Linen bag

25 x 30 cm
Linen bag
25 x 30 cm
    25 x 30 cm
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    General Information

    For a long time, we searched in vain for durable, easy-to-clean bags for shopping and food storage. Finally, we teamed up with our long-time textile partner Vieböck. Our linen bags are not only convincing because of the natural material with its advantages, but also because of the special weave and the double pull cords, with which the bags can be closed easily and securely. We have adapted the sizes for the respective purpose.

    Multitalent linen

    Linen is a real all-rounder as a fabric, in the kitchen and bathroom, as clothing or home textiles. Compared to cotton, the plant is downright undemanding, it grows in the temperate climate of Europe, requires only as much water as the rain provides, and needs neither fertilizer nor chemicals. It was the basis for European textile regions, because until cotton conquered the whole of Europe, linen was primarily processed alongside new wool.
    By nature, linen is antistatic and does not attract dust. The hard-wearing fibers have a very smooth surface to which dirt and bacteria hardly adhere, making linen fabrics less susceptible to dirt and easy to clean. Linen can also absorb a lot of moisture, but also dissipates it very quickly. For storage purposes, this is ideal.

    For storage, shopping, cooking

    Our multifunction bags are made of European linen. The Upper Austrian Leinenweberei Vieböck processes the yarn on special looms into so-called leno fabric, an air-permeable, transparent fabric whose weave resembles that of gauze and was therefore often used for curtains or cheesecloths in the past. The special feature is the warp threads: after each weft thread, two warp threads twist around each other. This results in a very open and at the same time push-resistant fabric, which means that the individual threads each keep their distance from each other and no holes can appear. There is basically no better material for buying and storing food: it is light, breathable and brings all the advantages of linen. For example, flax contains linseed oil and is free of animal protein, therefore resistant to mold: the fibers can absorb and release moisture without damage. Moreover, you can wash the linen bags frequently and even boil them if necessary. Usually, however, a washing temperature of 60 ° C is sufficient.

    Product Information

    Article Number 14428

      100% linen, natural and undyed, origin Europe. Comes with a drawcord made of pure linen. Made in Austria.

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