Memory game Brehms Thierleben

Memory game Brehms Thierleben
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    General Information

    For zoological adventurers, we have compiled this memory game from the 170 chromo plates in "Brehms Thierleben" (1883). The attention to detail of Olof Winkler's illustrations excellently conveys the typical zoological features - a perfect identification aid, should you ever run across a bison or even a helmeted cassowary.

    In memoriam Alfred Edmund Brehm

    Brehm originally wanted to become an architect, but zoology ultimately won out, and so during his many travels he not only wrote reports about it, but also worked on his "Tierleben". The first edition, entitled "Illustrirtes Thierleben" (Illustrated Animal Life), published in 1864-1869, was such a success that the second edition was already called "Brehms Thierleben" (Brehm's Animal Life). In addition to the exciting depiction of the animal world, which was unusual up to that time, it was above all the illustrations that contributed to the success of the work - their extraordinary style was coined by Robert Kretschmer (1818-1872) - and even influenced the zoological literature. The illustrations in our memory game - from sea anemone to helmet cassowary to bison - we have selected from the 170 chromo plates to "Brehms Thierleben" from 1883, they were drawn by the painter Olof Winkler.

    Learn, remember and discover

    On the one hand, educators despair time and again when their charges do not know how to identify the plants in the school garden, the birds on their doorstep or other animals; on the other hand, many adults are not much better off. Memory games that combine curiosity and the joy of playing can help this forgotten knowledge of plant physiognomy, zoological diversity and the conscious examination of it - and should not remain unsuccessful for long, just as the joy of recognizing a plant or an animal in the flesh can be the result of this game. We have developed our memory games in cooperation with a graphic designer especially for this purpose. You can get them only from us. As a template serve historical natural science illustrations.

    Product Information

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      For 2 to 4 players. From 14 years. 40 playing cards (8 × 8 cm) with 20 motives selected from the 170 chromo plates of "Brehms Thierleben" from 1883. Design by Olof Winkler.
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