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Danish Craftsmanship. Beechwood Cobbler Stool

Beechwood Cobbler Stool

Its predecessors were three-legged milking stools with a simple, semi-circular seat. Beginning in the 17th century, Danish “Clog makers” started using this pragmatic stool form, and because they had to spend the entire day sitting, they equipped their furniture with an appropriately shaped – and rather more comfortable – seat pan. Our producer in Denmark manufactures this particulary comfortable cobbler stool by employing the original template from the production year 1936 and carrying out production in 23 work stages.
Beechwood Cobbler Stool

A Classic. Cowhide Hunter’s Bag

Cowhide Hunter’s Bag

This bag wasn’t made for hunters really. We left out typical details such as the shell holder or the “chicken gallows” – where the kill is hung. Instead, we borrowed from classic game bags, which focus on essential functionality. This model is virtually predestined for everyday use and was handcrafted from robust cowhide in a Westphalian Saddler’s workshop. From the back to the front flap, the body of the bag is cut from one continuous piece of leather, and the main compartment provides storage space for everyday utensils.
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Gardener's Furniture. Manufactum Ash Tool Stand

Manufactum Ash Tool Stand

This beautifully designed piece of furniture will find room for long and short tools alike using the absolute minimum of space. The three bigger compartments take forks and spades with T- or D-shaped handle ends; the six smaller ones are for ordinary long-handled garden tools. The narrow side has four wooden extensions with notches for hanging up smaller tools, plus there are two angled wooden projections for drying gloves on. The tool stand can be put in your garden shed or garage, against the wall, on the terrace – anywhere so long as it’s covered.
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New Light. Swedish Outdoor Lamp Wall Bracket

Our range of Swedish outdoor lamps have parts that can be combined in all sorts of interesting ways for wall or standing lights. They’re a truly cheering alternative to the dreary stuff you see in most porches and gardens. Where electro-technology is concerned, the Swedes seem to have something that other nations lack – a combination of fine basic materials – steel tubing and brass in this case – a sense of elegance and style, imagination – and good workmanship. Learn more about the wall lamps here.
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For Rough Use. Ox Neck Leather Blotter

Ox Neck Leather Blotter

Of all the parts of the cowhide the neck is the most durable. In constant motion, the neck alternately contracts and relaxes, directly influencing the fiber structure. Combined with the rough surface the characteristic striations running the length of the leather make ox neck leather ideal for blotters and mouse pads. Our blotters are made of black vegetable tanned ox neck leather and come with cellular rubber coating on the obverse side.
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For Your Favorite Wine. La Rochère Decanter

La Rochere Decanter

This hand blown decanter comes from the oldest glassblowing works in France. Although unusual in shape, it fulfils its function to perfection: 0.75 l just about half fills this decanter. The liquid level then has the largest possible surface area which is so important for allowing wine to breathe. The decanter – best for mature red wines – is made of very thin glass and the wine quickly adapts to the ambient temperature. The wide neck permits easy decanting without air locks; the neck is tapered, thus preventing loss of bouquet.
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Rain or Shine. Men's EtaProof Short Coat

Men’s EtaProof Short Coat

It is the famous Swiss cotton cloth, developed by the Stotz weaving mill, used for outdoor outfitters as well as military and polar explorers – EtaProof® is windproof, water-resistant, rainproof and highly breathable. The fabric uses the same protective principle as waterproof and windproof parachute silk, keeping you dry as long as it’s not raining buckets. Our sporty and elegant coat can be used all year round. It is partially lined, the sleeves and back lining are not simply hung, but sewn into the seams; all seam allowances are piped. A wide-cut facing of viscose supports the fit.
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Finest Cotton. Armor lux Terry Cloth Shirt

Armor Lux Terry Cloth Shirt

Armor lux in Brittany uses bright blue terry cloth to make this simple, comfortably cut shirt. The shirt's crew neckline is adorned with a knitted, tri-color band, and it is made of the finest Egyptian cotton, which is ring spun and of the highest yarn quality. Terry cloth especially is made from elaborate yarns multiply twisted, which already possess the loops typical for this fabric – hence the lively, smooth surface of the material. Fabric of this kind is not only voluminous and soft, it also has loops on the underside and is permeable to air.
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Fresh. Ankle-high Rubber Sole Hemp Sneaker

Ankle-high Rubber Sole Hemp Sneaker

The upper of this sneaker is 100% durable, cooling hemp in linen weave. The sole is made of a mixture of natural rubber and synthetic rubber. The shoe is lined with a fabric made of hemp and organic cotton, the insole consists of EVA laminated with hemp and organic cotton. The cotton laces run through seven pairs of metal eyelets. The shoe is made in Vietnam (since the last vulcanizing companies in Europe shut down their operations). We offer this shoe in different colors.
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Made in Germany. Steel Rain Barrel with Hose Connector

Steel Rain Barrel with Hose Connector

A rain barrel with a closed lid and, on the outer surface at a height of 1.08 m, a brass plug – installed for connecting a hose and operating with a rain collector. This is advantageous because the barrel can be separated from a downspout at a distance of up to 5 m, for example, directly at that place where the water is needed. To safely protect against rust, the barrel is completely hot-dip galvanised in an immersion bath. It is manufactured in a metal-working shop in Westphalia.
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Historic Hand-Tool. Manufactum Forged Short Hoe

Manufactum forged short hoe

In the past a skilled artisan valued his tools in three ways: firstly – and obviously – they had to do the job; secondly, the materials they were made of had to be familiar and trustworthy – good wood, good metal; thirdly, they had to possess a certain aesthetic quality beyond mere functionality. A collector of historic garden tools that we know has gone through piles of old implements and catalogues, and helped us make a selection. Here are the results – garden tools, made specially for us in the old style by the Dutch toolsmiths' firm Sneeboer & Co.
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Analog Device. Vachetta Leather Haptic Ball

Vachetta Leather Haptic Ball

It keeps you moving. Targeted movements with the right resistance can alleviate complaints in the lower arm, shoulder and neck. The haptic ball – made of beeswax coated, vegetable tanned cowhide and filled with granular iron – can help here. It’s not only for training, it feels good, too, which is why it’s fun to shift it back and forth, and keep moving.
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Flawless mechanics. Cyclop Uncorking Machine

Cyclop Uncorking Machine

This model goes back to 1929. A specialized machine workshop in Steinbach-Hallenberg in Thuringia is assembling the uncorking machine for us again. Steinbach-Hallenberg is known as the center in Germany for these machines. The “Cyklop“ is made from lost wax cast iron and is very heavy. The handle is made of wood, the mechanical action is flawless. And it’s a handsome device. The crank is sidemounted so that pressure and pulling occur simultaneously, requiring less strength for uncorking.
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California Style. Tellason Dark Denim Shirt

Tellason Dark Denim Shirt

Made from a moderately heavy 6.5 oz. raw denim from the White Oak Mill in North Carolina, Tellason in San Francisco tailors this shirt with applied button placket, shoulder yoke and curved hem, in which two fabric triangles have been inserted. The right breast pocket has a flap and a pen separation. The shirt closes with seven metal buttons. It is not pre-washed, but shrinks only slightly as the denim is pre-shrunk in the weaving factory.
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Duroplast. Mixing Bowl Made of Melamine Resin

Mixing Bowl Made of Melamine Resin

This especially attractive kitchen bowl is heavy, shock-resistant and stable, with a quite respectable foot made of rubber, hygienic, easy to clean, blessed with a long life and suitable for the dishwasher (not for the microwave). We offer this bowl in two sizes and in different colours. The material – melamine resin – can only be processed in a mold, thus making it immune to the whims of self-assured designers and the technological impoverishment of cheaper knock-offs. Melamine resin has long been used for kitchen utensils because of its extreme hardness, high thermal stability and food grade.
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Ropemaker's Craft. Oak Swing

Oak Swing

This swing is made in a rope factory on Lake Constance with a suspension rope that is custom designed and made particularly for the swing. The rope strands are individually guided through the prepared holes in the board and interwoven into an indissoluble loop, which then transitions to the long suspension rope. Polyhemp is used as a braiding material; it is a synthetic material made of polypropylene fibers. It hardly allows in any water, so that even by an extensive downpour there is no risk of rotting. The same goes for the massive oak seat, whose design the manufacturer derived from a model in a neighboring woodworking shop.
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Forged in Holland. Manufactum Stainless Steel Garden Rake

Manufactum Stainless Steel Garden Rake

There’s something about good tools – they work ‘with’ you, and somehow ‘repay’ in ‘feel’ the skill and hard work you, the user, invest in them. We’ve assembled our range of garden tools with just this in mind, and had them made for us by the old-established Dutch smithy of Sneeboer. We’ve used two different types of steel: a more highly alloyed type, tougher, for the tongues and necks to the handles, and a lower alloyed type, easier to forge, for the working surfaces. We’ve given the tongues and necks extra length for greater stability and to reduce the risk of breaking. The neck is secured to the oiled ashwood handle by brass rivets to prevent any feeling of looseness.
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Versatile. Sonnenleder Cosmetic Pouch

Sonnenleder Cosmetic Pouch

This small cosmetic or toiletry bag is especially suited for short or weekend trips. With enough space for a tube of toothpaste and other essentials, it is not subdivided inside – which is why some like to use it as a pencil case. Our pouch is made of vegetable red tanned cow leather from southern Germany. The seams are all-welted and the zipper is made of brass. Made on Lake Constance.
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In a Travel Tin. Dr. Dittmar Special Shaving Soap

Dr. Dittmar Special Shavin Soap

This vegetable, high alkaline razor soap is made from the same ingredients as specified in the original Rainer D. Dittmar prescription. It is a top quality shaving soap which owes its delicate scent to the less than 1% real lavender oil. The soap is shaped with high pressure into very high-yield cakes. Used daily, a 70 gr. cake will last up to six months. The soap is lipid-replenishing, emollient and is also well tolerated by sensitive skin.
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A Joy to Carry. Provençal Bag

Provencal Bag

The "carnier" is the traditional bag used by the country folk of Provençe. Formerly meant as a cool bag to keep food and drink fresh for longer periods, it is made of strong, breathable leather. Today, the bag is used mainly as a hiking bag, but photographers for example appreciate it as well and use it as a camera bag – particularly because of the number of pockets. The larger main compartment may even hold business files and folders. The thick but incredibly supple sheepskin is a variant of the famous bark tanned Moroccan leather.
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