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Birthday ring wood

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Birthday ring wood
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    Durably versatile

    Friends of closed shapes place the four individual waves to form the complete ring, water sports enthusiasts and zen artists try their hand at an extended wave and purists make do with a single piece - how you want to arrange the individual parts of the birthday ring is entirely up to your preferences.
    In any case, with these elements you place that central decoration on the birthday table, which proudly documents the age reached: Numbers, candles in the appropriate number and, last but not least, a holder that will reliably support everything. The individual waves of the birthday ring are milled out of the lime tree wood, which is popular with toy makers, using CNC technology with high precision; the holes for the brass inserts are drilled out cleanly. These brass inserts hold numerals and candles in place (for even greater stability, we recommend drizzling in a little hot wax before inserting candles). Thanks to the final water-based stain, the natural grain of the linden wood continues to shine through, also its pleasant feel is preserved.

    And so it can finally come, the most beautiful moment on the birthday morning: when the birthday child, if it could sleep at all from all the excitement, immediately after waking up to the happily decorated birthday breakfast table runs and stands there first and marvels. That's how we prefer to imagine it - and possibly the child actually stands and marvels for a moment before he or she begins, no less excitedly, to unwrap his or her present, possibly also making a bit of a mess of the decorations ... well, a mess. What the heck, birthday you have after all not every day, and for a naturally long-lasting decoration you have provided with the birthday ring made of lime wood yes. For many more upbeat birthday parties.

    Congratulations. For Celebrating a Special Moment.

    So it can finally come, the most beautiful moment on the birthday morning. The moment when the birthday boy or girl wakes up, if he or she was able to sleep at all because of all the excitement, and runs to the cheerfully and colourfully decorated birthday breakfast table – and stands there in amazement. This is how we prefer to imagine it. Possibly the child actually stands and marvels for a moment before he or she begins, no less excitedly, to unwrap the gifts, perhaps making a bit of a mess of, well, the decorations. So what? After all, it’s not every day you have a birthday. Besides, you are well-provided with a naturally long-lasting decoration by choosing the birthday train made of lime wood – for many more happy birthday parties.

    That we joyfully and extensively celebrate birthdays is – for once – not a long-standing tradition. Admittedly, the pharaohs accepted homage on the day of their birth, but was there a single day they didn’t? And the homage was paid to the god, not so much to the person behind the deity. If nothing else, the ancient Romans did not honour the man himself with a birthday celebration but rather his patron god.

    Only gradually did the human being as such come into focus. This focus on the individual had its delicate beginnings with the Renaissance, the European Reformation and the French Wars of Religion. The ideas of the Enlightenment also acted as an important driving force for the appreciation of the individual, while the philosophical movement considered the education of the child to a rational human being as one of its most essential tasks. Every step in this development could be celebrated, and the annual birth date was ideally suited as a recurring milestone. Nevertheless, it took well into the 19th century before the lower middle and working classes began to celebrate each person’s birthday. Possibly there were quite simple pecuniary reasons for this; after all, one must be able to afford a celebration, no matter how small. For celebrations have always been held with best wishes for happiness, health and God’s blessing – and with small gifts, for which the birthday boy’s or girl’s family would return the favour with food and drink. That’s what tradition calls for to this day – to the children’s delight in particular, who enthusiastically embrace the experience of being at the centre of joyful celebration and appreciation on this day.

    Product Information

    Article Number 204821

      Set of 4 wave-shaped individual pieces that can be laid to form a ring. Stained lime wood. Brass inserts. Shaft each 17 × 6 × 2 cm. Ring made of 4 waves Ø 24 cm. Total weight 320 g.
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