Manufactum pinot noir ink

Manufactum pinot noir ink
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    Tonics II. Intoxicating

    The specialty of the Jansenschen Tintenmanufaktur is to manufacture inks from fluids normally not expected in the barrel of a fountain pen, but in the glass or cup of its owner. This impressed us for several reasons: firstly, since the 17th century, red wine has been used as ink dye because it was (and probably still is) much more intensive than the redwood color pigments und much less expensive than the carmine coming from Cochenille lice. On the other hand, in all modesty, we include ourselves as also being professional writers and, while doing what he/she likes best, even the imagination that the writer will be surrounded by the scent of those reactive as well as intoxicating tonics that generations of poets and great writers used before is something we very much appreciate. And the olfactory additional value does not result in any losses in quality. Without having to add pigments, the color intensity and flow characteristics of these inks comply with those of dye inks. The pinot noir wine has been heated and filtered several times and the acids contained herein have been binded by adding glycol. The coffee has been filtered several times too and afterwards coagulated und brought into the desired consistency by using glycol.


    Before you change the color in your fountain pen, rinse thoroughly with plenty of (distilled) water.

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    Article Number 83433

      Actually made from wine: in color intensity and flow properties not inferior to our other writing inks, but with stimulating olfactory surplus. For fountain pen. 45 ml jar with thermoset cap.
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