Butter dish water cooling

Butter dish water cooling
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    For its high-quality clay deposits, the Westerwald is world famous. We source our stock pots for the kitchen from a local pottery. The family business in Ransbach-Baumbach now looks back on more than 150 years of tradition in its craft. And may the shapes of the pots also be well-known and time-tested - the shiny shimmering, bright green tone in the glaze you will find only in our designs.

    Keeping Butter Fresh the Way the French Do.

    The principle is simple. The butter is placed in the cylinder shaped upper part of this stoneware. A little bit of salted water is poured into the bottom part. When the upper part is slipped into the lower, the water forces the air from the clay pot. The butter stays fresh, always cool, and, unlike storing it rock hard in the refrigerator, the butter can still be spread. You can serve the butter from the upper part of the pot.

    Made From Westerwald Clay. Stoneware from Ransbach-Baumbach.

    The butter dish is made from real Westerwald; the bottom part is stamped, the upper part is poured into a mould. The clay is dried, painted with a bright green, glazed and glost fired at 1,250 °C. The densely sintered clay has no pores and is water tight, making it easy to clean. The shock-resistant ceramic has strong edges.

    Keep butter fresh according to French custom.

    The principle is simple. Butter is put into the cylindrical upper part, and some more salted water into the lower part. If one is then inverted into the other, the air escapes from the storage vessel due to water displacement. The butter cannot oxidize, remains fresh, is always cooled by water and, unlike most butter stored in the refrigerator, is spreadable. In the upper part, the butter can also be served at the table.

    The lower part of the butter dish is punched out of the real Westerwald clay in the pottery in Ransbach-Baumbach, the upper part is poured into molds. Both parts receive a bright green glaze and are smooth fired at 1,250 °C.

    From Westerwald clay. Pots for bread and butter. And for vegetables

    In Ransbach-Baumbach, in the Vorderer Westerwald, where the highest quality clay deposits in Europe are located, is home to the pottery in which these vessels are created. The family business can look back on 150 years of tradition in working with clay - here it is genuine Westerwald clay, sought after for its light coloration and fine plasticity. Densely sintered, fired and glazed, it is non-porous and waterproof, so easy to clean, while impact-resistant and edge-stable.

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      In two parts, made of Westerwald fine stoneware. The upper part has two little plugholes. Sintered ceramic, green glazed inside and out. We recommend changing the water in the lower section every three days. Height 10 cm, Ø 12.5 cm. Weight 1.2 kg.
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