Lambswool Blanket with Zig-Zag Pattern “Kattefot”

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Lambswool Blanket with Zig-Zag Pattern “Kattefot”
Lavender Blue
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    In our quest to guarantee you the best possible reliability and functionality in products, at times there is the need to be inventive: our team develops tailor-made solutions in-house or recommends product upgrades corresponding to our guiding principles to associated manufacturers.

    Soft and supple. Kattefot from Røros Tweed

    This blanket of fine lambswool, woven in a classic twill weave, is supple and soft, and it has such a soft drape that it is probably because of this that it was given the name Kattefot (Cat's Paw) at Røros Tweed. It is already a classic there, because Røros has been weaving Kattefot since 1988.
    However, we are even more fascinated by the unusual pattern with its different stripes, which sometimes run crosswise, sometimes in zigzags. Where the zigzag stripes meet, they form a diamond pattern - a nice little detail that does not immediately catch the eye.
    We offer the blanket in different colors, but in the warp is always used white wool yarn, which is why the fringes are white in each case. In the weft, the colored yarn is used, which, together with the white of the warp yarn and the play of zigzag stripes, gives a lively, at the same time unobtrusive shade that fits well everywhere.

    Norwegian through and through. Røros Tweed

    A high level of vertical integration characterizes the Norwegian textile company Røros Tweed. Starting with designs created in collaboration with renowned designers - including international ones - all production processes, from shearing to weaving, are located in Norway. The fact that Røros Tweed pays such consistent attention to purely Norwegian production is also due to its appreciation of regional traditions - but not only.

    With example

    In the beginning, there was a social motivation in Røros, Norway's only mining town: The industrialist Peder Hiort (1715 to 1789) had stipulated in his will that his fortune be used to purchase wool so that the needy of Røros could weave textiles from it in paid home work. In this tradition of responsible action, Røros Tweed also continues the basic idea of the Hiort Foundation - technically advanced and ecologically minded. The products are designed and manufactured in such a way that the materials used can be reused and returned to the material cycle. This conserves resources, saves material costs and avoids waste.

    Wool from Røros

    Røros Tweed uses only wool from sheep farms in the region. The sheep live and graze freely on pasture, even though the climate there is extremely harsh. At the same time, this provides a great advantage, because pests do not settle in the wool in the first place. Chemical treatment can therefore be dispensed with. Thanks to the natural living conditions for the sheep, Norwegian new wool has another special feature: It is very elastic. If you squeeze the raw wool with your hands and then let go, it quickly regains its original volume. This elasticity ensures that Røros blankets are so voluminous - and remain so for a long time.

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    Article Number 204725

      100% virgin wool, origin Norway. Basis weight 450 g/sqm. Hand wash up to 30 °C with wool detergent. Made in Norway. 140 × 200 cm plus the 10 cm fringes. Weight 1.200 g.
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