Robert Herder

Herder bread ambidextrous KB2

Robert Herder
Herder bread ambidextrous KB2
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    Knife handles made of steamed, finely polished wood are rare. Knife handles made of steamed, finely polished apple tree wood are even rarer because apple tree wood, since it dries slowly, is not one of the typical commercial woods. However, it is very easy to work with due to its hardness, weight and durability. Herder in Solingen manufactures these knife handles with rarity value exclusively for Manufactum: even oiled for better surface protection.

    Symmetrical grind. The Bread Saw.

    This is the fine art of knife sharpening: a serrated edge, executed on both sides and polished by hand. The bread saw, which the manufacturer likes to call the "ambidextrous", can be used by both right-handed and left-handed people. The geometry of the grind is designed for this. The blade retains its cutting edge for longer thanks to the very high hardness of 60 Rockwell (HRC).
    In relation to the ergonomically shaped knife handle, the cutting edge is slightly angled. This makes the cutting process much easier, up to the lower edge of even a larger loaf of bread with a crunchy crust the blade goes through smoothly. The knifemaker says: The knife remains in the cutting line.

    Solingen Thin Grind: nail-flush and scrape clean.

    Windmühlen knives from Robert Herder in Solingen are remarkable not only for the knife steel (at least 0.75% carbon content and a hardness of at least 56 HRC for the carbon steels), but above all for the craftsman's finishing, which spares none of the traditional grinding efforts: Windmühlen knives are ground extremely thin. This results in their amazing cutting ability, which is an experience in use. The most elaborate type of grinding is the whale grind, a special type of thin grinding in which the blade is ground tapered towards the back of the knife.


    Pließten is the name given in Solingen to the smoothing of the grinding grooves remaining on the blade, i.e. the fine grinding. The most complex stage of this technique is blue finishing. In this process, the steel is ground finer step by step. That a blade is blugepließtet, you can tell by the fact that it reflects in the light slightly bluish.

    Longer sharp thanks to higher hardness.

    The elastic blades of the blue-plated knives from Herder are ground in the Solingen thin grinding as well as in the whale grinding. Thanks to the very high hardness of 60 Rockwell (HRC) they keep their sharpness much longer.


    Because of the high hardness - and because they are ground so exceedingly thin - the blades should not be turned or even canted, as this may lead to chipping on the material when cutting.

    Product Information

    Article Number 67177

      Blade length 23 cm, total length 36 cm. Weight 150 g.

      In relation to the ergonomically-shaped handle of this large bread knife, the blade is slightly angled which makes cutting even large loaves significantly easier. The blade, made of a stainless steel which is high on the hardness scale of 60 Rockwell (HRC), is designed with a serrated edge on both sides which is polished by hand. The knife can therefore be used by right-handed as well as left-handed people. Half Handles made of steamed apple tree wood.
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