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Musgo Real shaving cream

Claus Porto
Musgo Real shaving cream
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    The Shaving Cream.

    Connoisseurs will tell you that Musgo Real Shave Cream is the world’s best. It contains glycerine, coconut oil, lanolin and jojoba oil, which softens the stubble, giving you both a cleaner and a more comfortable shave. At the same time it cares for your skin, with menthol adding a pleasantly mild, cooling effect. This is not, however, the main reason for its legendary reputation, which is based on the absence, and we mean total absence, of all artificial substances and other irritants – meaning that with this product we are able to guarantee 'no unpleasant side-effects', even for the most sensitive of skins. Musgo Real Shave Cream is extremely economical in use: an amount the size of a small nut is sufficient for a complete shave. A single tube will keep you going for several months! Apply the cream (on the wetted skin) either with the finger-tips or with a shaving brush.

    Fine Soaps from Portugal: Claus Porto and Musgo Real.

    The Claus Porto story goes back to the year 1887, when two German partners, Ferdinand Claus and Georges Ph. Schweder, started the production of fine soaps for gentlemen. (Up to then soap had to be imported in Portugal!). When they left in 1918, their Portuguese partner Archilles de Brito took over. His first step was to start his own company, but shortly afterwards he also took over the name of ‘Claus Porto’ together with the production workshops.
    Claus Porto toilet soaps are distinguished by their particularly pleasing scent – due to the natural essential oils (from the South of France) used in their production. The also contain special oils to care for the skin.
    The soaps look good, too. Each bar is shaped with the maker’s name and mark (the original presses are used!): the motifs go back to the 1920s. Round about this time the Claus Porto firm also started and still continue to produce – under the trade name of Musgo Real – other soaps and shaving creams that, like the original soaps, are genuinely ‘natural’, containing no synthetic aromas, perfumes or conservation agents.

    Claus Porto. Finest soaps from Portugal.

    Claus Porto's company history dates back to 1887, when German emigrants Ferdinand Claus and Georges Ph. Schweder began making the finest soaps for gentlemen of the aristocracy in Porto. When they left the country in 1918, their Portuguese partner Achilles de Brito initially set up his own company with his brother Afonso, but shortly thereafter also took over Claus Porto's production facilities (and name). Claus Porto's bath soaps are characterized by a pleasant fragrance, which they owe to natural essential oils from the south of France. In addition, they contain nourishing oils that keep the skin supple. The exclusively natural ingredients are ground seven times in a row on stone rollers, during which they mix optimally - the scent of the soap becomes more intense, the foam creamier. Finally, the soaps pressed on old stamps are stored in the air for three weeks - without artificial drying processes. Since about 1920, they also produce masculine soaps and shaving products under the brand name Musgo Real, which also enjoy an outstanding reputation.

    Shaving Soaps and Creams.

    Lather from soaps or shaving creams dissolves the outer fat layer of the beard hairs so that they can absorb water and swell. The skin swells in contact with the water as well, and thereby the whiskers stand upright and ready for shaving. However, only an alkaline (and not pH-neutral) creamy lather ensures a good swelling effect and a deep, smooth and gentle shave. Such a lather allows the blade to glide more easily over the skin. Place a warm, moist towel on the skin for a few minutes before shaving and enjoy how this supports the desired effect. After shaving, please carefully remove all soap residues from the skin and the shaving brush with lukewarm water. Subsequently, the skin benefits from a well-astringent and neutralizing aftershave lotion, for example, one from Klar.

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