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Blank Atoma A5 Notebook

Blank Atoma A5 Notebook

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Brief Product Information

DIN A5. 144 pages. 21.5 x 17 cm.

Manufacturer:  ATOMA

Additional Information

Manufactum‘s ATOMA. A notebook and organizing system in parts and as a kit.

The 60-year-old Belgian ATOMA notebook system consists entirely of runaway rings and flighty pages, whereby the rings prevent the pages from flying off and the pages prevent the rings from running away – at any rate, thanks to a patented special perforation the pages can always be easily separated from each other. So you can add, rearrange or combine the various forms from your own notebooks any time you want to, – with forms, calendar or addresses you can generate with your PC on the blank forms and then perforate them with the ATOMA hole puncher.

The Paper. Real writing paper.

Almost all commercial „stationery“ today is optimized for smooth operation in offset or office printers at the expense of those who write by hand with fountain pens, ballpoints or pencils. Our paper favors the convenience of the hand writers: quills glide cleanly over it, fountain pen and ballpoint ink leave behind clean contours without running, and pencil lead creates unambiguous lettering and symbols. (For more information about this paper, which we also produce for our own line of note notepads, a blotter and stationery, see these products).

The rulings.

In addition to the usual rulings we printtwo special paper formats:

Cornell Notes.
An academic classic in the USA, developed in 1950 by Walter Pauk at Cornell University for structured note taking: on the left an organizing column (daily agenda, structure), on the right a wide content column and underneath a summary and to-do area. Experience shows that it is very useful to organize notes like this.
From stick figures to 3-D.
3-D drawing paper.

If you scribble it on our paper (parallel projection) you can fill out the stick figure with a little practice. But it’s not just for whiling away the time during a boring telephone conversation. It’s a lightning rod for that flash of inspiration for designers or builders. Even those of us with no knack for perspective can quickly master the third dimension with this drawing aid.
The kit.
This is how you put together your notebook:
– the rings (Ø 17 or 24 mm) – eleven for an A4- and eight for an A5 notebook; – a 0.8 mm thick Texon cover we provide in A4 and A5 and extra wide for the A4 and A5 tabs; – specially perforated inserts (90 gr./ m²) in A4 and A5; and – inscribable tabs with a 6-fold index extra wide for A4 and A5. Assembly is easy: first you insert the rings in the rear cover, then slip the inserts (approx. 8 sheets each) on the rings (about 8 sheets per insert) and then the front cover. We also offer all blank varieties as ready-made notebooks.

Some notes on material. Texon.

Texon is used as a substitute for leather or cardboard, but also as binding material. The paper-like material made of latex coated cellulose fiber is waterproof and insensitive to moisture. It is also highly resistant to mechanical stress, and after long use it will not „deconstruct“ into its constituent layers like conventional open edge cardboard.

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