Camelhair Socks

Camelhair Socks Brown
Camelhair Socks
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General Information

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Knitted for the German Winter.

The thick, soft, extra-warm socks and stockings we show here have been made of the finest natural materials, Cashmere for example: the fluffy undercoat of the animal (Capra hircus laniger) is ideal for winter socks, as is wool, particularly the fine merino wools that we use. Also camelhair: we've paid tribute in another part of the catalogue to the amazing insulating properties of camelhair, making it of course ideal for winter wear. We've had our camelhair socks made with a 20% cotton mix to help preserve the shape.
Finally, silk: this is a light yet tough material with an extremely pleasant 'feel'!

All-Natural Quality. From the Münsterland.

These socks are, indeed, made in the Münsterland region. One company there has not become a victim of cheap imports. The hosiery factory went for “high specialising” in two respects (and in the word’s double meaning): highest quality of processing and selected materials. Notably, the raw materials are all-natural (and kept that way throughout the process chain). As is so often the case in textile production, a park of old machines contributes to the superior quality of the clothes. In this case, it is 1950s circular knitting machines of the Bentley-Komet brand. These machines are able to process materials that today’s devices fail at (linen, for example). Plus, they can distribute different yarns in a different manner over the shape of the hosiery goods: reinforced where the most stress occurs or a different yarn on the hosiery’s inside than on the outside. You won’t find socks so rich in material in better quality anywhere. The socks from the Münsterland come with an excellent fit, of unprecedented comfort, yet they are wear-resistant and durable.

Product Information

Article Number 85416

80% camel hair (origin in Mongolia), 20% cotton. Camel hair yarn Nm 13/2, cotton yarn Nm 28/2. Knitted in 6 gauge. Upper foot, shaft in 3/1 rib. Plush sole. Made in Germany. Cuff 5 cm. Shaft length 28 cm.
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