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Foot and Leg Axles Trainer

Foot and Leg Axles Trainer
Foot and Leg Axles Trainer
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Product Information

Article Number 40817

Massive beechwood, untreated, convex on one-side. With exercise instructions.

Diameter 27 cm, Height 5 cm. Weight 1.1 kg.

General Information

Differential training. For arches and axles.

Our foot has three stress points – thebase joints at the big toes, small toes,and bottom external border -; the footarches are stretched between these“pillars.” There is a diagonal arch andtwo long arches, which function, to adegree, as the spring when running andjumping. The arches are anatomicallypredefined, but are additionally supportedby muscles and tendons. Due todeficient strength and inappropriatestrain or overburdening, the arches canfall, and this can lead to pain or fosterthe formation of flat foot, skewed foot,and splayfoot, or a Hallux valgus (thetilted position of a large toe). Often thisoccurs when people wear fashionableshoes that are frequently too tight ortoo small. A differentiated, functionaltraining of the foot and calf muscles,which takes into account anatomy anddaily strains, does not change the shapeof the foot, but, instead, promotesstrength and coordination, and with itthe stability of the leg- and foot axlesthat have a huge influence on the stasisof our bodies.

Discus trainer per foot.

The convex side of the axles trainer isadapted to the natural contortion of thefoot: while the heel is raised, the frontof the foot, in relation to the heel, is rotatedslightly inwards; consequently,the base joint of the big and small toecan be stressed. In this physiologicalposition for the foot and leg axles, thefeet muscles are initially actively strained.When this feels comfortable, youcan train with increasing stress. Thedevice can be used as a balancing gyroscopeby placing it with the flat sideupwards on a non-slip mat. In this manneryou can train the leg axle stabilisers– and, when appropriate, with increasingresistance. Your feet musclesmust work together in a well-coordinatedmanner, in order to maintain balance.An extensive exercise book is includedwith the delivery.

Fundamental. Healthy feet.

Similar to a basement or bottom floor,the feet form the foundation of our bodies.If the stasis is at the base alreadyfull of mistakes, then everything aboveit will be thrown out of sink; as stabilitydecreases, structures are improperly oroverly strained. With people this canbecome evident at the knee and hipjoints and even in the spinal column.

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