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Black Sheep Cardigan

Black Sheep Cardigan

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Brief Product Information

Knitted jacket in rib knit with warm shawl collar and two outside pockets. The front facing and shawl collar are in stockinette stitching. Raglan sleeves with turn-up ends. 100% pure new wool, finess Nm 9/2”. 3-gauge knit. Five horn front buttons. Back length 68 cm (size M).

Patent Knit. Warmth retaining and breathable.
A comfortable, warmth retaining knit jacket with a shawl collar and very traditional form, knit on an historical hand loom. It’s the material of choice for the period between fall and winter because the patent knit lets through the wind, preventing sweating. When it gets colder and windier it’s advisable to put on a sweater underneath the jacket.
Wool from black sheep.
This warmth retaining article of clothing is made of rugged Black Welsh Mountain Sheep wool (in Welsh: Defaid Mynydd Duon), a short, robust and undemanding breed of sheep from the barren Welsh hill country. The type of knitting employed brings out the variety of color especially well. The two ply fabric has a lot of thread in a small amount of space which enhances the warmth retaining characteristics of the wool fibers without compromising the air permeability. The wool is left in a natural state and processed undyed. It contains a lot of lanolin, and maintains the natural elastic characteristics of the fabric. It’s a material that is wind-resistant, almost water repellant and slightly oily to the touch.

Manufacturer:  Black Sheep


Our customers' product evaluations (1)

  • MMMM 25.12.2015 anonymous

    5 out of 5 customers found this evaluation helpful.

    Very smelly

    A Dutch friend bought me this from EU Manufactum for 240€ ( £175), but when it arrived it stank of sheep excrement. I hand washed it and the water was brown! In all it took 2 hand washes and 6 rinses until it only smelled of only wool. It's a lovely garment but why the price difference for UK customers & why isn't it pre washed?

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    • 18.05.2016 by Manufactum

      The wool is processed in its natural state and uncolored. It still contains a lot of lanoline – so the natural features of the wool are still maintained in the knitted object: it is wind resistant, almost water-repellent and has a slightly oily touch. Such wool has its typical smell. It is an entirely personal matter, whether you consider the smell to be annoying or not. All goods are dispatched from our stock in Germany – also the products sent to other countries. Depending on the size and weight we have to pay high postage costs. Additionally the overall customs clearance is arranged by us and many of our products have to be checked under official laws before we are able to import them into another country. This also results in additional costs. The legal import and distribution rules have forced us to raise the prices in our international catalogue.


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