Magnetic Wall Raw Steel Hot Rolled

Magnetic Wall Raw Steel Hot Rolled
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    General Information

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    Raw Steel in Its Finest Form.

    The fact that a stainless steel magnetic wall is made from visually appealing, but non-magnetic, material which subsequently has to be magnetised interfered with our notion of "technical elegance". Consistent with this, we found a steelworks which now provides us with sheets of 2 mm raw steel directly from the rolling mill. It is an aesthetic designed to engage the senses beyond the visual: Place this "objet d'art" in the office or apartment and it is impressive at first glance, but is always worth a closer look as well, because the surface is sensitive to changes in humidity, temperature and light, giving way to a constant interplay of the iridescent greys, greens and blues of the raw steel. What about rust Outside of rooms with high humidity, rust is not a problem at all.

    Magnetic walls and boards

    Surely steel cabinets and refrigerator doors are also suitable as a substrate for the adhesive magnets. However, they only really come into effect on a large surface. We offer three of them: stainless steel, raw, hot-rolled steel sheet and enameled steel sheet.

    Raw steel - the magnetic material in itself

    That the stainless steel magnetic wall is made of an optically elegant but non-magnetic material and consequently has to be magnetized afterwards was a lack of "technical elegance" for us. What could be more obvious than to activate the magnetic material right away in return: raw 2-mm steel, directly from the rolling mill. The result is an "object" in an office or apartment: impressive at first glance, but always worth another look, because the surface reacts to changes in humidity, temperature and incidence of light with a play of colors between gray, green and bluish - and can always be changed and brightened with a little polish. Rust? Outside of wet rooms no problem.

    Product Information

    Article Number 70769

      Magnetic wall made from raw steel; it is mounted on the wall using hanger bolts and adjusted with hexagonal nuts to accommodate any unevenness in the wall. They are then secured using domed cap nuts. (Steel cap nuts, as well as optional brass ones, are included in delivery.)
      65 x 95 cm. Weight 9.6 kg. Comes without decoration.
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