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Kubb Viking throwing game

Stiftung Weizenkorn
Kubb Viking throwing game
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    General Information

    Playful throwing matches. Combative team spirit

    It is said that the Vikings were a people who were as eager to fight as they were to conquer. It therefore makes sense that they are often credited with the invention of this strategy game - although the origins of Kubb are not completely clear. Sweden is usually cited as the country of origin, but on Gotland, for example, it has been played for years as "vedkubbar" ("wooden blocks"). Like a chess game, Kubb follows the strategic goal of overthrowing the king. In addition to this antiroyalistic aim, Kubb is a game of outdoor romping, a sporting test of strength, and a sociable game played in a group. And since our Kubb version is made of domestic wood - strong beech wood and robust silver fir - you will be able to have fun with the Viking throwing game for many outdoor seasons.

    Two teams compete against each other. At the head ends of a field marked out with four stakes the so-called Kubbs (quasi the pawns or also guards) are lined up, in the middle of the field the king is set up. With the help of the throwing sticks, team 1 first tries to knock down the opponent's cubbs at the other end of the playing field - without hitting the king. As you can see, the game follows classic rules of combat: As long as not all the kubbs have fallen, the king is allowed to stay safe. After the first round of throwing, Team 2 collects its fallen cubes and throws them into the opponent's half of the field. Still no hair (or wooden fiber) may be touched on the king. Now Team 2 must first knock down these field cubbs before they can target the base cubbs. After this second round of throwing, it's Team 1's turn again - the right to throw alternates until one team has been able to knock out all of the opposing Kubbs with the throwing stick. Only then it has the right to bring down the king. Provided that they hit him ...

    These are the basic rules of the game (of course, there are several variants of the rules - and you are welcome to develop your own game ideas). The king is dead, long live the king? It usually takes a few rounds before the call goes out - until then, the back and forth of power struggle and teamwork, of ambitious throwing and laughing word fights just makes you feel really good. Gather your faithful family and friends around you ... The Vikings are coming!

    Product Information

    Article Number 209986

      Logs (6 cubes, 4 field stakes) made of beech wood. Square timbers (10 Kubbs, 1 king) made of silver fir. Kubbs 15 × 7 × 7 cm each, king 30 × 9 × 9 cm. Throwing stakes each length 30 cm, Ø 4 cm. Field stakes each length 25 cm, Ø 2 cm. Total weight 6.4 kg. Supplied in a cotton bag.
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