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Cavalieri Penne smooth

Pastificio Benedetto Cavalieri
Cavalieri Penne smooth
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    General Information

    Unfluted Penne. Made from durum wheat

    In the south of Italy, the climate was ideal for durum wheat cultivation, where durum semolina pasta dominated. In the north, where people traditionally dined more sumptuously, soft wheat pasta with eggs predominated. Only durum wheat, however, could be used to make unfluted penne like these, which did not fall apart when cooked - so they are a typical southern Italian format. Today, durum wheat is available throughout Italy, yet smooth penne has not caught on - perhaps because it requires some skill and experience to prepare it al dente. In any case, it can not be due to the extraordinary good taste and excellent mouthfeel, which is particularly pronounced in ours thanks to the surface roughened by the bronze shape.

    Pasta from Puglia. By Cavalieri.

    The Benedetto Cavalieri company in Apulia, founded in 1918, has a standing commitment to using durum wheat from the region. The Apulian durum variety contains less protein and gluten than the otherwise often used Canadian durum wheat while resulting in pasta that comes in lighter hues but provides a highly aromatic taste and a texture firm to the bite. Benedetto Cavalieri has the dough distinctly adjusted to each pasta format. However, each dough gets kneaded at length before being pressed through bronze moulds at low pressure. The Apulian pasta makers dry the resulting pasta at low temperatures for up to 44 hours before putting it in climate chambers for 24 hours to stabilise. When cooked, Cavalieri pasta comes with a perfect even-to-the bite texture on the plates, featuring an absorbent surface and a delicate durum wheat aroma.

    What makes good pasta

    To make good pasta requires selected ingredients and craftsmanship. The basis is non-standard durum wheat varieties, which combine their best properties in the flour mixture. When water is added to the flour, kneading at a maximum of 35 °C (and only then) causes the proteins of the grain to form glutin, which is essential for the gelatinization of the pasta during cooking. The dough, prepared in different ways depending on the pasta format, is slowly pressed through bronze scribes, resulting in a rough surface that allows the pasta to better combine with the sauce. Finally, the pasta is dried, a process that takes several days for artisanal producers - at temperatures that never exceed 60°C. To produce the best possible pasta in this way, it takes decades of experience.

    Ingredients and References:

    Sales Description:

    Pasta made from semolina (made from durum wheat).


    Semolina made from durum wheat, water.

    Please Note the Following Included Allergens:

    May contain traces of soybeans.

    Storage and Preparation Instructions:

    Store in a cool and dry place.

    Origin / Provenance:


    Responsible Food Business Operator (RFBO):

    Pastificio Benedetto Cavalieri
    Via Garibaldi 68
    73024 Maglie (LE) Italy

    Nutritional labeling

    Nutritional values per100 g
    Calorific value1490 kJ / 355 kcal
    Fat1,5 g
    hereof saturated fatty acids0,3 g
    Carbohydrates71,5 g
    hereof sugar3,6 g
    Dietary fibres2,5 g
    Protein12,5 g
    Salt0 g

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