Manufactum Document Ink

Manufactum Document Ink
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    General Information

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    Suitable for all fountain pens

    Instead of carbon black, which would soon clog the fine structures of high-quality ink conductors, ink particles from nanotechnology are used here, which are many times smaller than carbon black particles. This everyday ink, which is fully suitable for business use, can be used in all fountain pens without hesitation. There is nothing better for notaries, public authorities, church records and state contracts. It can also be used in the private sector wherever security is important. This starts with the address on an envelope, which it makes rainproof, and continues with contracts and school reports, diaries, chronicles and genealogical tables, right through to handwritten letters, living wills and testaments. We have them produced not only in black, but also in beautiful royal blue, which stands out strikingly on (printed) documents, for example.

    Document ink. Thought through to the end

    When it came to the lasting security of the written, one used until now a pigmented ink with soot or the notorious in archives, not only for fountain pens harmful iron gall ink that emits acids and thus destroys its carrier material. From our ink manufacturer, whose products have been highly praised in our customer comments, comes a newly developed document ink for permanently safe writing. It has the highest possible lightfastness, does not wash out and also does not chemically attack, does not contain acids and does not chemically react with the paper.

    Product Information

    Article Number 40066

      The water-based permanent ink for documentary use (according to ISO 12757-2) suits all fountain pens.

      30 ml glass bottle.

      In former times soot-pigmented or iron-gallus ink, which was harmful for fountain pens, was used for documents. Such very light-resistant document inks cannot be washed out, do not contain acids and do not cause chemical reactions to the paper. Here we use nano-sized color particles instead of soot.
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