Magnet bar raw steel hot rolled

Magnet bar raw steel hot rolled
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    Raw steel - the magnetic material in itself

    That the stainless steel magnetic wall is made of an optically elegant but non-magnetic material and consequently has to be magnetized afterwards was a lack of "technical elegance" for us. What could be more obvious than to activate the magnetic material right away in return: raw 2-mm steel, directly from the rolling mill. The result is an "object" in an office or apartment: impressive at first glance, but always worth another look, because the surface reacts to changes in humidity, temperature and incidence of light with a play of colors between gray, green and bluish - and can always be changed and brightened with a little polish. Rust? Outside of wet rooms no problem.

    In-house communication board.

    Mounted vertically next to the door and equipped with the appropriate, strong magnets, this bar of hot-rolled raw steel holds notes (such as the shopping list), business cards, incoming and outgoing correspondence and, last but not least, all the things you need when leaving the apartment or house and often enough frantically and at the last minute ("Where are the tickets for the opera?", "Has anyone seen the car keys?") searches.

    Montanunion in the vestibule.

    The hallway used to be the largest room in the house. Not only public life, but even trade and commerce took place there. Over time, due to the narrowness of cities, it shrank more and more into a mere corridor or hallway. Today, the corridor is a little-noticed passageway in this country. Elsewhere, for example in Scandinavia or Spain, it still has a high status. For good reason: after all, it not only gives people coming in a first impression - and that is what counts - of the apartment or house. Above all, the hallway is the interface between private, domestic life and public life outside. In recent times, the hallway has gained in importance again, which is due to all sorts of mobile electronics that we are forced to carry with us outside the house (in the past, a coat, hat and umbrella were enough). For this reason, we offer some hallway furniture that takes this into account. In addition, the hallway is also a good place to remind people of things to take with them or to do - countless sticky notes on the front door prove it. We offer two helpers - both made of raw steel - which are formally very restrained and purist, functional for it all the more versatile.

    Force as a power of order.

    For centuries, magnetic bodies have been trusted because of their purposeful geographical knowledge. Magnets can also be harnessed for purposeful organization in the home and office by reversibly attaching paper and more to a suitable surface. This can create a remarkable tool for self-organization: On a plate of raw steel, differently designed magnets immediately begin their organizing work. If necessary, they even extend their range of action beyond the boundaries of the magnetic strip: downwards (with clamps from which something hangs down), but also upwards and to the sides (by means of projecting magnetic clamps). Starting from a small breach in the middle of the chaos, order is formed. Sensibly set up, it becomes the "home page", which gathers all the important links in the day, including ice-cream revue cards, keychain, notepad (on which we are still laboring) and stove-off note.

    Product Information

    Article Number 70770

      Magnetic ledge made from raw steel; it is mounted on the wall using hanger bolts and adjusted with hexagonal nuts to accommodate any unevenness in the wall. They are then secured using domed cap nuts. (Steel cap nuts, as well as optional brass ones, are included in delivery.)
      15 x 95 cm. Weight 2.1 kg. Comes without decoration.
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