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The Tangente. A Modern Classic

76822 Nomos Tangente Gentlemen's Watch Steel Back

The Tangente is a Nomos design that caused a sensation as soon as the watch appeared 20 years ago – especially its looks: for example the slim case and the minimalistic watch face, both of which are inspired by Glashütte designs from the 1920s. We offer this watch in a steel-backed version with a black Cordovan leather strap; without date indicator. Each watch has its own engraved serial number and the Greek ”alpha“ letter specifying that it is manually wound and without the date indicator.

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Casual Chic. Men’s Irish Linen Shirt

Men’s Irish Linen Shirt normal cut

This shirt is an Irish-South Italian co-production. Mazzarelli, famous shirtmaker in Castellana Grotte, designs the garment out of pure Irish linen from Spence Bryson – and exclusively for Manufactum. The shirt features a Kent collar, stitch folded button line and a patch breast pocket. Collar, band and cuffs are not, like it is the norm nowadays, stuck with interfacing, but are sewn loosely. The buttons are made out of mother of pearl. The shirt is loose, but not overly wide in cut and a double back yoke ensures a very comfortable fit.
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Japanese Simplicity. Brass Pocket Pencil

Brass Pocket Pencil

Strictly speaking, this formidable travel and pocket writing implement from Japan is actually an admirable variation on the pencil extension theme. A short pencil is fitted into a small socket made of chromed steel. When not in use it is retracted into a brass sleeve equipped with a clip and eraser, which elongates the counterclockwise inserted pencil and protects it from breaking or from smudging clothing with graphite. Tucked away and safely clipped, the pencil may be transported in any pocket.
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Handcraft. Dinkelacker Horse Leather Men’s Loafer

Dinkelacker Horse Leather Men’s Loafer

This Dinkelacker men’s loafer is made of horse leather from the renowned Horween tannery in Chicago, featuring distinctive contrasting saddle stitching – the crossbar, characteristic for this type of shoe, is hand sewn. The sole is made up of two layers and the heel is reinforced with 30 brass pins hammered in following the traditional 6-pin arrangement. The leather, the sole, and the relatively high closed form ensure that the shoe can be worn all year round. Only at Manufactum can you get these loafers in Oxblood, the classic color for horsehide.
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Designed in the 1950s. Mondello Pendant Lamp

Mondello Pendant Lamp

Wilhelm Braun-Feldweg, a leading post-war industrial designer, invented this opal glass lamp in 1959. Braun-Feldweg based his design on the drop-like bubbles that are formed in glass-blowing – the natural glass form. In his own words: “First a round ball appears, then this turns under natural pressure into an oval droplet. Seen this way, the drop is the most obvious natural shape for all glassware.” In the 1960s these lamps were produced in the Peill & Putzler glass-blowing works. After a break, they are now being made again in a Czech glass-blowing works – of matt Triplex opal glass and mouth blown.
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Gardener’s Favorite. Pruning Shears with Beechwood Handles

Pruning Shears with Beechwood Handles

The handles of these pruning shears are made of beechwood, a hardwood that sits comfortably in the hand, which is advantageous especially when it’s cold outside. These shears are very solidly built, with an adjustment scew for the blades held by a guide plate and a smooth spring action. A rugged metal loop is attached to close the tool safely when not in use. The blades cut branches up to 2.5 cm in diameter.
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For a Better Taste. Tre Spade Coffee Grinder

Tre Spade Coffee Grinder

Enjoy the aroma of fresh coffee as you grind the beans using the flywheel. Coffee lovers agree that freshly ground coffee tastes so much better if it is ground manually, not electronically. This beautiful old Italian device transforms an unpopular chore into a pleasure. It is also extremely attractive: the body, flywheel and cogs are cast iron, the mill forged steel, and the crank handle and base are beech. The mill can be adjusted from fine, for espresso, to coarse, for filter coffee.
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Jersey Knits. Armor lux Long-sleeve Sailor Shirt

Armor lux Long-sleeve Sailor Shirt

Shirts, dresses, cotton pullovers – and classic sailors’ garments. All these are made in Brittany by Armor lux of materials that have been renowned for years for their consistently good quality and finish. Armor lux are famous for simple, unfussy, comfortable cut and design, and for classic shades and patterns. They use fine ring-spun Egyptian cotton for their interlock selection, a material that produces garments that are really pleasant to wear with a weight of 200 gr./sq.m. The sailor shirt we present is part of that selection.
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Of Pasteboard and Strong. Flat Lying Accordion File Holder

Flat Lying Accordion File Holder Made of Pasteboard

It can conveniently be fanned out. The accordion file holder, which when open lies flat on the desk, is an able storage space for the book shelf or work table. It is made of thick recycling pasteboard and comes with a fastening strap. The 20 files are made of strong soda kraft paper with register labeling. This accordion file we offer in two sizes and three different colors – so that document files can be better kept apart and filed in the folders.
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Inspired by Art Nouveau. Adjustable Double Brass Hanging Pendant

Adjustable Double Brass Hanging Pendant

A flexible, double dining-table light. It can be adjusted in both a horizontal and a vertical direction – this is a great help if you use it to light up a table with extending flaps. A safety catch prevents the lights from coming out of the tubular casing. Since this kind of adjustment automatically leads to a higher positioning of the lights and possible dazzle, we have provided a sensible compensating mechanism in the shape of two heavy hanging pendulums – allowing you to adjust the lights to any height you wish. These lights are also suitable for high-ceilinged rooms.
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Hand-forged. Sneeboer Small Planting Spade

53197 Sneeboer Small Planting Spade

This planting spade is ideal for working in small and narrow plot patches or digging when kneeling down. Technically it is like a cross between a spade and a trowel and is mostly used for eradicating roots, breaking up the soil or even preparing plant holes. The combination of the pointy scoop, the slightly sharpened edges and the well-shaped ash handle makes working on hard soil and persistent roots easy. The planting spade is made in Holland.
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Bright Red For Summer. Berkemann Nappa Clogs

Berkemann Nappa Clogs

The body of these clogs is made out of light yet strong poplar wood. Unlike most clogs, the leather uppers are not machine-tacked on to the wood, but are nailed on by hand. Uppers and lining are both low chromium barrel tanned – the former calfskin, the latter pigskin. Both leather and wood come from Italy and the clogs have been handmade in Hungary. The outside sole is of long-life rubber, and the sticker on the heel serves to conceal a characteristic tiny hole in the wood caused by the manufacturing process.
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Accelerated Degrading. Insulating Plastic Thermo-Composter

Insulating Plastic Thermo-Composter

In properly closed, insulated and ventilated compost boxes like these it is possible to reach temperatures of up to 70 °C. Even in winter they stay hot enough to maintain the composting process – so you can be sure of a supply of crumbly dark brown compost that’ll be the envy of your gardening neighbors. Leave the upper lid open in particularly hot summer weather to regulate the circulation of air. This compost box is very easy to assemble: no special tools are needed, and the box will stand firmly on the ground under its own weight. The compost can be taken out through equally large flaps at front and rear.
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Traditional Metal-Work. Copper Watering Can

Copper Watering Can

This can comes from Turkey, a country traditionally famous for its metal-work and with a plentiful supply of raw materials – for example copper, a very stable metal and one that develops over time a good-looking protective patina. The spout has been placed rather nearer the bottom of the can for the sake of balance and ease of pouring. The can comes with detachable sprinkler and holds 8.5 liters.
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Classic Model. Red Cardboard Suitcase with Wooden Slats

Red Cardboard Suitcase with Wooden Slats

Here, cardboard is used in one of its classic forms: namely as suitcase. The suitcases – offered in different sizes and suitable for more than one use – have been a tour de force for over 80 years and are still produced in the Czech Republic. They are very solid and show extraordinary detail: corners and edges are bent out of the same piece of cardboard, the side pieces are riveted on; the corners as well as the edges are reinforced with steel sheet; the wooden slats on the outside, and in the larger model inner wooden frames, provide total stability. Locks, fittings, and handles are also made from sheet steel.
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Robust Cotton. German Craftsman’s Pants

German Craftsman’s Pants

They represent the classic model. These pants have a bib, which is closed by two metal zippers, under it, the waistband has an underflap that can be buttoned up. Two slit pockets at the front, and all the stressed points are reinforced with leather trimmings. The two button-up back pockets are also leather reinforced. The utility pockets – on both sides on the legs – are for tools or folding rule. These particular craftsman’s pants from Westphalian specialist FHB with real leather trimmings are only available from Manufactum.

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Forged Stainless Steel. Güde Paring Knife

Güde Paring Knife

This forged kitchen knife from the Solingen firm founded by Franz Güde in 1910 is counterbalanced at the end of the handle by a second bolster. The additional weight shifts the center of gravity of the knife back, giving it a superior balance. Same as every other Güde knife, the paring knife is made from anti-rust cutlery steel, ice-tempered, hand honed and sharpened. The handle halves are fastened with stainless steel rivets. With the short, concave arched blade this knife is ideally suited for paring round fruit and vegetables – forged paring knives are not common.
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Easy to Use, Easy to Clean. Riess Enameled Fry Pan

Riess Enameled Fry Pan

Enameled iron reacts hardly any slower to changes in temperature than unfinished iron and can be heated up just as much. However enameled pans do not need to be pre-treated and do not accumulate a “frying coat”, which can contribute its own taste, like iron pans. In addition the enamel prevents the fried food from sticking to the pan. Our enameled fry pans come from the company of Riess in Austria – producer of enameled cookware since the 1920s and renowned for the quality of their goods. We offer the pans in three different sizes.

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