Concept holder sheet steel

Concept holder sheet steel
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    A recipe for efficiency.

    We weren’t the ones who invented this kind of shelving system. We found one in an old, frayed catalogue for office furniture and thought it so convincing that we got to work on production. So, what did we need to make one? Firstly, some trays (like our ivory trays), a stand with a table clamp (courtesy of the laboratory equipment supplier) and a metal goods manufacturer who could make precise brackets for our trays. It took a few prototypes, but the solution we came up with is entirely presentable.

    The floor-on-a-stick concept.

    The sequence of up to five archive trays ranging from "top" (urgent – pay this bill immediately!) to "bottom" (this can wait) represents an hierarchical prioritization of varying levels of urgency. The individual lengthwise or crosswise suspended archive trays can be pulled out easily by hand and worked on elsewhere. They can also be turned 360°, which for the procrastinator has the wonderful effect that the offending pending unpleasantness can be pushed out of the way with one hand. This by no means banishes them: after a rotation of 360° they reappear again in all their sobering reality. Above all the trays don’t take away space. They flank or even float above the desk.
    It keeps the desktop unencumbered.

    The set-up is variable.

    The shelving system consists of four components:
    1. The base clamped to the table, a support rod and three brackets.
    2. Document trays which hook into the brackets.
    3. An optionally deployable, inclinable, and thanks to the laboratory fitting, a height adjustable document holder made of sheet steel.
    4. If in place of the document holders the two additional mounting brackets are used the shelving becomes five stories high.

    The trick to floating: Paperwork with territorial gain.

    Size can be key, especially with writing desks. When a computer monitor and keypad, a pen or pencil, the usual newspaper and magazine articles, files to be worked on, tax documents and the current work order vye for space on the desk, things can get nasty. For most of us the limits of the ideal writing desk are the horizon (or at least the wall of the office). However, like many utopias, the proportions don’t play along. The office space is limited, never mind the space on the desk. The only remaining frontier is in the third dimension. Floating.

    Thinking dynamically, stacking high

    Working at the desk is not static, thinking certainly is not. Good organization can be conducive to such dynamism, and what better way to do that than with an equally dynamic filing system?
    We didn't invent this kind of filing system. We discovered it in an old, fox-stained catalog for office furniture and immediately found it to be plausible. What do you need if you want to implement something similar today? You need storage boxes like our ivory boxes, a tripod with table clamp (supplies the laboratory supplies) and a metalware manufacturer who can make custom-fit brackets for our storage boxes.

    Tier concept with addition

    The arrangement of up to five archive boxes allows a hierarchical prioritization of different levels of urgency from "top" (deadline things) to "bottom" (must also be done sometimes). The individual archive boxes, which can be hooked in lengthwise or crosswise, can also be removed with a simple movement of the hand to be processed elsewhere. In addition, they can be rotated through 360°. Most importantly, they do not take up space floating on, but above or even next to the desk, the desk surface itself remains free.

    The structure: variable

    The filing system consists of five components (supplied without content):

    • base consisting of a table clamp, a stand rod and three height-adjustable holders.

    • Document trays that are hung in these holders.

    • Utensil tray for writing utensils, ruler, eraser, sharpener, paper clips and the like.

    • Optional inclinable and thanks to laboratory sleeve height adjustable concept holder made of sheet steel.

    • If two additional shelf holders are mounted instead of the concept holder, the shelf becomes five-tiered.

    Product Information

    Article Number 28473

      Tiltable to the left or right of the stand, a document holder made of black powdercoated sheet steel (1.6 mm), with a pen tray and a black powder-coated laboratory clamp with two toggle screws.

      Height 33 cm, width 32 cm, depth 4 cm. Weight 1.1 kg.
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