Folding shelf walnut beech

2 x 4 compartments - Black
Folding shelf walnut beech
2 x 4 compartments - Black
    2 x 4 compartments
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    General Information

    Locked In: Foldable Shelving.

    "Thirty spokes meet in a hub: its use as a cart rests on their nothingness, that is, empty space", according to the ancient Chinese philosopher Laozi. Then why use solid material if function and stability can be achieved in another way? In the case of this shelving, it's a simple idea that turns out to be as original as it is practical. Instead of shelves supported by a solid frame, it's made of small slats of beech and walnut connected at the intersections with threaded rods. It is not built up from the addition of side pieces and shelves. For its construction, the gap, or nothingness in the sense of Laozi, plays the crucial role.
    For one thing that has a practical advantage: when the threaded rods are loosened the whole construction can be collapsed down to a kind of board that is only 7 cm high. In that form, it can easily be transported inside the apartment for furniture rearranging purposes or for moving into new quarters.
    Once in the new location, after setting it up with the aid of a level or framing square, the threaded rods need only to be tightened up. For set up and dismantling all that is required is an Allen wrench (included in delivery) and a few minutes of time. We also recommend two additional helping hands.

    Shelf and Room Divider. And "End Shelving".

    But logistics aren't the only advantage. There is also the optical effect created by the slat construction. Although it will hold almost as much weight as solid wood shelving, it's by no means massive or overwhelming. Instead, it makes a pronounced filigree impression. And in addition to its function as a wall shelf, it can be used as a room divider because thanks to its well thought out construction it has no X-shaped back supports (it comes with a back panel which serves optical purposes but which can be left out). Furthermore, contemplated from the side, instead of a solid piece of furniture one sees a transparent looking row of black or respectively white lacquered beechwood slats. The open construction also has a practical consideration. It can be used to hold a clothes hanger for the evening attire. And for those who are not averse to reaching now and again for the Allen wrench the smallest model or the sideboard can be converted into a kind of "end shelving" for reference books. When not in use, it will wait patiently in a folded state without taking much space in a niche until it is called to duty, at which point tightening up the screws will turn it back into a fully functional piece of furniture. The high quality of the threaded connection will tolerate the repeated setting up and dismantling of the shelving without a problem.

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    Product Information

    Article Number 15754

      Walnut wood, clear lacquered. Beech wood, opaque white or black lacquered. Galvanized steel fasteners. An Allen key is included in the delivery. Comes with an insert in the respective colour.
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