Das Bumerang-Projekt

Boomerang advanced

Das Bumerang-Projekt
Boomerang advanced
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    Minimal modification. Great effect

    It's hard to tell, but this boomerang is actually quite different from our beginner model in some significant ways, and is designed for big and small throwers ages eight and up who have had some experience with boomerangs. Made of six-ply birch plywood and equipped with widened wingtips, this advanced boomerang has more weight and higher wind stability than the beginner model. As a result, it flies farther and feels extremely comfortable even in wind force 3. With a practiced throwing technique, the boomerang flies quickly rotating in a balanced full circle for at least 20 meters and returns to you in about three to seven seconds - it is best caught with both hands.

    Wood is a natural material, it lives and breathes with the surrounding conditions. Therefore, before throwing, check for the sake of your offspring and their enjoyment of playing that the boomerang does not lie slightly hollow - if necessary, press it back into the flat position after warming it up (simply in the sun or carefully with a hair dryer), because then it shows the desired flight characteristics.

    If you or your children have already been involved with boomerangs, you can also tune this model specifically - for example, bend the wingtips up very slightly (maximum two millimeters) so that the boomerang floats down again in a child-friendly manner with a short hover. But please: Only tune if you know how to do it, and preferably with instructions, so that you can enjoy your boomerang for a long time.

    The boomerang: sporty-modern classic

    "Boomerang flew a piece, / But never came back. / Audience - still for hours - / Waited for boomerang," joked Joachim Ringelnatz in one of his critically humorous poems. To ensure that you don't suffer the same fate with your boomerang, our models are handcrafted by one of Germany's boomerang experts par excellence: He knows exactly how to assess and use the properties of the multi-layered birch plywood. Thanks to his expertise accumulated over the years, he trims the devices with great craftsmanship for optimal flight characteristics. They have a clean trajectory and are light - but not easily breakable.

    If you throw a boomerang like this - just for fun, during a long throw or the Australian round - you will quickly notice: Not only does the device always return, but so does the fun of throwing it. And with a little practice, you'll soon feel right at home in the world of all sorts of athletic throwing disciplines like Fast Catch, Trick Catch, Endurance or Accuracy.

    The original boomerangs were still large, heavy and stable straight-flying hunting weapons, such as those used by the Aborigines. Mostly the Australian aborigines are associated with the boomerang, but prehistoric throwing sticks have been found in all parts of the world. The oldest known boomerang to date, carved from the tusk of a mammoth, was discovered by researchers in Oblazowa Cave (Carpathian Mountains, Poland); the device could be dated to 23,000 years old. The Aborigines made their boomerangs mainly from wood; the oldest wooden throwing device found in Australia so far is about 10,000 years old.

    Unlike the original hunting weapon, today's small and light sports equipment actually returns to you as the thrower, at least as soon as you "get the hang of it" - in other words, as soon as you have found the right throwing angle and the optimum orientation to the wind with a little practice. Some boomerangs fly long and far, others return to you in seconds. Depending on their characteristics, they are used for the different disciplines of boomerang sports: Short-flight boomerangs are most suitable for fast catching (fast catch), while boomerangs that return with pinpoint accuracy are preferred for trick catching (trick catch) and juggling (juggling), for example. The Aussie Round is considered the supreme discipline: Here, both the throwing distance and the return accuracy are taken into account in the scoring.


    Use under direct adult supervision.

    Product Information

    Article Number 211924

      From 8 years. 6-ply birch plywood oiled (origin Finland, material thickness 3.4 mm). Flight distance approx. 20 m, suitable for up to 3 wind forces. Flight duration 3,5-7 seconds. Wingspan 22 cm. Weight 22 g. Suitable for right-handers.
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