Pocket fountain pen brass

Pocket fountain pen brass
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    General Information

    This pocket fountain pen attains writing format when its screw cap extends the body, which is turned from either solid copper or brass, to a size that is comfortable to hold in the hand. he is also equipped with an ink guide system that lives up to its name and does not leak in pocket or plane.

    You won’t give away this one.

    Writes well, works all the time, and is available in machined aluminum, solid stainless steel, copper or brass. With the exception of the feather light aluminum model, it sits solidly in the hand. It’s nice to hold, even with nothing to write. Screwed on with the double thread, the cap extends the length of the fountain pen shaft in the writing mode. Text, doodles, etc. flow from a gently gliding nib which is astonishingly large for a writing implement of this format. The ink-feed system will not run or leak in your pocket or in the pressurized cabin of an airplane. Thanks to its practical size, it can be tucked into the pants pocket, where the copper and brass models will take on a good polish, and depending on habits of use, storage and transportation, can develop a patina. In contrast the aluminum and stainless steel models will not do that. In this format, the fountain pen is an ideal companion on the road.

    Pocket fountain pen. You don't give it away

    It writes on well. It always works. And thanks to its compact size, the pocket fountain pen is an ideal companion for travel and hiking.

    We offer it in a variety of finishes, with a choice of

    • black or red anodized aluminum,

    • massivem Edelstahl,

    • massivem Kupfer,

    • massivem Messing.

    Literally light as a feather is the pocket fountain pen in the aluminum versions. Heavy and trustworthy, it lies in the hand when made of stainless steel, copper or brass - you would prefer not to put it down at all, even if there is nothing to write.
    Due to the double thread, the cap can be screwed on backwards and thus extend the barrel of the fountain pen in writing mode. The writing flows from a soft gliding nib. For a writing instrument of this format, the nib is pleasingly large - and reliable: Even in your pocket or on a plane, its ink-guiding system won't run out.
    Thanks to its compact size, the pocket fountain pen is easy to carry around in your pocket. The copper and brass versions undergo a passable pocket polish there - depending on the various usage, storage and transport preferences, the untreated surface of the brass and copper can also acquire a characteristic patina. Aluminum and stainless steel, on the other hand, do not patina.

    Fountain pen. Individuality with ink and nib

    Despite felt-tip pens, ballpoint pens and other new developments, the fountain pen is still considered the epitome of writing culture. This certainly has historical reasons (after all, it perfects a technique that began with the goose quill many centuries ago), but not only: only in advanced (school) age, when the use of the fountain pen has become a matter of course, the handwriting develops completely and becomes an individual writing. "Technically", the effect of the fountain pen developing a personal handwriting has simple reasons: The nib allows an individual approach to the paper when writing (unlike the lead ball), and also the preference for one of the common nib widths - fine, medium, broad - leads to handwriting of different types. The fountain pen is therefore far more a personal "means of expression" than other writing instruments can be.

    Product Information

    Article Number 43561

      The body of the pen comes in brass. The cap can be used to close the pen or extend it. The nib is polished stainless steel. Uses ink cartridges (comes with one blue cartridge). With cap screwed on the front 11 cm long, screwed on the back 12 cm. Weight 55 g. Nib widths F and M.
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