventilated compost boxes like these it’s possible to reach temperatures of up to 70°C. Even during winter they stay hot enough to maintain the composting process – so you can be sure of a supply of beautiful, crumbly dark brown compost that’ll be the envy of your neighbours! Leave the upper lid open in particularly hot summer weather to regulate the circulation of air. Our compost box is very easy to assemble: you need no special tools, and it will stand firmly on the ground under its own weight. It has two large  openings at the top for filling, and the compost can be taken out as required through the equally large flaps at front and rear.

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